23 Amazing Asian Beauty Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

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While K-beauty is currently one of the most popular trends online and all over social media, the reality is, there are also several amazing Asian beauty products with a cult following from countries like Japan, Thailand, and China that you may have yet to experience, but should.

The cool thing is that many of these cult Asian beauty products pay homage to age-old skin and hair rituals — but that doesn’t mean they’re still not effective in a modern-day world. For example, many Chinese face and body formulas stem from the ancient — yet still relevant — practice of Chinese medicine, which is why you’ll see a jade roller on this list.

In Japan, a drugstore chain called Matsumoto Kiyoshi is chock-full of high-quality beauty products that won’t suck up your entire paycheck. You’ll find everything from a highly concentrated moisturizer that was first introduced in Japan back in the late ‘50s to the country’s current best-seller, a gentle water-based exfoliator.

Perhaps with not as much credit or buzz as Japan, Thailand has its fair share of drugstore finds, too — and let’s face it: If it wasn’t for Bangkok's red chili pepper hot and humid temps, then perhaps products like Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder may have never been invented. And while you may already be obsessed with Korean beauty products, there’s no denying that sheet masks and pimple patches will always be useful.

You need not travel to a faraway land to add a little Eastern influence into your Western routine. Some of the most amazing Asian beauty products with a cult following are right here on Amazon.

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