23 Fitness Gifts For Men

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We all have that one guy in our life — you know, the one that fitness gifts for men were made for. He’s the guy you always see carrying around resistance bands and protein shakes, talking about his one-rep max, or how he just set a new personal record, waxing about the benefits of calisthenics versus weight training exercises. He's the guy who wears headbands because he actually sweats — not just because he’s into Wes Anderson. He might be your dad, your best friend, your boss, or your bae. Whatever role he plays in your life, finding a gift can be tricky if you’re not the type of person who knows the difference between your “delts” and your “glutes.”

Fear not, however. We’ve scoured Amazon and found a complete list of items that will help him take his workout to a whole new level. There are things like odor-resistant gym bags, high-tech fitness trackers, versatile pull-up bars, yoga kits — all the geeky workout products that make gym rats' ears perk up and make you feel confident you nailed the gift with something he actually likes. If gift giving was a sport, you'd win because these are the best fitness gifts for men.

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