23 Odd Kitchen Products On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

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I'm three weeks away from renovating the kitchen in my apartment, and that means I'm doing some serious research on genius kitchen gadgets that are available on Amazon. Why? Well, things have changed a lot since the day of Mad Men, when the most coveted culinary tool was the trending Chip 'n' Dip. Now, the internet is loaded with weird but surprisingly useful products that make your kitchen safer, roomier, cleaner, more efficient, and a hell of a lot more fun. As a fan of practicality as well as the occasional zucchini pasta dinner, I'm all over this one.

While a few of these items are fit for professionals, you don't necessarily need to be a chef to utilize them, either. They can help everyone from the wine enthusiast to the forgetful shopper. Best of all, they're specially designed to help your day go a little more smoothly, whether you're cooking a four-course meal or lost the cover to your take-out container.

Finally, because you're shopping on Amazon rather than in a department store, you get a huge selection at a great price, and instead of lines and the endless labyrinth that is the kitchenware section, you get a brown box delivered straight to your door.

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