23 Movies On Netflix That You Didn't Know You Should Be Watching


It's called Netflix Indecision and it's a serious problem. Everyone has been there, right? You're aimlessly scrolling through Netflix recommendations until you can't remember not only what kind of movies you like, but who you are, what day it is, and the name of your favorite take-out place. How much valuable movie-watching time have you wasted staring at that Netflix menu? I personally feel like I've sacrificed full days. So in an effort to spare you and me both future streaming torment, I've put together a list of semi-hidden gems that are currently available on Netflix. These are the 23 Netflix movies that you didn't know you should be watching. Until now.

A little variety never hurt anybody, so I hope you'll find something you're in the mood for here. A black-and-white screwball comedy from the '40s? Check. An Australian musical dramedy? Check again. Cousin Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey as a shirtless sociopathic killer? Check three times over. From foreign language romances to innovative, low-budget monster flicks, the Netflix gods have blessed subscribers with an eclectic library. If this list does its job, it ought to rescue you from getting lost in that library. Save your brain space for the name of that hole-in-the-wall Thai place with the orgasmic drunken noodles.

1. 'Jenny's Wedding'

Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel shine as brides-to-be in this independent dramedy from 2015.


2. 'Beyond The Lights'

This backstage drama earned fawning reviews for its portrayal of a recording artist struggling to retain her own voice while operating within an industry machine.


3. 'Tangerine'

Shot entirely on an iPhone, Tangerine and its transgender star Kitana Kiki Rodriguez thrilled festival audiences last year.


4. 'Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World'

A romantic comedy set against the apocalypse, Seeking A Friend... gets a spot on this list for putting Kiera Knightley and Steve Carell together in an unexpectedly great match.


5. 'Dope'

Deadline reported that several distribution companies battled it out for Dope, the reference-heavy coming-of-age story of a group of Los Angeles teens, after it screened at Sundance. See what the fuss is all about.


6. 'Man Up'

Charmers Simon Pegg and Lake Bell star in a slight but sweet romantic comedy about a chaotic single woman who accidentally "steals" another woman's blind date.


7. 'Life Itself'

Near the end of his life, revered film critic Roger Ebert was able to contribute to this documentary feature adaptation of his written memoirs. It's a gift to film fans.


8. 'Stardust'

Daredevil fans: care to see Matt Murdock in a shoulder-length bob? Charlie Cox is magic in this fantasy romance about a boy who falls in love with a fallen star (Claire Danes).


9. 'Monsters'

Before he got the gig to direct Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, British director Gareth Roberts turned a laughably tiny budget into a legit monster thriller with tons of word-of-mouth appeal.


10. 'Crossroads'

Yes, it's on Netflix. Yes, you should call your girlfriends right now.


11. 'Beginners'

With its subtitled Jack Russell and co-star Melanie Laurent's impossibly French wardrobe, Beginners is just on the right side of "too cute." It's partially a rom com, but the real heart of the film beats in Ewan McGregor's Oliver and his dad Hal (Christopher Plummer) dealing with the reveal of lifelong secret at the end of Hal's life.


12. 'The Guest'

The Guest is a film whose dark humor is nearly impossible to explain. I can only promise a lot of shirtless Dan Stevens, an aggressively dramatic/funny score, and a newly crowned teen horror heroine in It Follows star Maika Monroe.


13. 'In Bruges'

The comedy-thriller In Bruges isn't for the faint of the heart, but it is the best work that Irish dreamboat Colin Farrell has ever done. The humor is deadly, the blood is copious, and the backdrop — one of Belgium's oldest cities — is breathtaking.


14. 'Sleepwalk With Me'

You may know comedian and actor Mike Birbiglia as Amy Schumer's dorky brother-in-law in Trainwreck. He's also a writer and filmmaker who turned his own dangerous nocturnal condition into a warm and funny biographical movie.


15. 'Becoming Jane'

The historical inaccuracies are many in this romanticized Jane Austen biopic, but the smoking hot Regency chemistry between James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway more than makes up for them.


16. 'Camp'

A must for any theater kid, the independent comedy Camp revels in the knock-down, drag-out scramble that occurs when there are too many talented, ambitious teens for too few parts. Bonus: young Anna Kendrick belting the Sondheim classic "Ladies Who Lunch"!


17. 'Tallulah'

A moving, beautifully acted drama starring Allison Janney, Ellen Page, and Tammy Blanchard. You might have missed this one over the summer, but be sure to check it out now.

18. 'Nightcrawler'

If you didn't get around to seeing this Jake Gyllenhaal thriller in 2015, see it now. It's non-stop suspense and features some amazing acting.

19. 'Begin Again'

Like musicals? Like love stories? Like Mark Ruffalo? This one's for you.

20. 'Pleasantville'

If you never got around to seeing this gem of a '90s movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Tobey McGuire, now's your chance.

21. 'The Last Five Years'

Get ready to have your heart totally broken by Anna Kendrick's gorgeous love songs.

22. 'Short Term 12'

One of the most underrated movies of the last few years, Short Term 12 features a star-making turn by now-Oscar winner Brie Larson.

23. 'Mona Lisa Smile'

Art, feminism, and Julia Roberts. What more could you want?