22 Odd But Brilliant Gifts To Get The Person Who Has Everything

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I never know what kind of presents to get some of my friends. They don't really need anything. They kind of have it all already. And that just makes shopping hard. You have to think outside the box, in order to figure out what gift to get the person who has everything.

I find that the gifts that my friends who seem to have everything like, are the ones that are kind of random, and are things they would never buy for themselves. I like to hone in on one characteristic that really embodies who they are and buy something that they'd like based off of that. You could have a friend who loves to travel and get them a travel wallet, or maybe you have one that loves to cook so you get them something for their kitchen.

I think it just makes it easier and your friend will probably enjoy the gift so much more if you make it something they'll actually use and love. Because really, when you think about it, what would the person who has everything even want? Buying a random or weird gift that they never thought of before is the best option for whatever gift the occasion calls for.

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