21 Useful Products That Will Save You Hours Of Cleaning

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I'm a complete neat freak. However, that does not mean that I prefer to spend every minute of my off time sweeping the floor and wiping up dust. I'd much rather invest in useful products that speed up your cleaning routine, or minimize the dirt and germs altogether. That way, you can save yourself a few hours of cleaning every week — which means more time to catch up on your favorite shows before the Facebook spoilers get ya.

If your parents or teachers always advised you not to cut corners, then they clearly weren't familiar with these genius cleaning products from Amazon. Yes, they get the job done in less time, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're any less effective. In fact, these products have such glowing reviews and such high ratings because people swear that they're time-savers as well as serious conquerors of dirt, odors, dust, and germs.

So, if you're a fan of both fast shipping and fast adulting, these cute and quirky products are an awesome investment. They might even, dare I say, make cleaning your house on a Saturday just a little bit enjoyable. (Disclaimer: that last sentence is merely a neat freak's opinion.)

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