22 Genius Hair Tools That Make Styling Your Hair A Lot Less Dreadful

By Emily Estep
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Styling my hair can be a real pain — it’s time consuming, it forces me to get out of bed earlier in the morning, and it can lead to breakage. Thankfully, the best hair tools on the market exist to save time and make the whole process a lot less dreadful.

And adding a few of these genius hair tools to your arsenal will not only make your styling routine easier, but it will be faster and more efficient, too. From a brush that cleans itself to a flat iron designed for wet hair, these upgrades on the basics are serious game-changers when it comes to streamlining your styling routine.

Plus, thanks to advancements in heat technology and simple, but insanely clever inventions, the best hair styling tools can also protect your hair from the various damage caused by regularly using heat tools or brushing wet hair.

With savvy hair tools, you can style your hair every morning or night with less time and effort. And with an optimized getting ready routine, there's no telling how much extra space in your schedule you could have to sleep in a bit, really focus on perfecting your winged eyeliner, or just relax.

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