#SwedenIncident Memes Are Coming Along Great

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Saturday, President Trump referenced "what's happening [sic] last night in Sweden" as a reminder that Western nations should think twice before accepting immigrants and refugees. Poor grammar aside, the bigger issue with Trump's statement was that nothing particularly notable or horrific happened in Sweden the night before he made those remarks. Not surprisingly, Trump's reference to this non-existent event resulted in a torrent of "Sweden incident" memes on Twitter.

Disgracefully, this isn't the first time the Trump White House has invented an incident from thin air. Top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway landed herself in hot water after presenting the "Bowling Green Massacre" as a cautionary tale of why America shouldn't accept refugees from the Middle East. But in reality, there was never any Bowling Green Massacre. Conway was widely mocked for this falsehood, and somebody established a satirical "Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund" website that, in reality, redirects users to the ACLU's donor page.

To be clear, it is appalling to hear Trump try to frighten the American people into accepting draconian anti-immigrant policies. But at the same time, humor is an effective coping mechanism, so let's look at some of the best #SwedenIncident memes.

Footage Of The Incident?

Absolutely terrifying.

Stronger Together

Because #solidarity.

A Firsthand Account

Don't worry, there are plenty more IKEA jokes to come.

The Real Swedish Tragedy

Ahh, so that's what horrified Trump.

Patton Oswalt Weighs In

Moving right along...

Leave Jennifer Alone!

There's no need to drunk-shame random Swedes, Mr. President.

One Possible Explanation

This tweet is notable in that Carl Bildt is a former Prime Minister of Sweden.

Another Theory

This probably would cause an incident. Have you ever seen the food line at an IKEA?

Chelsea Clinton Ties It All Together

We can only hope so!

Attacker Identified?

I really wish I'd had a power drill when I assembled my first IKEA desk.

Was Trump Behind The Incident?

The events depicted in this gif, much like the #SwedenIncident itself, didn't actually happen.

The Swedish Embassy Trolls Trump

Subtle burn.

Blueprints Discovered

If anything, this episode has highlighted the extent to which Sweden is associated with IKEA.

Sean Spicer Provides Updates

This didn't actually happen, sadly.

Look At All These Refugees

How will the country handle this?

She's Not Wrong...

Worth keeping in mind.

Staying Optimistic

With enough hex wrenches, Sweden will be a stronger nation after recovering from this.

A Plea For Humanity

Personally, I'll never forget where I wasn't when the Swedish incident didn't happen.

A Genuine Swedish Tragedy

Those are supposedly mashed potatoes, not scoops of ice cream. But STILL!

Let's Hope This Takes Off

It's like that whole safety pin thing a while back, only more delicious.

Maybe Trump Was Talking About Oreos

We could have avoided this.