Women Are Responding To The GOP Healthcare Plan

by Alex Gladu
Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This week, Republicans in the House of Representatives unveiled their proposed replacement to the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act, which you likely know as Obamacare. President Trump has lent his support to the GOP plan, leading to the equally affectionate "Trumpcare." The new bill makes good on a Republican campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, but it's not a promise all Americans wanted the GOP to keep. In particular, women have reacted to Trumpcare on Twitter with the most painfully honest messages.

It shouldn't be surprising that women have complaints about the new plan. After all, the GOP's plan threatens Americans' access to abortion, birth control, mammograms, and other important services for women. The bill eliminates the minimum essential coverage requirements that made the Affordable Care Act so beneficial for women. In other words, insurance companies would not be required to cover birth control, maternity care, or preventative gynecological care. Not to mention, the GOP plan could drive some Planned Parenthood clinics to close because of a lack of funding, and abortions could get more expensive.

It's too early to know the full impact of the Trump-supported healthcare plan, but for these women, it's not too early to be concerned.

Saving iPhones

One Republican lawmaker suggested that Americans refrain from getting a new iPhone so they can afford healthcare. That's not exactly the "choice" women have been fighting for.

Health Care Vs. A Wall

Choose health care.

Calculate The Cost

It's good to know I shouldn't buy 10.36 iPhones.

iPhone SE

*Will use Samsung Galaxy for reproductive freedom*

Full Coverage

The keywords there are "full coverage."

The Beneficiaries

Sen. Kamala Harris of California had a clear message for her Republican colleagues on Tuesday.


In reality, the plan's success depends on far more than just the president's approval.

Facial Expression


An Oxymoron

... or political party.

A Solid Argument

Why don't they teach you this in school?

Size Doesn't Matter

Please, not the "small hands" thing again ...

Dump Care

Can we get this trending??


Too far, Trump, too far.


Don't worry, it'll all be fine. *cringes*


The name isn't the only part that's insulting.

Not So Wonderful

The president called the House Republicans' plan "wonderful" in a tweet.


Does asking Sweden for ideas go against Trump's "America First" mantra?


Isn't it funny?

Tanning Tax

At least Americans can afford unhealthy tanning beds again.

A True Story

Stories like this are a reminder that healthcare really isn't a joking matter.

Take Action

If you're wondering what your next move should be, here it is.

Let's face it: The Affordable Care Act isn't perfect. But for women, it seems much better than the House GOP plan.