What To Buy The Writer In Your Life Who Already Has WAY Too Many Books

The season of giving is definitely upon us — and if you are someone whose got a writer or two (or more!) in your life, that means it’s time to start shopping for the kinds of gifts that writers will totally love. Whether you know it or not, writers are notoriously easy people to shop for. After all, we’ll always be happy to receive a beautifully bound journal, some super swanky writing utensils, or that just-released book we’ve been talking about all season. (As a writer, you can never have enough fancy journals — at least IMO.)

But if you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more outside the box this year, there are plenty of items on this list that go far beyond the page (or the pencil, for that matter.) Festive mugs, bookish candles, literary apparel, memberships galore, and plenty of other products to get those creative juices flowing! You’re guaranteed to find a little something — or, you know, a few somethings — for all the writers on your list this year.

So here they are: 23 gifts that any writer would love to receive this holiday season.

1. Once Upon a Time Notebook

2. Anselm Bookbinding Kit

3. Bibliophile Notebook Collection

4. Long Winter’s Nap Candle

5. Jane Austen Notebook

6. Composition Notebook Mug

7. PEN America Membership

8. Words Cubed

9. People Pencils

10. The Book HookUp Membership

11. Desktop Pen Garden

12. Novel Teas

13. Library Card Tote Bag

14. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Art Print

15. Book Cart Socks

16. The Harper Journal with Quote

17. Bamboo Aromatherapy Pen

18. Direct Trade Coffee Sampler

19. Bookstore Candle

20. Women Writers Postcard Set

21. When in Doubt, Go to the Library Sweatshirt

22. Never-Ending Notepad

23. Inspirational Pencil Set