22 Satisfying Products Better Than The Fidget Spinner

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Odds are if you've stepped foot in a 7-11, toy store, or middle school this past month, you've come into contact with the fidget spinner. That's because people everywhere are using it for stress-relief and improved focus, but what about the best fidget toys that aren't spinners? This might seem like a recent trend, but stress-relief gadgets have actually been around for a really long time, and some people (like my 7-year-old self) swear by them.

Flash back to 1999: there was a tiny hole-in-the-wall card store in my home town called "Jelly Bean." It sold everything from Beanie Babies to Milky Pens, and I bought my first ever fidget toy there with my lunch money. It was named "The Water Snake" (which I just now learned after an intense round of Googling), and its jiggly consistency did wonders for all the stressors in my young life — like when my Tamagotchi died, or someone broke my crayons. Then it popped all over my favorite tie dye t-shirt, which induced far more stress, but that's a story for another time.

Now fidget toys are gaining back their popularity, and you can purchase all kinds without the need for a hole-in-the-wall card shop. Here are a few of Amazon's non-spinner options for stress relief, focus, and fidgety fun.

1. This Gorgeous Ring That Doubles As A Spinner

Stainless Steel Spinner Ring (Sizes 4-11), $7-$13, Amazon

This rainbow spinner ring has an inner band locked into the main band, and it can be spun around to reduce stress and improve focus throughout the day. It's made from a durable stainless steel material that won't rust, fade, or cause skin reactions, and it comes in multiple different sizes for a great fit for any finger. You can even get it in rainbow.


2. Squeeze The Beans Out Of These Whenever You Get Anxious

SnowCinda Soybean Keychain, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Squeeze the bean whenever you feel stressed, anxious, or bored with these squishy SnowCinda Soybeans. Each middle pea has a random facial expression, and they come with chains so you can attach them anywhere. "Absolutely love these! They are my favorite fidget/stress toys," says one reviewer. "High quality and all of them work perfectly."


3. These Squeezable Toys Are Specifically Made To Endure A Ton Of Stress

DNA Stress Ball, $16 (3 Pack), Amazon

If you’re looking for durability, look no further than these DNA Stress Balls. The heavy-duty membrane keeps the tinier balls inside, even after excessive squeezing, and it’s made with safe ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. They’re also lightweight, colorful, and extremely satisfying.


4. This Slightly Horrifying But Totally Satisfying Toy

Restorable Face Squeeze Toy, $11, Amazon

This squishy face can be thrown, trampled, and pulled — and it'll go right back to its original shape once you get your aggressions out. Sure, it may be a little scary looking, but squeezing a tiny face in your hand can actually be quite satisfying.

5. This Fidget Cube, But Designed For Both Hands

WeFidget’s Stress Pad, $8, Amazon

The WeFidget’s Stress Pad has eight new and improved fidgeting functions: glide, click, roll, massage, shift, spin, flip, and rub. Users give it rave reviews because it's designed to occupy both hands at once, it comes with a lanyard so you can put it on your keychain, it's durable, and it resembles a gaming controller.


6. This Genius Steel-Ball Massager In Glove Form

Gideon Hand Massager Glove, $11, Amazon

The Gideon hand massager glove has nine steel massage balls with full 360-degree rotation. They effortlessly glide over your skin to promote circulation, reduce pain, and ease tense muscles. Since the whole thing is in a convenient glove design, all you have to do is slip it over your hand and massage anywhere.


7. This Bubble Wrap Phone Case

Bubble Wrap iPhone Case, $13, Amazon

If bubble wrap is like therapy to you, you'll love this bubble wrap iPhone case. It's made from quality plastic and silicone that lets you pop and re-pop those bubbles over and over again on the back of your phone. It has four size options to fit iPhones five through seven, comes in four different colors, and allows you total access to all functionality and buttons without removing the case.


8. This Infinity Fidget Ball With An Addictive Twirling And Looping Movement

Fidget Ball, $12, Amazon

This Fidget Ball is made from interconnected aluminum rings that are positioned so they can freely turn over the next, creating a twirling and looping pattern that keeps you occupied for hours. They come in tons of different colors, are lightweight, and are really addictive and high-quality according to reviewers.


9. This Awesome Pen To Keep You Focused In The Office

Think Ink Fidget Pen, $9, Amazon

The Think Ink fidget pen does indeed write, but it also bends, swirls, and swings to keep your hands busy in the office. You can detach and reconnect the clip for fun, and then use it to securely fasten it to your bag, pocket, or notebook.


10. These Balls On A String So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Them

StringyBall Stress Ball, $15 (Set of 3), Amazon

If you’re going for discreet, you never need to worry about dropping this StringyBall Stress Ball in class or in the office. That’s because it’s got a reliable string with an adjustable fastener, so it fits comfortably around your wrist or palm. The ball itself is hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and washable, and it’s great for relaxation on the go or muscle rehabilitation.


11. This Weighted Rolling Fidget Stick To Do Tricks With

DOFLY Spinner Stick, $8, Amazon

The DOFLY Spinner Stick is a weighted toy made of wood with rubber on each end. With a little bit of practice, you can learn to do awesome tricks with rolls and spins. It helps with boredom, fidgeting, and anxiety, and even comes with a carrying pouch.


12. This Stress-Relieving Board You Can Paint On Using Only Water With

Mini Buddha Board, $14, Amazon

Because it uses nothing but water, the Mini Buddha Board is an awesome way to decompress, get creative, and let things go. Simply paint pictures or write your worries onto the travel size board and watch as they evaporate and disappear. It also comes with a case, reusable brush, instructions and storage box.


13. This Cute Milk Carton Friend Who Smells Like Sweet Cream

TEEGOMO Milk, $8, Amazon

This adorable TEEGOMO Milk toy has a squishy consistency that reduces stress and improves circulation to your hands. It smells like sweet cream, and reviewers are commenting things like, “this thing is like a magic toy! I feel like by squeezing it can relax myself from pressure, and I like to watch it to bounce back.”


14. These Twist And Turn Toys For Endless Configurations

Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy, $14 (3 Pack), Amazon

These simple yet satisfying Tangle Jr. fidget toys are made up of curved sections that you can twist and turn for endless configurations. They come in three different colors, and reviewers say they're a great (and quiet) way to keep your hands busy and your brain focused: "I found out about this product from my boss, who had this toy on him most of the day. He took a bunch of these toys and put them together and kept it as a necklace around his neck so he can use it throughout his day."


15. Fold This Infinite Cube Into Tons Of Different Shapes

Infinite Cube, $8, Amazon

Eight small cubes rotate on stainless steel hinges with this Infinite Cube, so you can fold it at any angle to reduce stress and beat bad habits. “I have many other kinds of fidgets now and this one is the most interesting and fun,” says one reviewer. And, its recommended for adults and children over 3 years old.


16. This Wobble Cushion If You Get Anxious At Your Desk Job

Stability Wobble Cushion, $17, Amazon

This inflatable stability wobble cushion strengthens core muscles and improves posture, but it also helps those who have a hard time sitting still. It comes with a pump for adjustments, and sells in seven different colors. According to one reviewer who has "a desk job that causes back problems from sitting" in one place for hours, "My back doesn’t ache after long days, and it relieves my natural jitters as it is like sitting on an exercise ball all day."


17. This Putty That Is Like Play-Doh For Stressed Adults

CanDo TheraPutty, $16 Amazon

Squeeze, pinch, stretch, or twist this CanDo TheraPutty to strengthen hand muscles or reduce anxiety. This one comes in a pack of six and each color has a different resistance level, so you can customize based on your stress levels. They're all gluten-, latex- and casein-free, non-toxic if swallowed, and won't dry out.


18. Make Your Own Sculptures With These Tiny Magnetic Balls

TISSA Magnetic Ball, $9, Amazon

Two years ago for Christmas, my dad gave each person one of these TISSA Magnetic Ball sets. After that, we sat in our own respective corners and silently played with them for the rest of the night. It's made up of 216 tiny spherical magnets that are surprisingly strong, and once you get the hang of them, you can build just about anything, from cubes to snowflakes.


19. This New And Improved Anxiety Cube For Quality, Quiet, And Calm

FabQuality New Anxiety Cube, $6, Amazon

This “new and improved” FabQuality anxiety cube has reviewers raving because it’s extremely quiet, well-made, and comes with a ton of awesome freebies. The fidget cube has six sides so you can roll, click, and push your way to focus, and it comes with a carrying case, a Minion keychain cover, and the Keep Calm and Don't Stress ebook.


20. This Mesmerizing Bubbler That Promotes A Feeling Of Calm

Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler, $7, Amazon

Gravity guides the mesmerizing bubbles downward in slow motion with this Super Z Outlet liquid motion bubbler. It’s used to promote calm and relaxation with its rhythmic drops, and when it runs out, all you have to do is flip it over again. “I bought this for my classroom for my ‘calm down’ corner,” wrote one teacher who says they are now buying it for colleagues.


21. These Marbles In A Mesh Tube That Have Great Reviews

Calm Focused Fidget Toys, $9 (8 Pack), Amazon

Even though they're just marbles in a mesh sleeve, these Calm Focused fidget toys have reviewers raving: "Simple. Easy to use. Quiet. Not too distracting. Not easy to destroy so can handle a lot of use." They're strong and durable so you can stretch, fold, bend, and squish your way to calmed nerves and a focused mind.


22. These Squishy Slow-Rising Toys That Come In All Kinds Of Adorable Designs

Vipe Slow Rising Squishies Sheep, $17, Amazon

Finally, there's this Vipe Squishies sheep. It's insanely adorable, rises slowly after you squish it, and has a soft and comforting consistency that people love. The best news? If you're not a fan of sheep, you can choose from 14 other designs, from a handsome pineapple to cute cat to ocean cake or even a ghost with a top hat — because why not?

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