22 Clever Inventions On Amazon You Never Knew Existed

If you're anything like me, you love scrolling through Amazon, planning which products to buy and curating wish lists. No matter how many hours I've spent mindlessly browsing through search results, there always seems to be new, clever inventions on Amazon popping up to make my life just a bit more convenient.

A variety of brilliant inventions, from something as amazingly random as a watermelon slicer to something as life-changing as a shower curtain with pockets, always find their way to the Amazon marketplace, ripe for the picking. If you didn't know they existed — well, neither did I, and now I have to have them.

Amazon really is the ultimate marketplace for new products and ideas, so staying up to date with the latest trends and popular Amazon products can put you at the forefront of tech, or just keep you up-to-date with the kinds of kitchen gadgets that will make your mornings go a little faster.

While we're certainly not saying you should rely on retail therapy — been there, done that — there's something endlessly comforting about getting something new, especially if that something is going to make your day more relaxing, more efficient, or more affordable. These clever products do just that.

by Emily Estep

1. This Machine That Makes Fresh Iced Coffee

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker, $35, Amazon

The HyperChiller iced coffee maker is a game changer for anyone who loves iced coffee, almost instantly chilling hot coffee (we're talking up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit here) in less than a minute. It can also be used to chill wine, whiskey, iced tea, or really any other beverage of your choice, and it's even dishwasher safe. There's nothing more refreshing that coffee in the morning — except for iced coffee on a hot summer morning.


2. This Tablet Stand That's Perfect For Bed

Nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand, $50, Amazon

The universal design of this tablet stand makes it ideal for tablets of any kind, including the iPad, Kindle Fire, and more. It has flexible legs so that the stand can be adjusted to fit any person comfortably, allowing you to watch your favorite shows or catch up on your YouTube queue from the comfort of your own bed or couch. When you're done with it, this tablet stand folds down compactly.


3. These Magnetic Wall Mounts To Hang Your Keys

Tescat Magnetic Key Holder, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

These magnetic key holders can be mounted on almost any surface, creating the ideal location for you to plop your keys every time you walk in the door. The, uh, key to never losing your keys is to keep them in the same spot, and with these magnetic mounts, which hold up to three entire pounds, it's super easy to do just that. You can also use these to hold things like phone chargers or small metal kitchen tools as well.


4. These Reusable, Washable Food Bags

BlueAvocado Re-Zip Reusable Storage Bags, $20 (Set of 3), Amazon

These reusable bags aren't just any old zip baggies; they can be reused almost indefinitely and can even be washed over and over again and be stored in the freezer. It'll save you money on storage bags, and they're more environmentally friendly. They're also made of FDA-grade PEVA material and are completely BPA and lead-free, so you can use them for all of your snacks, sandwiches, and more with peace of mind.


5. This Attachment That Makes Your Apple TV Remote A Universal One

Sideclick Apple TV Universal Remote, $30, Amazon

With this attachable universal remote, you can turn your Apple TV remote into a controller for your entire television, including the sound system, its menu, a blu-ray player, and more. No longer must you suffer with multiple remotes, constantly switching between the one that pauses your Netflix show and the one that lowers the volume. And with the added size, you're way less likely to lose your Apple TV remote in the couch.


6. This Tool That Cuts Perfect Watermelon Slices

Watermelon Slicer, $12, Amazon

The ergonomic design of this watermelon slicer was created to allow you to create perfect slices of watermelon easily and efficiently, then serve them to guests with ease. You can also use it to slice cantaloupe, honeydew, or really any other desired fruit with ease. It's also super easy to clean and even dishwasher safe.


7. This Shower Curtain With Pockets For Your Products

Maytex Shower Curtain With Mesh Pockets, $21, Amazon

This clear shower curtain is easy to clean, made of eco-friendly PEVA, and — best of all — it has pockets. This way, you can store your countless shampoos, never-ending collection of LUSH body washes, and more, right in the shower curtain, without taking up space all over your shower surfaces and bathtub arm rests. Your housemates will thank you.


8. This Coconut Oil You Can Use Without Making A Mess

Raw Organic Coconut Oil Tube, $18, Amazon

The countless uses of coconut oil make it a truly Holy Grail product skincare product, as well as a masterful ingredient in the kitchen. But it can make a huge mess when you try to apply it to your hair from a tub that's filled with melted oil. And with this tube of raw, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil, you can conveniently squeeze out specific amounts, as opposed to carving out chunks of coconut oil in its solid state from a traditional jar.


9. This Cup Holder That Clips Anywhere

YOY Drinking Cup Holder Clip, $13, Amazon

This drinking cup holder can be attached almost anywhere, from a desk to a nightstand, so that there's always a safe place to put your cup that won't damage any surfaces, and will seriously minimize the likelihood that your drink gets knocked over. You can even get creative with it and store cosmetics, office supplies, or a pencil holder in there as well.


10. This Device That Cleans And Charges Your Phone With UV Light

PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer And Phone Charger, $50, Amazon

This incredible product is both a phone charger and a phone sanitizer, killing 99.99 percent of germs on your phone with the power of the sun alone. It uses UV light to both re-charge and clean phones, keeping your battery full and your phone screen germ free. And if you think about it, your phone can get pretty gross.


11. This Heated Eyelash Curler For Big Lashes

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler, $13, Amazon

Sometimes it seems as though our eyelashes never stay curled, despite all the tips and tricks, but that is because standard eyelash curlers are missing one vital function: heat. Just like with your hair, your eyelashes need actual heat to hold shape, and this heated eyelash curler does exactly that, easily and safely, so there's no need to worry that you may accidentally burn yourself.


12. This Holster That Protects Surfaces From Your Curling Iron

Hot Iron Heat-Resistant Silicone Holster, $19, Amazon

Though you'll still probably always be terrified that you left the house without turning your straightener off, this heat-resistant, silicone holster can ease your mind while you're still at home, creating a convenient space to put a hot hair straightener, curling iron, etc. that's safe and reliable, instead of placing it on a countertop or desktop and hoping that the surface isn't instantly ruined forever.


13. These Clothes Hangers That Fold Compactly When Not In Use

Ipow Plastic Foldable Hangers, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

These foldable hangers are super versatile and will save you plenty of closet space — you can fold them down halfway to hang smaller garments, and then fold them completely for compact storage. It'll allow you to fit even more clothes in your closet, and they'll replace that jumbled mess of various hangers that fall to the ground every time you try to grab a single one. They also make it really easy to travel with hanging clothes and fold up easily in luggage.


14. These Bottle Hangers That Free Up Fridge Space

Strong Like Bull Magnets Magnetic Bottle Hangers, $30 (Set of 2), Amazon

These magnetic bottle hangers will revolutionize the way your store drinks and foods in your refrigerator, allowing you to safely hang bottles with metal caps from the roof of the interior, creating additional space for shorter objects like yoghurt, cold cuts, and leftover containers. And with your drawers free of bottles, you can actually store some fresh veggies for once.


15. This Waterproof Notepad To Take Shower Notes

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad, $8, Amazon

Everyone knows that the shower is the best place for eureka moments, but sometimes you've already forgotten your incredible idea by the time you've toweled off. With this waterproof notepad and any standard pencil, now you can take notes while you're in the shower, allowing you to jot down ideas, plan your day, or write inspirational messages to put a spring in your step.


16. This Self-Draining Soap Holder That Eliminates Soap Scum

Home-X Self-Draining Soap Holder, $9, Amazon

Is there anything worse than soap scum? With this clever self-draining soap holder, water will never be able to accumulate in the dish, so the dreaded substance will never get the chance to form. In general, this product can keep your bathroom much more tidy and can protect the aesthetic appeal of all of your cute soaps. And it'll keep the soap from slipping and falling to the ground, too.


17. These Shoelaces You'll Never Have To Tie

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces, $10, Amazon

These simple, no tie shoelaces work for any pair of shoes and are easy to install— just pull them tighter for running shoes and looser for casual sneakers — and you never have to adjust them, let alone tie them, ever again. For those that stink at tying their shoes or athletes that can risk injury via a shoelace trip, these are a game changer.


18. This Butter Knife That Heats Up For An Easy Cut

Antizer Heating Knife, $20, Amazon

The ultimate food struggle is over — never again will you have to deal with ripped bread when you're trying to spread cold butter on toast. This heating knife heats up just enough to slice through cold butter without melting it, and it's also good for ice cream and hard cheeses, too. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cable, too.


19. These Dryer Balls That Soften Clothes

Life Miracle Dryer Balls, $11, Amazon

With these fabric softening dryer balls, you will never have to buy dryer sheets again — which will be easier on both your wallet and the environment. The product is completely non-toxic and devoid of allergens, making it safe for any clothing you would normally put in the dryer. They even help to reduce drying time by up to 25 percent.


20. This Toaster That Creates The Perfect Hot Dog

Nostalgia Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster, $20, Amazon

Your toaster may be able to deliver you toast of your liking in mere minutes, but if it can't prepare a hot dog, what is it really good for? This hot dog toaster perfectly toasts two hot dog buns while thoroughly cooking two hot dogs at the exact same time, delivering them simultaneously. And no worries, it comes with tongs specifically designed to pluck out the dogs without burning your fingers.


21. This Mini Projector That Syncs With Your Phone

RIF6 Portable Projector, $235, Amazon

This brilliant little projector cube is able to project the screen of your cell phone or device onto a nearby wall or screen, making it easy to blow up small images into larger, easier to see visuals.Its light projection can last for up to 20,000 hours, and at a mere two inches, it's completely portable. It'd be great for movie nights, or for people who don't want to buy a television.


22. This Reversible Umbrella That Stands Up On Its Own

Suprella Reverse Umbrella, $40, Amazon

This versatile umbrellas folds inside out, so you'll never spill water all over yourself ever again, and you'll keep all that grime off your floor and away form your belongings. This also helps them dry quickly, with a hook on the end that make it simple to hang them upside down. They're also designed to be completely self-standing, wind-resistant, and UV-blocking.

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