23 Hair Products People On Reddit Are Freaking Out About

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If there's anything the internet has taught me, it's that your hair can severely benefit from a little research. I used to blindly pick my shampoo and conditioner off the drugstore shelf. Then, I started looking into hair products that Reddit users swear by, and I was astounded that with the right technique I could blow dry my hair every day and it still wouldn't feel like straw. When a moisturizing masque or finishing spray has a few dozen up-votes, you know it's something worth trying.

The coolest thing about Reddit is that you don't need to be anyone special to post on the forum. Everyday consumers and real people, like you and me, are free to give their opinions on the best (and the worst) products available. They also do so without any kind of sponsorship or bias, so you know you're actually getting a genuine review.

Reddit has countless boards for any and every type of interest, but the beauty boards are definitely the most useful when it comes to researching hair care tips. That's why I took a little time to poke around some discussions in search of the hair products people on Reddit are freaking out over.

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