22 Books By Latinos That Every American Needs To Read

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There are many appropriate ways you can commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month (PSA: don't wear a sombrero or a fake mustache) and celebrate the 55 million Latinos who call America their home, but one of the easiest is to head to your local bookstore and pick up a few books by Latino authors.

The 22 books on this list don't encompass the full range and depth of Latino literature. Not even close. There are many, many more Latin American and Latino authors who deserve a place on everyone's bookshelf. But these 22 books all do a wonderful job of describing the experience of being Latino in America — the unique and powerful ways that one's culture saturates each and every aspect of one's life. Some of these books are about immigration — about the physical and psychological trauma that immigrants experience in their search for a better home. Some of these books are about relationships — relationships between lovers, between fathers and sons, between mothers and daughters. Some of these books are about personal identity, and the search for find yourself when you feel torn between two countries.

Here are 22 books by Latinos in the United States that every American needs to read:

Images: Eli Samuelu/Unsplash

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