23 Holiday Gifts For Writers Who Seriously, Really, Honestly Don't Want Any More Books

The season of giving is definitely upon us — and if you are someone whose got a writer or two (or more!) in your life, that means it’s time to start shopping for the kinds of gifts that writers will totally love. Whether you know it or not, writers are notoriously easy people to shop for. After all, we’ll always be happy to receive a beautifully bound journal, some super swanky writing utensils, or that just-released book we’ve been talking about all season. (As a writer, you can never have enough fancy journals — at least IMO.)

But if you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more outside the box this year, there are plenty of items on this list that go far beyond the page (or the pencil, for that matter.) Festive mugs, bookish candles, literary apparel, memberships galore, and plenty of other products to get those creative juices flowing! You’re guaranteed to find a little something — or, you know, a few somethings — for all the writers on your list this year.

So here they are: 23 gifts that any writer would love to receive this holiday season.

1. Once Upon a Time Notebook

Once Upon a Time Notebook


MoMA Design Store

Writers will love this classic book-style notebook, with the quintessential fairytale beginning printed on the cover. Hand-dyed paper and gold-trimmed edges will make any writer’s journaling feel super luxurious.

2. Anselm Bookbinding Kit

Anselm Bookbinding Kit


Peg & Awl

Perfect for the DIY writer, this bookbinding kit celebrates not only the art of writing, but the art of lovingly hand-binding your own text as well.

3. Bibliophile Notebook Collection

Bibliophile Notebook Collection


Chronicle Books

This bright bundle of notebooks features artfully designed covers that celebrate bestselling and book club-loved titles, from classic to contemporary lit.

4. Long Winter’s Nap Candle

Long Winter’s Nap Candle


Hearth & Hammer

The perfect, literature-inspired scent to accompany any writer’s wintertime journaling, the Long Winter’s Nap candle by Hearth & Hammer features a crackling wooden wick and smells like cinnamon, vanilla, and woody clove.

5. Jane Austen Notebook

Jane Austen Notebook


Obvious State

This Jane Austen Notebook from Obvious State features a sassy black-and-white cover celebrating Austen and all her novels, and includes an Austen quote that all writers can relate to.

6. Composition Notebook Mug

Composition Notebook Mug


Out of Print

If there’s one thing writers need (more than a room of their own) it’s coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And what better mug to celebrate the spirit of writing than Out of Print’s Composition Notebook mug, styled like those classic notebooks we all remember from our school days.

7. PEN America Membership

PEN America Membership


PEN America

PEN America members are directly linked with an international community of authors, journalists, editors, translators, dramatists, screen writers, other established and emerging writing professionals, and their supporters who promote, defend, and celebrate the freedom to write. Other benefits include discounts to PEN America’s yearly programs, festivals, awards, receptions, and more.

8. Words Cubed

Words Cubed


Uncommon Goods

Kickstart those creative juices with Words Cubed — eight wooden word blocks that writers can flip and shift to compose fun and poetic phrases. Forty-eight words total, for a whopping 1.6 million possible verbal combinations.

9. People Pencils

People Pencils


Chronicle Books

The writing life can be a lonely one, filled with uninterrupted days of toiling away at the desk. These People Pencils — each illustrated to look like a different character — might just be the quiet company needed.

10. The Book HookUp Membership

The Book HookUp Membership


Strand Books

A gift that gives all year long — the Strand Book HookUp. Pick from topics like Fiction, Feminist Literature, Young Adult, and Mystery & Suspense, and for $200 your book-loving writer will receive 4 quarterly boxes containing a signed, first edition of a forthcoming book, an additional paperback title, and plenty of literary goodies — snacks, accessories, and more.

11. Desktop Pen Garden

Desktop Pen Garden


MoMA Design Store

Bring a little outdoors into the writing space — and writing utensils! — with MoMA Design Store’s Desktop Pen Garden. Features five magnetic, grass and flower-inspired ballpoint pens, planted neatly in an oak wood tray.

12. Novel Teas

Novel Teas


Uncommon Goods

Few things pair better with a good book — or a good writing session — than an equally-good cup of tea. These English Breakfast tea bags are each individually tagged with some of literature’s most-loved and amusing quotes

13. Library Card Tote Bag

Library Card Tote Bag


Out of Print

Taking any writer’s love of the library to another level, this Library Card-themed tote bag is perfect for carting one’s own writing, some latest TBRs, or anything else that might need toting around.

14. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Art Print

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Art Print


Obvious State

Perfect for the office of any aspiring writer, this art print features a quote by author Elizabeth Barrett Browning, alongside original artwork by Obvious State.

15. Book Cart Socks

Book Cart Socks


Strand Books

Keep those toes toasty — and literary — with these Book Cart socks, each featuring a fully-stocked discounted book cart.

16. The Harper Journal with Quote

The Harper Journal with Quote


Peg & Awl

This quote-emblazoned journal is a true luxury for any writer — constructed of vegetarian tanned leather, antique fabric lining, and hand-torn, hand-stitched Strathmore drawing paper. Choose from the Anaïs Nin quote featured, or a custom one of your own.

17. Bamboo Aromatherapy Pen

Bamboo Aromatherapy Pen


Barnes & Noble

Wake up the senses and get the creative juices flowing with this bamboo Aromatherapy Pen, featuring peppermint oil — shown to stimulate and center the mind, prevent headaches, and increase energy.

18. Direct Trade Coffee Sampler

Direct Trade Coffee Sampler


World Market

When it comes to writing life essentials, coffee ranks right up there with pens, paper, a laptop, and an idea. This Direct Trade Coffee Sampler from World Market will not only take a writer around the globe in coffee — with Hawaiian, Colombian, Brazilian, and Ethiopian blends — it’ll also provide that jolt of energy needed to continue writing.

19. Bookstore Candle

Bookstore Candle


Frostbeard Studio

A scent worthy of any writer’s creative space, Frostbeard Studio’s Bookstore Candle invokes a coffee-filled afternoon of browsing a favorite bookstore, featuring mahogany, leather, and coffee notes.

20. Women Writers Postcard Set

Women Writers Postcard Set


Obvious State

Featuring 24 modern interpretations of classic lines from literature, this postcard set celebrates women writers who have had a major impact on the written word. Authors include: Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Emily Dickinson, Zora Neale Hurston, Mary Shelley, Charlotte Brontë, Virginia Woolf, Edith Wharton, Harriet Beecher Stowe and more.

21. When in Doubt, Go to the Library Sweatshirt

When in Doubt, Go to the Library Sweatshirt


Out of Print

This super soft, vintage black sweatshirt features what might be the single most recognized quote from the library-loving Muggle who’s an inspiration to writers and book lovers alike: the one and only Hermione Granger.

22. Never-Ending Notepad

Never-Ending Notepad


Chronicle Books

Write, edit, and write again with this dry erase Never-Ending Notepad: perfect for writing down (and rewriting) those plot concepts, character ideas, and more.

23. Inspirational Pencil Set

Inspirational Pencil Set


Uncommon Goods

This set of fun, inspiration pencils — each featuring an encouraging phrase — will definitely inspire their user to push through writer’s block, write past tricky plot points, and flesh out those most complicated of fictional characters.