23 Movies On Netflix That You Didn't Know You Should Be Watching

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It's called Netflix Indecision and it's a serious problem. Everyone has been there, right? You're aimlessly scrolling through Netflix recommendations until you can't remember not only what kind of movies you like, but who you are, what day it is, and the name of your favorite take-out place. How much valuable movie-watching time have you wasted staring at that Netflix menu? I personally feel like I've sacrificed full days. So in an effort to spare you and me both future streaming torment, I've put together a list of semi-hidden gems that are currently available on Netflix. These are the 23 Netflix movies that you didn't know you should be watching. Until now.

A little variety never hurt anybody, so I hope you'll find something you're in the mood for here. A black-and-white screwball comedy from the '40s? Check. An Australian musical dramedy? Check again. Cousin Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey as a shirtless sociopathic killer? Check three times over. From foreign language romances to innovative, low-budget monster flicks, the Netflix gods have blessed subscribers with an eclectic library. If this list does its job, it ought to rescue you from getting lost in that library. Save your brain space for the name of that hole-in-the-wall Thai place with the orgasmic drunken noodles.

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