22 Bizarre But Brilliant Things On Amazon Trending With Millennials

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Millennials are part of an innovative generation that always seems to be coming up with the next big thing. As one myself, I can definitely attest to the fact that many have very different interests. And because of that, there are a ton of brilliant but bizarre things millennials love on Amazon.

Whether it's a cool piece of tech, or it's a beauty product from the other side of the world, millennials seem to be the tastemakers when it comes to finding new products. There are a ton of millennials I've met while traveling, or even that I know from home, who have super innovative ideas and always seem to know what the next big thing is. It can be a camera, or a weird pillow, or even something for your house. It can also be something retro, too, like a cool record player or a vintage appliance.

Because millennials have such diverse interests, that means that there's a super eclectic group of items that you can find on Amazon. They're popular amongst my generation, and many can be found on the New And Interesting Finds page which always includes trending items. And if they aren't trending, are they really even worth it?

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