21 Things Every Grown Ass Woman Needs To Own

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Contrary to my beliefs as a nine-year-old, adulthood isn't just about choosing your own bedtime and getting dibs on the remote. It's also about being prepared, self-sufficient, and responsible. To help you achieve those qualities, you've got a few practical things every grown ass woman needs in her home and everyday life.

I like to think that my parents did the best they could to turn me into an independent adult. They started by making me do my own laundry around puberty, and the first time my car broke down, my dad passed me jumper cables and said, "You need to learn how this works, because it's going to happen again." Spoiler alert: it happens to me in roughly three month intervals, so it was a valuable lesson.

Adulting isn't always that easy. Taxes suck, finding a reliable planner is surprisingly difficult, and when you move into your first apartment, you'll probably start off with a vacuum cleaner that figuratively sucks more than it literally does — and that's all okay! Before you know it, you'll be hosting wine and cheese parties and remembering everyone's birthday.

In the meantime, if you're looking to be a little more efficient in your home, career, social life, and personal relationships, check out these genius items for every grown ass woman. Oh, and we've found you an excellent vacuum and the perfect planner, so you at least won't have to worry about those two aspects of getting older.

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