21 Unique Secret Santa Gift Ideas For People You Don’t Know Well


The holidays have arrived and that means your office has probably become an unofficial extension of the North Pole. And that means you're most likely entered into a Secret Santa gift exchange. If you pull a co-worker you haven't spent time bonding over the plot twists of every show on The CW with, don't worry. There are unique Secret Santa gifts for people you don't know very well and they will be greatly appreciated.

Like the first blanket of snow, the season of giving is so beautifully pure. While it's not all about red bows and flashy wrapping paper, presents can be a way to make someone feel special. As long as it's thoughtful and not just a new pair of plain socks.

How can this be achieved with someone you haven't even shared an accumulated hour of your time with? For starters, once you pull the name, make a not so obvious effort to get to know the person a little better. Just so your gift can be a little more ~personalized~. But if you're still stumped, there are always unique gifts you can count on for making someone feel ~seen~. Move over bland, thoughtless socks. This holiday season it's all about the colorful accessories to make someone you don't know very well feel like you've been their bestie for years.

Me When My Song Comes On Tea Towel

Everyone has a kitchen. Not everyone may use theirs, but everyone has one. Help spruce up the aesthetic of the room, and maybe even inspire the person you don't know very well to cook something or do the dishes, with this tea towel.

Monogram Floral Flag Tapestry

Something pretty for someone you pretty much don't know anything about besides their initials.

Whale-Made Measuring Spoons

Everyone, and I mean everyone, can appreciate a sweet measuring spoon set. Especially if they're shaped as whales.

Pendleton Tucson Camp Sock

If you're going to go in the direction of the sock, at least make sure there is a pattern so pleasing the person wearing them won't want to cover them up with shoes.

Spectacular Stackables Container Set

No waste stackable containers are the new lunchbox.

Iridescent Boho Glass Candle

Candles are always an appreciated gift. They light up a room with literal light and sweet aromas.

For Fox Sake Ceramic Mug

Make the gift recipient giggle with punny mugs you'll probably see on their desk for the rest of the year.

Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy

If you somehow know that the person you don't know very well has a bathtub, and your budget is under $50 or you just feel like splurging, this bath tray is the perfect gift. It'll remind the recipient that they deserve to indulge in self care routines. And in this case it involves a bath, a piece of literature, a candle and probably — because space allows for it — a glass of wine.

White "Foam," Meinklang

If you and the person you don't know very well are 21 years old, or older, a bottle of the kind of wine they'd never expect is always an appreciated, unique gift. Meinklang is a natural wine producer from Austria and this particular bottle of Pinto Gris has "ultra-drinkable" tasting notes of "apricots, passion fruit, and cider," according to the staff notes of Astor Wines & Spirits. A glass of this biodynamic wine is sparkly and delightful, according to me. And sharing it with the recipient could be the perfect way to get to know each other better.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

It doesn't get more unique than making your own ~something~ kits. You're not only giving someone a tangible object, but an experience they can share.

Taboo Board Game

Nobody ever gets bored of board games. Especially when its Taboo. It also may get your entire office together for an after work game night, meaning you and the person you don't know very well might have an opportunity to bond! And then soon enough, you can be winning Taboo partners.

Wine Soaps - Set of 4

Wine soap, who knew?

Skin Gym Amethyst Crystal Facial Roller

Not everyone may be into crystals, but everyone is into relaxation and this crystal facial roller offers the magical, soothing sensation of one finally settling into relaxation.

Popcorn on the Cob

Pop this onto your Secret Santa gift list.

Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

Everybody likes flowers! And you don't have to be a professional gardener to grow yourself a cheery bouquet. This Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden makes the bouquet easier to grow for yourself. Whether the person you don't know very well chooses to grow themselves flowers on their desk or their kitchen table, they'll be appreciative of the gift.

Dye Seeds In A Jar

Give the gift of a very cool, enjoyable project.

Egg on a Bagel Maker

If the only thing you know about the person you're a Secret Santa for is a perfectionist, you might want to go with this Egg on a Bagel Maker. It shapes eggs in the perfect round to fit a sliced bagel like that glass slipper fit Cinderella's foot.

Avocado Tree Starter Kit - Set of 3

People can sometimes be insecure about their green thumb. But this Avocado Tree Starter Kit might just nourish their confidence. And set them well on their way to homegrown avocados.

Woodland That I Love Notebook Set

Notebooks are always a good idea. Scribble your genius ideas, of the million dollar variety, in them. Jot down to-do lists. Organize your full moon manifestations. One can never have too many journals, so add 3 more to the person you don't know very well's collection.

Magic 8 Ball

We all have pressing questions. The Magic 8 Ball is a desktop oracle we can all turn to — at least for entertainment purposes only.

Single-Serve Coffee Press

There are a few people who don't appreciate coffee, but chances are your co-worker or friend of a friend isn't one of them.