22 Insanely Clever Fitness Products With The Highest Reviews On Amazon

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Everyone's seen their fair share of cringe-worthy fitness product advertisements. Ellen did a segment on the Shake Weight, and the Facial Fitness Pao is forever burned into my retinas (and not in a good way). That being said, there's a significant amount of redemption in the most popular fitness products on Amazon. Not only do they offer a unique and clever angle for your home workout, but they've got a ton of user reviews to prove that they actually do work.

I'll be the first to admit that, at first glance, these items may seem a little bit out of the ordinary. Most people don't bring a tiny bike to work so they can peddle under their desks, or stand on a foam balance pad while blow drying their hair. Still, the proof is in the popularity. The majority of these strange but genius products have over 1000 reviews, and people swear up and down that they genuinely make a difference in their workout routine.

So whether you're trying to improve balance, strengthen your core, get your heart rate up, or need some help reaching your goals — check out some of Amazon's most insanely clever fitness products with high reviews.

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