23 Random But Brilliant Gifts For Capricorns

Capricorns are super ambitious people, which is good, because they value hard work and determination. If you're trying to find Capricorn gifts for a friend (or you're practicing some self-love and shopping for yourself), you want to be sure this present will help this inner Capricorn achieve success. So, what do you get a Capricorn during the holidays? I found a bunch of random but brilliant Capricorn gifts that the goat sign is sure to love.

When shopping for a Capricorn, you need to look for things that are beautiful, functional, and simple. They often spend a lot of time at their office, so anything that will help make their desk space more inviting is a perfect option. Capricorns also love beautiful but simple things, like a pretty piece of jewelry or a comfy wool sweater. They can be a bit materialistic at times (and love expensive things), but that's okay, because they'll actually use the things you buy them, and appreciate the gift.

Another great present for the Capricorn in your life could bring out their love of friendly competition: think a great board game. Or maybe you know that they love to be active and you're tapping into their sportier side, so you give them a new ski jacket to rock on the slopes this winter. You can find something totally random but brilliant to give to a Capricorn that they'll end up using time and time again.


Have A Bit Of Fun With A Planner Personalization Kit

Amazon Agenda Starter Pack, $22, Amazon

This adorable planner personalization kit comes with a dry erase to-do list, sticker sheet, dry erase markers, paperclips, foil tape, and a cute pouch. It's a great way to help your favorite Capricorn add a little fun to their otherwise intense calendar. They'll be so excited to add some personality to the planner that they never leave home without.


Help Them Decorate Their Desk With A Cool Photo Display

Umbra Gala Photo Display, $20, Amazon

The Capricorn in your life likely spends a ton of time at their desk. Help them make it their favorite place in the world by giving them this really cool photo display set. They can add photos and memories, or things that inspire them to the key rings. And the ceramic cup included can be used as a pencil holder or a plant holder.


Yoga Cards, So They Can Take A Break And Relax


YOGA CARDS by WorkoutLabs, $28, Amazon

After all of the long days that a Capricorn spends working and working, they deserve a bit of time to relax. And because they probably don't have time to take a yoga class, these cards are a great option to learn some poses at home.


...And A Yoga Mat, So They Can Practice Their New Skills


Fit Spirit Extra Thick Yoga Mat, $23, Amazon

Now that your friend knows some new yoga moves, they need a place to practice them. This mat will give them a comfortable and safe place to meditate and stretch, so they can feel relaxed after a busy week.


A Day Planner, So They Can Stay Organized


Day Designer for Blue Sky Jan 2017-Dec 2017 Day Planner, $30, Amazon

Capricorns are super organized people. They like to have things meticulously planned, and that's why a day planner is perfect for them. This one is awesome (I have it and am obsessed). Each day has a place for a schedule and a to-do list, so you can really stay on top of the things you need to get done.


A Cashmere Scarf In An Earth Tone To Get Comfy In


NOVAWO Extra Large Soft Cashmere Wrap, $45, Amazon

While this scarf is available in eight different colors, stick to buying one in a neutral color for the Capricorn in your life. It's a way to be classic and simple while still participating in a trend. Plus, who can say no to a good cashmere scarf?


Decorate & Protect The Capricorn's Favorite Item


Gmyle Hard Shell Case Cover, $16-$19, Amazon

Marble is everywhere right now, and because Capricorns are busy getting stuff done, the tool they rely on (and spend so much time with) should look great, too. Cover the laptop with this stylish hard case that will protect it from scratches. It clips on and off with ease, making it one of the cutest and most useful accessories ever.


A Coffee Mug That Tells It Like It Is


The Boss Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug, $14, Amazon

This awesome mug is just telling it like it is — whether it sits on the Capricorn's desk or holds that first serving of steaming coffee at home, it'll set them off on the right foot.


A Cute Desktop Business Card Holder, So Everyone Knows How Much Of A Boss They Are


Kate Spade New York Daisy Place Desktop Business Card Holder, $30, Amazon

Hardworking Capricorns love to network. Meeting people is important in climbing the ladder of success, and business cards are a great way to make sure someone remembers you. Your friend can keep this adorable business card holder on their desk, so they can easily grab a bunch before leaving for the next networking event.


A Simple Yet Stunning Pearl Necklace To Show Their Taste


Dogeared Pearls of Love Necklace, $32, Amazon

Capricorns love fine things, but they'd rather wear something timeless and classic than stick to the latest trends (especially when it comes to jewelry). This beautiful but simple necklace features a single pearl and a really lovely message: "the pearl represents the best in us." The necklace is available in both gold and silver.


Easy-Hold, Shatterproof Glasses For The Practical Capricorn


Govino Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses (Set of 4), $15, Amazon

If you're a Capricorn, then you enjoy practicality. And what could be more practical than shatterproof wine glasses? Your pal probably doesn't have stemless ones yet, and these are even dishwasher-safe.


A Zodiac Bracelet For Every Capricorn


Alex And Ani Zodiac Expandable Wire Bracelet, $20, Amazon

This is a more obvious type of gift, but it still fits in with the Capricorn personality. It's simple and can be worn every day — a great accessory for any occasion.


Let Them Show Their Competitive Side With A Board Game


Scrabble Deluxe Edition Game, $38, Amazon

If you know a Capricorn, you know that they enjoy a bit of competition in their life. A board game like Scrabble is perfect to help them get competitive while still giving them a chance to be ambitious. Triple word score, anyone?


A Simple Watch To Help Them Stay Punctual


CLUSE La Boheme Gold/White/Grey Watch, $63, Amazon

Capricorns are punctual people, and a watch that they can wear every day is a perfect way to show them how much you believe in their achievements. It will help them realize their professional goals and accomplish them in a timely manner. Plus every time they look down at their new watch to see what time it is, they'll think of you.


A Really Cool Pair Of Shades To Keep Up Appearances


Quay Gemini Sunglasses Cat Eye Rose Gold, $65, Amazon

Capricorns care about materialistic things from time to time. So, give them a really cool pair of sunglasses from a brand that people will appreciate — these Quay Australia sunnies are just the thing. The rose gold lenses come in a super trendy cat eye style.


Simple Studs That Go With Everything


14K Rose Gold Ball Studs, $14-$75, Amazon

Give your friend something beautiful and luxurious for the holidays. These rose gold stud earrings are a wonderful option because they tap into the materialistic yet classic side of the Capricorn personality.


For The Capricorn Who Wants To Lighten Up

MIOIM Middle Finger Beanie Cap, $5, Amazon

Capricorns are known for their serious demeanor, but all work and no play can definitely get dull. Let the Capricorn in on the joke with this seemingly innocent cat beanie. Once you pull down the fold, you'll see the cat's actually telling you how it really feels.


A Beautiful New Handbag That Screams 'Boss'


Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Crossbody, $225, Amazon

There are some bags that just scream Girl Boss. And this is one of them. Every Capricorn girl should have a handbag that shows off their stylish, classic style.


Give Them A Chance To Let Loose While Still Being Competitive


Cards Against Humanity, $25, Amazon

I think that most people get a kick out of playing Cards Against Humanity. And it's a great game for the Capricorns you know because it gives them a chance to be silly but competitive at the same time.


Give Them A Rest From Daily Stresses


Sleep Together Pillow Spray & Aroma, $46, Amazon

This pillow spray and aroma set is designed to help you drift off into an easy, restful sleep. With essential oils like lavender and patchouli, you'll be all too happy to sink into the sheets after a taxing day at work.


A Great Laptop Case To Keep Their Computer Safe


Marc Jacobs Neoprene Computer Case, $90, Amazon

Because the Capricorn is incredibly hardworking, it means that they like to take their work home with them sometimes. Give them a laptop case that will keep their computer safe, but still looks incredibly cute, in case they need to work on the go.


A Cute But Incredibly Functional Notepad For Their Desk


Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder, $24, Amazon

Staying organized is super important for the Capricorn in your life. Help them out by gifting them a useful notepad. They'll always have a place to write down something that comes to their mind when sitting at their desk. It's a gift that someone will be incredibly grateful to receive because they will actually use it every day.


An Awesome Picture Frame For Their Desk

Umbra Prisma Picture Frame, $12-$35, Amazon

Adding some personality to your desk is important no matter what your zodiac sign. But if you're a Capricorn it's even more imperative since you spend a lot of time there. Give your friend a cute photo of the two of you in this really cool brass frame. It'll add a cool touch to their space and your friend will constantly be reminded of your good times together.

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