21 Surprisingly Genius Fitness Products Trainers Swear By

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If you want hours of entertainment, type "the most bizarre fitness products" into YouTube. And yet, amidst the uncomfortable infomercials and equipment that looks a bit like torture devices, there are surprisingly genius fitness products that personal trainers swear by. The real challenge is discerning what actually works from what will end up collecting dust in the reject pile of your basement.

When it comes to meeting your personal fitness goals, a trainer or a gym membership can be an incredible investment. That being said, when I first decided to be a little less sedentary, both of those things intimidated me. Some well-researched home equipment made a huge difference in my fitness levels, as well as my motivation levels. However, if I hadn't consulted a close friend who happened to be a trainer and yoga teacher, I never would've known where to start with my purchases.

For this article, I reached out to seven personal trainers from all over the world to ask which surprisingly genius fitness products they recommend, and why. Some of their answers are shocking in the "What is that and what does it do?" kind of way, and some are just surprisingly simple and more affordable than you ever would've guessed.

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