21 Weird AF Products On Amazon We’re Obsessed With

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I've had Amazon Prime for years now, but since I started writing for Bustle, I've got a new brown box with an arrow on my porch every other day. That's because, as commerce writers and editors, it's our job to find weird but genius Amazon products we're obsessed with. That way, we can pass them onto you, and hopefully share the joy that is a bizarre but much-needed purchase.

Sometimes, though, you stumble across a product so genius, the urge is just too damn strong. I've found many an item while working that I just had to have, and the thing was in my cart and paid for before the article even went live. Apparently, this is a common occurrence. (How could it not be?) That's why I reached out to several people on my team to find out which Amazon products changed their lives. Then I threw in a few of my own picks, and bam: this article was born.

We — the commerce team at Bustle – have tried these products first hand and can't stop raving about them. The best part? Since they're all available on Amazon, the shipping is reliable, and they can be on your doorstep in as little as two days.

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