22 Practical Gifts Every Grownass Woman Needs

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Being an adult takes the fun out of a lot of things, and that tends to include gift giving. But it doesn't really have to be that way. Instead, think about the practical gifts that every grown-ass woman needs in their life. It might actually be more fun to give a gift that someone will actually get use out of.

This year, as birthdays pass, housewarming parties happen, and holidays come and go, think about giving a gift that a grown-ass woman can use in her daily life. If they love to cook, get them something that will make cooking easier and more fun. If they're a workaholic, get them a gift that will help keep them organized and on time, like a new agenda planner. And if they are entertainers, give them a present that will show their guests that they are a true grown-up now, like a pretty serving platter.

You can still have fun getting gifts for your friends, even though you're all adulting now. You just have to look a little harder, and maybe make the gift a little bit more personal. Whatever you decide to do, there are so many practical presents out there for women you know.

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