23 Weird But Genius Products On Amazon With High Consumer Reports Ratings

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So many products, so little time — that's your mantra if you're a serious shopper. If you're also the kind of shopper who has a house filled with random trinkets you can't remember buying, it's time to enlist some help: weird, but genius products with high Consumer Reports ratings will rarely let you down.

Instead of relying on your own intuition, it's helpful to know what an objective source like Consumer Reports thinks of your potential purchase. Just speaking personally, my intuition has led me to purchase things like neon plastic banana covers, so maybe (just maybe) intuition is overrated.

Consumer Reports has been in existence since the 1930s and was spearheaded by a nonprofit organization dedicated to unbiased product research and advocacy. In other words: it has no stake in your shopping game and has no time to consider intuition and emotional purchases. If you have your eye on an immersion blender or an air purifier but aren't sure which one is really worth your money, Consumer Reports isn't there to help. As an objective third party, it's there to give you x, y, z reasons why it's worth your money, or a, b, c reasons why you're about to invest in a total dud.

CR is pretty much your best shopping buddy. And these are 23 weird but genius products on Amazon with high Consumer Reports ratings so you can get your shop on — but with even more wisdom to back up your purchases.

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