The Best Super Bowl Nacho Recipes On The Internet

by Kiersten Hickman

When it comes to throwing a Super Bowl party, you have to have the basics — game day attire, guests, and a table full of food to feed them. That means pulling out all of the recipes that serve lots of people at at time like, duh, nachos. Making a huge batch of this all-time favorite dish will feed your crowd and will be easy for you to make. So what are some Super Bowl nacho recipes you could try making?

The recipes below are a mix between meat, vegetarian, packed with vegetables, packed with cheese, and even backed with… tater tots? Yup, that’s a thing, and they are in the list. If you are throwing together a table of food with more of a brunch theme, there’s even some breakfast nacho inspiration in here for you as well.

The key when putting together nachos is having a huge sheet pan, a ton of tortilla chips, and a ton of cheese. If you make nachos in the oven on a huge sheet pan, you can make a ton of nachos all at once. The ultimate trick is making sure that nachos are consumed quickly if you are using a shredded cheese. Pouring on a bowl of queso after could save some time — but who really wants cold nachos anyways? So make sure you are serving to your masses right away, when they are at their hungriest.

Loaded Nachos

Let’s start this list off right with a loaded nachos recipe by Damn Delicious.

Loaded Vegan Nachos

Why do these nachos by Love and Lemons claim to be so healthy? Because the “meat” base is mushrooms, and it’s more vegetables than it is chips and cheese.

Crispy Carnitas Oven Nachos

This nacho recipe by How Sweet Eats actually has you making pulled pork in the slower cooker for an easy and delicious meat. Yum!

Spicy Beefy Nachos

For a spicy nacho, try this recipe by A Spicy Perspective.

Nacho Taco Salad

Make it a salad with Foodie Crush!

Chicken Pad Thai

For all of those crazy Pad Thai friends out there, these nachos by Closet Cooking are about to be your new favorite thing.

Nacho Snacks With Queso

Instead of mixing up a batch of very messy nachos, why not try this simple nacho snack and dip recipe by Love and Lemons?

Loaded Guacamole Nachos

I mean, you gotta have some guac by Averie Cooks at a Super Bowl party….

Cheesy Loaded Nacho Tater Tots

Who needs tortilla chips when you can use tots?!? Recipe by The Comfort of Cooking.

Tater Tot Breakfast Nachos

Or throw a few fried eggs on it for your brunch loving crowd with this recipe by I Am Food Blog.

Butternut Mushroom And Fontina Nachos

A savory and sweet unique nacho dish by How Sweet Eats.

Spicy Tofu Breakfast Nachos

For the vegetarian brunch lovers, here’s a recipe they will instantly devour by The Kitchn.

Ahi Wonton Nachos With Wasabi Mayo

OK, these wasabi nachos by A Spicy Perspective are seriously crazy delicious looking.

Chorizo Nachos With Queso Fresco

A seriously good pro tip for nachos? Try using chorizo, like this recipe with The Kitchn does, instead of ground beef.

Cinnamon Sugar Nachos With Fruit Salsa

For dessert try these cinnamon sugar nachos with a sweet dip and fruit salsa by Something Swanky.

Game Day Chicken Nachos With Avocado

I mean, these nachos by Foodie Crush are called “game day” nachos, so you have to have them at your Super Bowl party.

Blue Corn Nachos With Guacamole

Another great vegetarian nacho option by Cookie and Kate.

California Roll Nacho

Sushi is way too expensive (and small) to serve at a large party, so make a California roll nacho by I Am Food Blog for your party instead.

Black Bean And Potato Nacho

These nachos by Oh She Glows have black beans and potato fry wedges in them. Like, what?

Sriracha Beef Nachos

I mean, anything with the sriracha in the title is a winner in my book, like this nacho recipe by I Am Food Blog.

Sheet Pan Nachos

This ginormous dish of nachos by Damn Delicious is the perfect amount for hungry football (and halftime show) watchers.