21 Toxic Guys From '00s Movies We Loved To Hate

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Movies of the early 2000s gave us many things: best friends, enemies, the not-so-secret hope that we were actually secret princesses (thanks, Garry Marshall), and, of course, swoon-worthy girls and guys we all wanted to date. Personally, movies gave me countless fake boyfriends to lust over, like Cliff from Bring It On or Emmett from Legally Blondemen who were kind, smart, and, best of all, romantics at heart. But, just as early '00s movies gave us all dream boyfriends, they also gave us boyfriends of nightmares — male characters who were self-absorbed, demanding, demeaning, and just all around toxic. These 21 toxic guys from early '00s movies we loved to hate and hated to love, all at the same time, are just a few examples of the scum we had to deal with.

What makes a man toxic? Well, in the early '00s, the term "toxic" was pretty much defined by Britney Spears in her iconic single. A toxic guy was addictive, dangerous, bad for you, but irresistible at the same time. Now, when we talk about toxic people, we talk about people who bring out awful traits in others, who encourage negativity and foster tense, hostile environments. No matter how you define toxic, I think you'll agree that these 21 men from early '00s movies certainly fit the bill.

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