22 Brilliant Grooming Products Germaphobes Swear By

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Germaphobes of the world, unite! For those constantly running out of hand sanitizer, there's nothing better than finding new products that keep things extra sanitary. And it's not just outside factors like the subway or work—germs are in the home, too! That's why hygienic grooming products should be a top priority for any germaphobe.

Sure, there are plenty of gadgets or home cleaning and hygiene products that make germaphobes a happy group. Hygienic toilet brushes that rest in sanitizing liquid when you're not using them? Pure genius. An antimicrobial phone glass that keeps your phone germ-free and helps prevent acne? Let's just say my birthday is coming and I don't mind treating myself.

But there are also a number of brilliant grooming products perfect for germaphobes—things that will keep your hairbrushes or makeup sponges germ-free. You may spray your bathroom surfaces with disinfectant on the daily, but what about the products you use in the bathroom? How clean are the things you put directly on your face and body? These 21 products will germ-proof all the products you use when you're getting ready in the morning, so you can take on the day feeling as hygienic as possible—until your co-worker shows up to the office with a cold, that is.

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