Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together Literally Right Now
by Eliza Castile
The CW

Once again, ‘tis the season of crunchy leaves, haunted hayrides, and overstuffed candy aisles. Amid all the autumnal excitement, time flies by faster than a witch on a speedy broomstick, and some people (read: me, myself, and I) inevitably wind up scouring the internet for easy Halloween costumes they can throw together in the two hours before nightfall on Oct. 31. Then, with the clock's countdown ticking louder every second, they end up grabbing the same tried-and-true costume hanging in the back of their closet and dashing out the door. Sound familiar?

If you're tired of showing up to Halloween in the same increasingly-dingy ballerina costume while everyone else's costumes get more fabulous with every passing year, it doesn't have to be this way. I guarantee that anyone with a reasonably-sized closet has the materials to make a clever, easy costume right now. It might not be worthy of entrance to Heidi Klum's famous Halloween bashes, but I'm going to be real here: None of us were going to get invited anyway. (Whatever — it's Hollywood's loss.)

But I digress. Getting into the spirit (pun obviously intended) of Halloween doesn't mean you have to sew your costume by hand in a candlelit room. Some of the wittiest costumes are actually the simplest. Here are 22 simple, easy ways to dress up this Halloween.


Carmen San Diego

Every '90s kid will swoon over the appearance of the ever-mysterious Carmen Sandiego this Halloween. I suggest organizing a game of hide-and-seek.

You'll need: Boohoo Anna Belted Trenchoat, $48, Boohoo

Women's Petite Relaxed Cotton Mock Turtleneck, $20, Lands' End

Scala Big Brim Wool Felt Floppy Hat, $36, Kohl's

Women's Winter Gloves, $12, Amazon


Rosie the Riveter

Who wouldn't want to dress up as a feminist icon for a night?

You'll need: AEO Bandana, $3, American Eagle Outfitters

Super Soft Denim Tie Crop, $20, Miss Selfridge

Vintage High Cropped Jeans, $40, H&M


Dancing Pumpkin Meme

You already know and love the meme. Now it's your turn to become it.

You'll need: BCBGMAXAZRIA Turtleneck Sweater, $45, Thred Up

Jockey Sport Ankle Leggings, $30, Kohl's

Pumpkin mask

Infinite sense of rhythm


Wednesday Addams

Goth kids both former and current, your time has come. Put on your best sociopathic face and channel Wednesday Addams all Halloween.

You'll need: Retro Women Long Sleeve Dress, $27, Rose Gal

DKNY Women's Sheer Hosiery, $22, Polyvore

Skippy Mary Jane Pump, $27, Zoohoo

Pigtail braids


Morticia Addams

If you're not feeling the schoolgirl look, go for Wednesday's mother: Morticia Addams. Better yet, grab someone to be your Gomez.

You'll need: Lumier Long Cape & V-Neck Dress, $80, Nordstrom Rack

"Americana" Pave Skull 3-Row Layered Necklace, $45, Amazon

Black wig



There's not much spookier than a lady who turns people to stone with her gaze. Just don't expect to make much eye contact.

You'll need: Etsy Off White Dress, $59

Etsy Snake Arm Cuff, $15.99

Desert Sandals, $39.97

Plastic snakes to pin to hair


Cruella de Vil

You don't need to spray (or dye) your hair half-black, half-white to dress up as the 101 Dalmatians villain, but it doesn't hurt. Otherwise, try pinning your hair under a white and black hat to get the idea across.

You'll need: Stella McCartney Oversized Faux Fur Jacket, $860 (or a cheaper alternative at a thrift store)

Pure Color Back Bowknot Hollow Out Pleated Dress, $26.96

C-Lective Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves, $24.99

Dalmatian stuffed toy to menace.



Do you have one of those exposed rib cage shirts? If not, they're easy enough to make. Grab some face paints and become a living skeleton for the night.

You'll need: Jescakoo Women's Skeleton Print Black Sleeveless Tank Top, $8.90

Skeleton Bow Drop Earrings, $6.99

Saks Fifth Avenue Comfy Leggings, $39.99

Skeleton-themed face paints


Creepy Doll

Even if you don't already own a particularly Victorian dress, they're easy enough to mimic with a buttoned-up collar, and plenty of lace. Throw on some creepy doll makeup for good measure.

You'll need: Charmain Women's Victorian Gothic Corset Top Tunic Dress, $28.99

Betsey Johnson Blue Love Birds Choker, $36

Women's Bordello Teeze 07SQ, $34.95


Winnie the Pooh

Everyone's favorite resident of the Hundred Acre Wood is surprisingly easy to throw together.

You'll need: Simplex Modal Women's Scoop Tee, $27

Zip-front A-line Skirt, $24

Yellow Small Honey Pot, $25


Workout Barbie

Even if you're not a fan of Barbie dolls as an institution, desperate times call for desperate measures. The workout Barbie is about as '80s as they come, making it an especially recognizable costume.

You'll need: Kat Basic V-Neck Sleeveless Plunge Bodysuit, $11

Ladies & Girls Bright Flourescent Neon Stretch Fit Comfort Ankle Leg Warmers, £1.75 (about $3)

Sudora Headbands, $5.99


Domino Set

This works better as a group, but you can pull off a domino look by yourself.

You'll need: Choies Women's Black Square Neck Pinafore Skirt Dress, $16.99

Domino iPhone 6 Case, $35

White circles sewn or glued to front of dress


Flower Child

Put those music festival clothes to good use and time travel to the late '60s this Halloween.

You'll need: BB Dakota Boggs Faux Suede Fringe Vest, $27

Long Bohemian Dress, $25

SheIn(sheinside) Open Toe Wrap Over Sandals, $20

Basket of flowers to be totally unsubtle.


Mary Poppins

With the new Mary Poppins coming out next year, get ahead of the curve by dressing up as the famous nanny this fall.

You'll need: Boohoo Leah Ruffle Tie Cuff Shirt, $.960

Lace Up High Waist A Line Skirt, $15

Tommy Hilfiger To-Tie Solid Bow Tie, $24

Men's Shedrain "Windjammer" Auto-Open Golf Umbrella, $40


Kim Possible

Disney Channel lovers, this one is for you. Even without red hair, it's totally possible to dress up as Kim Possible.

You'll need: Women's Long Sleeve Turtleneck, $11.21

Jersey-Lined Cargo Joggers, $35

Land's End Women's Stretch Leather EZ Touch Gloves, $49


Wilma Flintstone

Throw things way back this year by going for a Wilma Flintstone costume. Fred not included.

You'll need: Saks Fifth Avenue 8MM Simulated Pearl Necklace, $10

Banana Republic Women's One Shoulder Poplin Dress, $71

Hollister Coconuts By Matisse Sting Sandal, $50


Judy Jetson

We're still a couple hundred years from the futuristic world of The Jetsons, but you can easily don Judy Jetson's costume for Halloween.

You'll need: Esprit Odette Scalloped Ballet Flats, $27.30

Boohoo Paige Halter Basic Crop Top, $4

Boohoo Roseanna Fit & Flare Skater Skirt, $6.40

Women's DKNY Light Opaque Control Top Tights, $14.50


Living Statue

If you've always been interested in the living statues found at .many tourist attractions, now is your chance to try it out. Make sure to practice some poses before you head out the door.

You'll need: Partiss Women's Dress Costume, $22.99

Bling Jewelry Regally Yours Tiara, $33

White or silver body paint



Are you a charade champion? A mime costume is the way to go.

You'll need: TopShop Bardot Split Sleeve Knitted Top, $40

Barb Moto Jeggings, $39.95

Accessorize Wool Beret, $23


Cat Burglar

It's an oldie but a goodie: cat burglar costumes are ridiculously easy to put together.

You'll need: Boohoo Larah Basic High Waist Leggings, $4.80

Zaful V Neck Long Sleeve Knitted Top, $13

Etsy Cat Ears Headband, $29

Pillowcase full of "catnip"



Plenty of people will dress as the Pumpkin King, but what about a straight-up pumpkin? If you have some black felt laying around, cut it out into jack-o-lantern shapes and attach it to your sweatshirt.

You'll need: Lord & Taylor Jones New York Dark Skinny Jeans, $41.70

Women's Keds Solid Slouch Beanie, $27.95

Miss Selfridge Petite Crop Ribbed Jumper, $23


Queen Bee

Add a pun to your bumblebee costume and make Regina George proud.

You'll need: Rosegal Black Woolen Midi High Waist Skirt, $23

Women's Extra Long Striped Socks, $4.99

Luxury Divas Pullover Sweater, $26

Bling Jewelry Shiny Princess Tiara, $24.99


Red Riding Hood

As Little Red Riding Hood, you may want to watch out for werewolves this October.

You'll need: Hanes ComfortBlend Full-Zip Hoodie, $29. That's literally all you need. Add a basket of treats and a red dress if you're feeling fancy:

Rosegal Halter Low Back Plunge Work Christmas Party Dress, $32

Medium Rectangular Rope Basket, $13.60