23 Insanely Clever Items Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

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Everyone has their favorite ways to wind down. Me? After a particularly rough day, I like to pour a glass of wine and stalk people's online shopping carts. Sounds bizarre, but you'd be shocked how many insanely clever items on Amazon wish lists that you'll want to order right away.

Not only does Amazon have an impressive selection, but it has innovative and intriguing ways to navigate said selection. Case in point: Amazon's Most Wished For page. When an Amazon user stumbles across an awesome find and wants to bookmark it for later, they add it to their wish list. Amazon then tallies up the most popular picks and separates them into categories that get updated daily. In other words, whether you're looking for housewares, beauty products, gadgets, or cleaning solutions, you can see which items people have their eyes on, so they can swoop in and purchase it the second they get their paychecks.

That being said, there's a lot of sifting-through to be done. Yeah, there's a ton of innovative inventions that you never knew existed, but there's also a lot of people who wish for things like phone chargers and toothbrush head replacements. Consequently, I went through and did a bit of the heavy lifting for you; here are some of the most clever wish-listed items on Amazon.

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