22 Clever Inventions On Amazon You Never Knew Existed

By Emily Estep
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If you're anything like me, you love scrolling through Amazon, planning which products to buy and curating wish lists. No matter how many hours I've spent mindlessly browsing through search results, there always seems to be new, clever inventions on Amazon popping up to make my life just a bit more convenient.

A variety of brilliant inventions, from something as amazingly random as a watermelon slicer to something as life-changing as a shower curtain with pockets, always find their way to the Amazon marketplace, ripe for the picking. If you didn't know they existed — well, neither did I, and now I have to have them.

Amazon really is the ultimate marketplace for new products and ideas, so staying up to date with the latest trends and popular Amazon products can put you at the forefront of tech, or just keep you up-to-date with the kinds of kitchen gadgets that will make your mornings go a little faster.

While we're certainly not saying you should rely on retail therapy — been there, done that — there's something endlessly comforting about getting something new, especially if that something is going to make your day more relaxing, more efficient, or more affordable. These clever products do just that.

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