22 Strange But Brilliant Hair Hack Products Anyone With Curly Hair Should Know

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Natural curls are gorgeous, but going "natural" doesn't always mean that there’s zero effort involved. The internet is loaded with life-changing hacks for curly hair, because caring for curls is pretty different from caring for straight hair, and it requires its own specific routine and products. Needless to say, people want to know the best and most effective ways to do just that, and new and innovative tactics are always welcome.

That’s why I reached out to ten professional stylists and hair experts who specialize in natural curls. They were more than willing to share their insights on the best ways to care for curly hair, and a good handful of them shared brilliant tips I’d never heard of before.

Almost all the curly hair experts I spoke to said the same three things: First, curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair. Second, avoid brushes and combs (especially while dry), but if you must, choose your tools carefully. And Finally, to the best of your ability, skip anything that’ll cause chemical or heat damage. In order to achieve all of the aforementioned, these ten experts also recommended some surprisingly brilliant curly hair products to help out with their hacks. Not only are these products interesting and intriguing, but they help to retain the moisture, health, and strength that curly hair needs to look its best.

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