23 May 2019 Makeup, Skin Care, & Hair Product Launches You Shouldn't Miss

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If you don't want to use the almanac to tell you when summer is coming, consider taking a look at the best May makeup, skin care, and hair product launches instead. You will definitely get the feeling that warm, sunny days are on the horizon, based on all of the sunscreen-packed moisturizers, brightly-colored eyeshadow palettes, and fresh, crisp fragrances that all came out last month.

From La Mer's new serum-infused lip balm gloss to Tatcha's Satin Skin Mist, it's clear that May's best beauty launches were focused on keeping your skin hydrated, but not oily; your makeup glowy, but not shiny; and your skin protected from summer's UV rays and the pollution, all while letting your skin breathe. There's also an anti-humidity spray from R+Co that'll keep frizzy hair at bay and an olive oil-infused cooling lotion from Paul & Joe Beauté that sounds perfect for those days when you accidentally spend a little too much time under the sun.

Before you head into June, stock up on some of Bustle's favorite picks from everything that came out in May. We guarantee you'll find at least one (or five) things you'll want to add to your makeup, skin care, and hair routine right now.

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