23 Thoughtful Gifts For The Aquarius In Your Life

Known as the "water bearer," the Aquarius zodiac sign is recognized for being intellectual, independent, and unpredictable. While highly sociable, they appreciate downtime for recharging, so it takes time to truly get to know an Aquarius. That's why they'll appreciate your patience in finding thoughtful gifts for Aquarius qualities, which uniquely relate to them.

If you have a friend born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, these gifts for an Aquarius are all all on point. Among being big dreamers, adventurers, and great listeners, Aquarius people also demonstrate an artistic ability and enjoy humanitarian work. Did I mention they usually have a sharp sarcastic wit, too? There are many positive qualities to being this air sign, and these Aquarius themed gift ideas will help them show off their good side.

So whether you're shopping for their birthday or just want to treat your Aquarius friend, you can't go wrong with this gift list according to their star sign. From a quirky portable battery charger that keeps up with their need for adventure to a coffee mug that reminds them of their independent qualities, these items all highlight an Aquarius's amazing characteristics. Besides, whether your friend is into astrology or not, they'll appreciate the thought you put into finding the perfect gift.

Soothing Bath Salts

Herbivore Calm Sea Soaking Salts, $24, Amazon

Usually Aquarius people love being surrounded by friends, but they also need time for themselves. These Herbivore 'Calm' sea soaking salts are made from Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, and a floral scented Ylang Ylang oil to help you de-stress and provide ultimate relaxation for your mind and body.

A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Alienwave Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Microfiber Cleaner, $25, Amazon

Sure everyone loves music, but the Aquarius take it to another level. They feel a strong connection to it. This portable speaker is small enough to clip anywhere from your bag to your bicycle to your car. It's also waterproof and has excellent, crisp sound quality.

No One Cares T-Shirt

Vadim No One Cares T-Shirt (S-XL), $5-8, Amazon

If any T-shirt speaks to an Aquarius, it'd be this 'No One Cares' T-shirt. While they're great listeners, they generally like to stay away from anyone who's too into their own drama, and this black tee is a very direct way of saying it.

A Space To Let It Out

Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book By Sasha O'Hara, $7, Amazon

Another thing to know about Aquarius folks is that they tend to bottle up their emotions. Enter: this Calm the F*ck Down book, which has pages upon pages of mandalas and other intricate images, each with its own quippy, snarky title that allows you to color your feelings away. Aquarius people will definitely appreciate the sassiness, as it goes with their sarcastic personalities.

Temporary Tattoos That Show Off Your Sign

Tattify Zodiac Sign Temporary Tattoos, $5, Amazon

Show off your zodiac sign! These super cute Tattify zodiac sign temporary tattoos feature 14 different Aquarius designs, from the symbol to the constellation, that you can wear all day, every day.

A Quirky-Looking Battery

Milk Bottle Portable Battery, $26, Amazon

Aquarians are unpredictable, and they have the ability to pick up and go whether it's switching jobs or traveling. This portable battery will keep up with adventures, and its milk bottle design is just so darn cute.

A Polaroid Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, $60, Amazon

Despite the need for the Aquarius to have their downtime, they also enjoy every chance they're around their friends. This Fujifilm Instax camera is a fun, old-school way to capture vacations, happy hours, and other fun moments with your pals, so when it's time chill out, you can remember the good times.

An Essential Oil Diffuser To Get Your Zen On

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $19, Amazon

On days or nights when you want to spend some time to yourself, turn on this essential oil diffuser. This bad boy lights up in different colors while gently misting the scent of your choice all over your room. Your room will be so zen.

A Soothing Sleep System

Sense Sleep System, $514, Amazon

The Aquarius who desires a more zen-like space should consider investing in a good sleep system. This Sense Sleep System has several calming sounds to help you lull yourself to bed, plus it comes with an sleep pill that you attach onto your pillow to recognize your body movement and an app that helps you track your sleeping patterns.

A Travel Mug That's Boss


Like A Boss Travel Mug, $20, Amazon

Aquarius are fiercely independent and rarely like being told what to do. That's why you need a travel mug like this one to remind everyone who the boss really is.

Quench Their Sense Of Adventure Between Trips

Lonely Planet's The Book of Everything: A Visual Guide to Travel and the World, $16, Amazon

The Aquarius star sign has a deep love for learning and a sense of adventure. Lonely Planet's The Big Book of Everything combines the two, providing a wealth of information on customs and travel. You'll learn some interesting new facts and be inspired to book your next trip.

A Journal To Flesh Out Your Thoughts

Pineapple Laser Cut Wood Journal, $29, Amazon

As mentioned, Aquarians have trouble letting out their emotions, so what better way to vent than in a journal? Flesh out your thoughts, hopes, and fears in this handcrafted wooden journal with an adorable pineapple design.

A Tea Rex Tea Infuser

DCI Tea Rex Tea Infuser, $7, Amazon

Aquarius people love anything that's quaint, like settling down for a cozy cup of tea. This tea rex infuser combines its quirkiness factor with being a great de-stressing tool — just stash your favorite loose tea, sip and relax.

A Pretty Constellation Necklace

LOVE Handmade Zodiac Sign Necklace, $8, Amazon

This Zodiac Sign Necklace from LOVE handmade features the Aquarius constellation comprised of cut-out dots. A simple, yet chic way to rock your Aquarius pride.

This Money-Savvy Pig

Money Savvy Pig, $25, Amazon

Aquarias-born people are very good with money, and they value smart saving and spending. This piggy bank makes it easier by separating your cash into four different sockets: save, spend, donate, and invest. Now you can finally put that loose change into good use.

A Greeting Card Set That Oozes Positivity

Amazon Compliment Greeting Card Set, $12, Amazon

Aquarius are generally great listeners and enjoy giving advice. These greeting cards will help you spread the love with positive phrases like "You're so cool and I'm not even mad about it" and "You are the stars, you are the galaxy."

A Cute Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bag, $28, Amazon

And so the adventure begins, Aquarius. Stash your makeup and other basic essentials in this super cute travel makeup bag next time you take a flight.

Bring Compelling Stories Straight To Their Coffee Table

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton, $17, Amazon

Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York is everything an Aquarius loves in one book, from the photography to the captivating stories of New Yorkers. They already follow the famous Instagram account, now they'll get lost in between the pages of this best-selling coffee table book.

An Alex And Ani Bracelet

Alex and Ani Aquarius Bracelet, $23, Amazon

When in doubt, just buy your Aquarius friend an Alex and Ani bracelet. This one features the Aquarius zodiac sign made out of stainless steel.

Get Their Pout Prepped For Those Intellectual Convos


Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Lip Butter (Mint), $16, Amazon

Aquarians are big-time fans of stimulating conversation. Keep their breath fresh and lips moisturized for all that talking with this super luxe all-natural lip butter.

A Random Potato Masher

Boston Warehouse Marshall Green Potato Masher, $14, Amazon

The Aquarius will admit that they can sometimes be plain weird. This Boston Warehouse Marshall green potato masher is quirky-looking, completely functional and useful, and right up their alley.

An Artsy-Looking Photo Display

Umbra Crowd Photo Display, $25, Amazon

With their love for photography, Aquarians are very artsy people. Chances are they'd use cool-looking Umbra Crowd photo display for putting up photos of their friends and whatever else they find unique to them.

A Way To Remember Where They've Been (And Where They're Going)


Globe Trotter World Travel Scratch Map, $20, Amazon

Behind every Aquarius person is an independent spirit, who wants to go their own way. Help them plan their path and remember where they've already been with this giant scratch-off map, which will add an air of globetrotting coolness to any wall.

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