23 Innovative Grooming Tools Skyrocketing In Popularity

By Emily Estep
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Most classic grooming tools have been exactly the same since the dawn of time — tweezers, nail files, or razors, for instance — but these days, innovative grooming tools are crowding bathroom sinks and taking the market by storm with thoughtful design and utility.

Whatever your grooming routine looks like, from a low-maintenance nail clipping every now and then to a daily set of steps, you're probably getting super sick of doing the same old thing. How annoying is it to scrub your heels with an old pumice stone day after day?

Luckily, there are a ton of clever grooming tools out there that can make grooming simpler and more efficient. Some of them are a little odd, others are upgrades from what you already have, and all of them will save you time and energy while removing a bit of the "blah" from your repetitive grooming routine.

That said, sometimes it can be hard to take the plunge on a new tool when you've used the same ones for so long. But once you see how much better these are, you won't believe you were using your old razor or nail clippers for as long as you have been. Check out these brilliant Amazon grooming faves to get started.

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