21 Weird AF Products On Amazon We’re Obsessed With

I've had Amazon Prime for years now, but since I started writing for Bustle, I've got a new brown box with an arrow on my porch every other day. That's because, as commerce writers and editors, it's our job to find weird but genius Amazon products we're obsessed with. That way, we can pass them onto you, and hopefully share the joy that is a bizarre but much-needed purchase.

Sometimes, though, you stumble across a product so genius, the urge is just too damn strong. I've found many an item while working that I just had to have, and the thing was in my cart and paid for before the article even went live. Apparently, this is a common occurrence. (How could it not be?) That's why I reached out to several people on my team to find out which Amazon products changed their lives. Then I threw in a few of my own picks, and bam: this article was born.

We — the commerce team at Bustle – have tried these products first hand and can't stop raving about them. The best part? Since they're all available on Amazon, the shipping is reliable, and they can be on your doorstep in as little as two days.

1. These Genius Patches Tackle Pimples Overnight

[Cosrx] Acne Pimple Master Patch, $4 (24 Patches), Amazon

Ever wished you could wake up without that pimple? [Cosrx] Acne Pimple Master patches might be able to help. According to Alida Nugent, Associate Commerce Editor, "These little buggers get rid of pimples seemingly overnight – plus you can't pick at them while you're wearing a patch, which is good for my always wandering, pinching fingers."


2. This Clip-On Strainer That Fits Every Pot Size

Salbree Clip Strainer, $11, Amazon

Christina Lau, Commerce Coordinator, says "I bought this clip-on strainer after moving apartments and love how it makes cooking so efficient. It works with every pot size I have and saves both space and time in the process - definitely a lifesaver in these small New York kitchens. My boyfriend is a chef and he was impressed, so I give it an extra stamp of approval." It even comes with a free garlic peeler and silicone brush. Legit AF.


3. This Cleanser That Purposely Leaves Bacteria On Your Face

Mother Dirt Biome-Friendly Cleanser, $14, Amazon

I used to suffer from oily skin one day and dry the next, but my skin has never felt so balanced. That's because Mother Dirt leaves the good bacteria on your face while gently cleansing away makeup and impurities. I didn't think it would effectively get all my mascara off, because it feels so soft and gentle on the rest of my body, but it did, and I love it.


4. This Banana Bread Candle With An Interesting Name Choice

Smell My Nuts Scented Mason Jar Candle, $11, Amazon

Amber Petty, Commerce Writer, loves this Smell My Nuts Scented mason jar candle, which has a lead-free wick, soy wax blend, and burns for 100 hours. "Despite the ridiculous name, this candle smells wonderful! Light it up and you're whole house will smell vaguely of sweet baked goods without being overwhelming."


5. A Massage Roller That Looks Weird AF

Rumble Roller, $25, Amazon

Petty is also a fan of this thing called the Rumble Roller, which you basically roll around on for a deep penetrating massage anywhere on your body. "It goes to town on stiff muscles. This thing will really dig into store spots and get out knots, stiffness, and any other muscular problem you might have."


6. This Gadget So You Can Shave Your Sweaters

Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $13, Amazon

If you ever wished you could just shave all the fuzz off your sweaters, you're in luck. Lau says, "Pilling is one of my major pet peeves when it comes to fabric, and I only wish I had bought this defuzzer earlier. With an adjustable distance nozzle it gently removes all that annoying fuzz and brings clothing back to life. It's the kind of shaving I actually enjoy."


7. This Weird Kitchen Tool That Strips Your Herbs

Chef'n Zipstrip Herb Stripper, $7, Amazon

Fresh herbs add a particularly adult-like feel to any dish, but it can be pretty time consuming to prep them. Cue the Chef'n Zipstrip herb stripper, which Nugent loves. "I really hate taking off the leaves of rosemary, oregano, and thyme, which usually means that a bunch of stems will end up in my otherwise delicious cooking. Now, I can be lazy AND efficient with this weird little tool. And no more twig chewing!"


8. This Tri-Color Lipstick That Gives You An Immediate Ombre Effect

VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot, $13, Amazon

This Korean VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot is a direct recommendation from Ariane Collins, Associate Commerce Editor. "A lot of lip products have come my way for testing, but these tint bars are by far some of the coolest ones I’ve tried... The trio blends to create a natural fade when you apply it. It’s basically a shortcut to a subtle version of the super popular ombre look, and just a couple swipes leaves behind a sheer, hydrating stain that’s surprisingly long-lasting."


9. This Bubble Mask That The Whole Team Is Freaking Out About

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $10, Amazon

"This is one of the craziest masks I've ever tried!" comments Rebecca Griffin (Commerce Analyst) about the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay mask. "You apply it to your face, and seconds later, it bubbles and fizzes its way until it looks like there's a huge cloud on your face. It made my skin soft and pores appear smaller, so a total win in my book." It removes blackheads and is made with gentle ingredients like green tea extract, aloe vera extract, and matcha powder.


10. This Salty Toothpaste That Keeps Your Gums Healthy

Weleda Salt Toothpaste, $13 (Pack of 2), Amazon

"So many toothpastes tout whitening benefits and cavity prevention, but this is the only toothpaste I've ever found that's designed to really take care of my gums as well as my teeth," says Chelsey Conroy, our commerce editor. "Yes, it does taste like salt, and yes it took a minute (read: about a week) to get used to it. Now though, I'd never go back to sweetened toothpastes. I literally carry this stuff in my purse so I have it wherever I go."


11. This Fugly Pillow That Will Change The Way You Sleep

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow, $35, Amazon

According to Conroy, this Sleep Innovations memory foam pillow makes an incredible addition to anyone's bed, and she even takes it on vacation with her. "Let's face it, this pillow is not Instagram-worthy," Conroy says. "But it is life-changing when it comes to sleeping on it. Unlike a regular pillow the memory foam holds its shape rather then becoming flat over time, and the contoured designs align my spine whether I am laying on my back or my side."


12. This Lightweight Hair Towel Made From Bamboo

Texere Bamboo Hair Towel, $14, Amazon

It's made from real bamboo fibers, which is a tad weird, but it's actually softer, more absorbent, and more hygienic than cotton. This Texere bamboo towel soaks up water so quickly after I shower, and helps my hair look smoother and less damaged after I style it. It's also lightweight, smells clean for days, and has a little loop so it won't fall off my head while I'm doing my makeup.


13. This Cleanser That Goes From A Sherbet Texture To An Oil

BANILA CO Clean it Zero Purity, $20, Amazon

"This is MAGIC," says Lau about BANILA CO Clean it Zero Purity. "I did not realize how much makeup was lingering around my eyes until I used this product, and I don't wear much to begin with. The cleanser starts as a sherbet texture and turns to oil when applied, picking up all the stubborn makeup on your face. It is actually the best thing I've added to my skincare routine in a while." This one is made specifically for sensitive skin, and helps to soothe skin as well.


14. This Effective Toothpaste That Turns Your Mouth Black (But Then White)

My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $9, Amazon

I try to be careful about what ingredients are in my toothpaste, and despite the name, this My Magic Mud toothpaste has all the good and none of the bad. It uses real activated charcoal to whiten teeth, as well as coconut oil, clay, and essential oils to freshen breath. It tastes great, and your teeth actually feel super clean even though they're black while you're brushing them.


15. Get All That Food And Grime Off Immediately With These Awesome Sponges

Scrub Daddy, $26 (Pack of 9), Amazon

Both Nugent and I are huge fans of the Scrub Daddy, which is a heavy-duty scrubbing sponge that hardens in cold water and softens in warm. "I would be remiss if I didn't mention these freaky little face sponges," Nugent says. "They get everything that sticks on my pans OFF almost immediately with little effort, and who doesn't want to call a sponge daddy every once and a while?" These come in multiple colors, so you can color code your cleaning routine.


16. These Korean Exfoliating Washcloths Made Out Of Viscose

Asian Exfoliating Bath Washcloth, $4 (Pack of 8), Amazon

According to Collins, too many people skip the exfoliating step. "These exfoliating washcloths are a staple in Korea, but they’re nothing like any washcloth I’ve tried before... they’re made of viscose that’s just scrubby enough to provide a thorough exfoliation without irritating your skin. And they’re sewn like a pocket, so you can slip your hand inside for better control." They're also color-coded for levels of exfoliating intensity, and they're better suited for the body instead of the face.


17. This Natural Mineral Salt Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick, $7, Amazon

According to Collins, Crystal Body deodorant stick is incredible because it's gentle, unscented, natural, and actually works: "I have super sensitive skin that can’t tolerate aluminum-based antiperspirants... It’s a completely dry, solid block of mineral salts so it works best if you apply it straight out of the shower, while your skin’s still damp." It works so well because the mineral salts "majorly slow the growth of odor-causing bacteria. If you prefer natural deodorants but are sensitive to baking soda, definitely give this one a try!"


18. This Protective Moisturizer With An Interesting Name

Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer, $6, Amazon

"Since this is called "Bee Bald" and there's a picture of a bald dude on the front, this probably isn't targeted to millennial ladies," Petty says. "But, it's a shockingly great moisturizer with a high SPF. Plus, it's incredibly affordable." It also soothes dry patches and has a light floral scent.


19. This Cold Brew Coffee Maker Invented By A Chemical Engineer

Toddy T2N Cold Brew System, $28, Amazon

"When I first started using a Toddy maker 10 years ago, cold brew coffee was not a 'thing.' And even now that cold brewers are commonplace, none of them compare to the Toddy brewing system," says Conroy. "Using course ground coffee and room temperature water, it brews for 12 to 24 hours to create a boldly-flavored concentrate that has 67 percent let acidity than a typical cup of coffee."


20. This Futuristic Crafting Machine That Changed My Life

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine, $183, Amazon

I have never before been as obsessed with an item as I am with my Cricut cutting machine. As a crafter and DIY person, I use this thing daily. It looks like your average printer, but it can cut out any shapes that you upload or design on your computer, and works on over 60 materials from vellum to leather. It's even got Bluetooth for wireless cutting. Basically, if you love handmade cards, stickers, labels, or even DIY T-shirts, this thing is epic.


21. This Headband That You Can Wear More Than 12 Different Ways

BLOM Original Headband, $15, Amazon

Weird to say that a headband changed your life, but this isn't any old headband. Because it has a movable knot and pleat detailing, BLOM can be worn over 12 ways. Plus, it comes in more than 20 colors (some of them reversible) and actually stays on your head during yoga while you're in downward dog — a huge accomplishment.

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