23 Weird But Genius Products On Amazon With High Consumer Reports Ratings


So many products, so little time — that's your mantra if you're a serious shopper. If you're also the kind of shopper who has a house filled with random trinkets you can't remember buying, it's time to enlist some help: weird, but genius products with high Consumer Reports ratings will rarely let you down.

Instead of relying on your own intuition, it's helpful to know what an objective source like Consumer Reports thinks of your potential purchase. Just speaking personally, my intuition has led me to purchase things like neon plastic banana covers, so maybe (just maybe) intuition is overrated.

Consumer Reports has been in existence since the 1930s and was spearheaded by a nonprofit organization dedicated to unbiased product research and advocacy. In other words: it has no stake in your shopping game and has no time to consider intuition and emotional purchases. If you have your eye on an immersion blender or an air purifier but aren't sure which one is really worth your money, Consumer Reports isn't there to help. As an objective third party, it's there to give you x, y, z reasons why it's worth your money, or a, b, c reasons why you're about to invest in a total dud.

CR is pretty much your best shopping buddy. And these are 23 weird but genius products on Amazon with high Consumer Reports ratings so you can get your shop on — but with even more wisdom to back up your purchases.

by Lisa Fogarty

1. A Fitness Watch That's Water Resistant Up To 131 Feet

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music GPS Fitness Watch, $215, Amazon

It's more expensive than a lot of other fitness watches, but the TomTom is also in a category all by itself: it's water resistant up to 131 feet and up to 30 minutes (perfect for underwater dwellers) and is a real-time heart rate monitor that tracks your activity and steps. Consumer Reports gave it an overall score of 85 and noted that it's easy to pair with iPhones and Android phones and boasts a large, 1.3-inch monochrome display.


2. An Owl Humidifier That Reduces Mold And Bacteria Growth

Crane USA Humidifiers, $48, Amazon

You're never too old to welcome an owl humidifier into your home — especially one that received a score of 87 by Consumer Reports. This super-quiet cool-mist humidifier accommodates one gallon of water and runs for 24 hours. It's effective for up to 500 square feet of living space and is made with an anti-microbial material that reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96 percent.


3. A Futuristic Coffee Maker With Steam Brew Technology

iCoffee RCB100 Coffee Maker, $51, Amazon

Welcome to the future of coffee making — the iCoffee coffee maker, which has a CR rating of 79, is a 12-cup French press-style model that uses hot water, steam and rotational stirring to create a truly delicious cup of coffee. It's convenient to use and easy to hold and pour with a permanent cone filter and automatic shut-off feature.


4. Colorful Knives That Look Like Toys But Are Amazing Quality

Kai Pure Komachi 2 Series 9-Piece Knife Set With Block, $110, Amazon

Forgive yourself for confusing these vivid colored knives with toys — they're weird and fun and wonderful. But once you try them out, Consumer Reports guarantees you'll love their quality. Each set comes with an 8-inch chef's knife, 8-inch bread, 6.5-inch chef, 4-inch tomato and cheese knife, a paring knife, and more. Plus, the acrylic storage block provides a simple way to organize everything on your counter. The FDA-approved non-stick resin color on these stainless steel knives isn't just decorative, it helps blades cut through food and allows you to keep better track of which knife you're using to prevent food contamination.


5. The Immersion Blender That Fits Right Into Tall Pots For Less Messy Blending

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender, $98, Amazon

You won't miss your traditional blender when you use this immersion blender, which can be submerged 8 inches into tall pots for effortless blending. It has an ergonomic control grip, adjustable speeds, and a non-scratch base that won't scrape your pots. Consumer Reports gives it a 92 score rating and raves about its 15 speeds, chopper and whisk attachments, and the separate beaker that comes with your order.


6. A Wearable HD Camera For Hands-Free Photography And Video Captures

iON Camera SnapCam, $36, Amazon

Capture eight-megapixel stills and HD-quality 720P30 video with this unique wearable camera, which can be attached to clothing with a clip or magnet. It weighs less than an ounce, records up to an hour of live broadcast, and survived repeated drop tests performed by Consumer Reports. It lacks an optical zoom, but has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone for quick and easy sharing.


7. A Sunscreen Milk With SPF 60 And A Perfect CR Rating

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk, $36, Amazon

You've got to be pretty special to receive a perfect score of 100 on Consumer Reports' rating system — but this sunscreen milk with SPF 60 protection is pretty much perfect. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, is safe for sensitive skin and free of fragrances and harmful chemicals, and is non-greasy and water-resistant up to 80 minutes.


8. A Digital Meat Thermometer With A Lightning Fast Temperature Reading

CDN ProAccurate Digital Instant Meat Thermometer, $42, Amazon

Owning a quality meat thermometer not only makes cooking a lot easier, it can prevent illness caused by eating meat that isn't properly cooked through. This number one rated thermometer scores points for its 3 to 6 second response time, preset meat temperatures, water-resistant materials, and a Celsius and Fahrenheit option. It's also re-calibrates, folds for easy storage, and has a large screen with digital backlit for low light conditions.


9. The Only Plant-Based Insect Repellent To Receive Rave Reviews

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellant, $15, Amazon

Unlike most bug repellants on the market, this natural insect repellant, which enjoys a Consumers Report rating of 91, defies that standard: its made from plant-based ingredients like eucalyptus and lemon and offers protection against mosquitoes and ticks. The smell is way better than chemical-laden alternatives, and it doesn't stain and ruin clothing and furniture fabric the way some repellants can.


10. A Turbo-Charged Digital Steam Iron That Gets Every Wrinkle Out

Rowenta Steam Force Digital Iron, $126, Amazon

Many traditional steam irons lack the ability to truly get wrinkles out of clothing because they don't have a pump that pushes the right amount of steam onto fabric. But this 1800-watt stream iron boasts 400 steam holes for even steam distribution and has an integrated electronic steam pump that smoothens lumps and wrinkles in all types of fabrics and materials. This doesn't look like an ordinary iron because it isn't — it's an even more effective iron pumped up with incredible steam technology.


11. Cookware That Has Already Been Seasoned And Is Safe In Ovens And Microwaves

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Speckle 10-Piece Cookware, $120, Amazon

Most cookware sets are good for one place and one place only: your stovetop. But this pre-seasoned 10-piece cookware set, which is coated with oil to prevent pots from rusting — can be used everywhere, from your oven and microwave to your dishwasher. The sweet speckled turquoise design is the icing on the cake.


12. Earphones So Perfect They've Been Tuned By A Grammy-Winning Sound Engineer

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones, $150, Amazon

There are headphones and then there are in-ear headphones that are so extraordinary they've been tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi and hold a coveted place on Consumer Reports' most rated list. These boast a five-in-one controller that lets you make phone calls, activate voice control, adjust volume, and change tracks in seconds. They come in titanium and gold and reviewers say they offer a full range of crystal clear sounds.


13. A Thermometer You Simply Place On Your Forehead

Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Thermometer, $27, Amazon

Taking your temperature has never been easier or more futuristic — simply place this thermometer on your forehead for a few seconds and it delivers an accurate reading. It's one of the highest-rated thermometers on Consumer Reports, and also one of the most inexpensive. RED lights and a beep indicate your reading is ready, it's been recommended by a slew of doctors and pediatricians, and the forehead method is said to be more accurate than oral and as accurate as a rectal thermometer.


14. A Robot Vacuum That Connects To Wi-Fi And Lets You Put Your Feet Up While It Cleans For You

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum, $325, Amazon

Let's just say you're at work and would really like your living room to be clean when you get home — no worries, program the iRobot Roomba robot vacuum from your phone, sit back, and relax. This improved model features dirt detect sensors that tell it to work harder to clean a dirty floor or carpet and an auto-adjust cleaning head that adapts its height to clean hardwood floors or plush carpets. It's compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.


15. A Water Filter That Keeps Toxins Out And Yields Hundreds Of Cups Of Clean Water

Clear2o CWS100 Water Filtration Pitcher, $26, Amazon

There are a lot of great water filters on the market that do what they're supposed to — namely, keep contaminants and bacteria out of your drinking water. But this water filter, which has an overall score of 93 on Consumer Reports, yields not 10, not 15, but 800 cups of water. The one drawback to be aware of though is that it requires a faucet adapter hose and isn't recommended for sprayer faucets. If you like the idea of making 50 gallons of clean, filtered water at once, you may be totally fine with that trade-off.


16. A Showerhead That Will Make You Feel Like You're At A Spa

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead, $160, Amazon

Even if you're having the worst day ever, stepping into your shower and under this rainshower showerhead will instantly lift your spirits and make you feel like you're at a world-class spa. It earned an overall rating of 78 on Consumer Reports because it delivers 8 inches of expansive water coverage, has two spray modes that you can adjust to suit your preferences, and boasts immersion technology, a self-pressurizing system that ensures every little bit of soap and shampoo is effectively rinsed off.


17. A Handheld Vacuum That Makes Pet Hair Magically Disappear

Shark Pet Perfect II Vacuum Cleaner, $49, Amazon

Sure, you love your pet, but can probably do without all of the hair they leave everywhere they roam. This handheld vacuum cleaner, designed especially to pick up stubborn pet hair and fur, picks up hair from all surfaces, thanks to technology that gives it a powerful suction. Consumer Reports gives it an overall score of 79.


18. A Superior Bike Helmet That Keeps Your Head Cool

Scott Arx Plus Bike Helmet, $92, Amazon

Not only does this bike helmet boast an overall Consumer Reports score of 87 because it has excellent impact absorption that held up against crash tests, it's also really comfortable. An occipital stabilizer provides an adjustable fit, the retention strap length can also be adjusted, you can choose among three adult sizes, and this is a lightweight helmet with great ventilation — so your head stays cool.


19. A High-Density Foam Mattress That Won't Cost You A Fortune And Makes Sleeping With A Partner Even Better

Denver Mattress, $518, Amazon

Mattresses are high price ticket items, so finding a mattress that Consumer Reports rates highly and doesn't cost at least $1,000 is a rarity. This one by Denver Mattress has an overall score of 76, is made from high-density foam, and contours well to the pressure points of your body for a more comfortable sleep. The stretch knit cover is breathable and soft and, if you sleep with a partner on this mattress, there's less of a chance you'll wake each other with your movements.


20. A Space Heater That Looks Like Vintage Furniture

Heat Storm Logan Space Heater, $160, Amazon

Most space heaters look, well, like space heaters. But if you're planning on using yours often and would rather not have to store it every night, this Heat Storm Logan space heater is perfect because it resembles vintage furniture and won't look out of place in your living room or bedroom. It has an overall score of 72 on Consumer Reports and can quickly heat up a standard room, doesn't make a lot of noise, and includes a remote control. It also has a multiple speed fan and a heat exhaust outlet that's cool enough to touch while it's running.


21. A Scale With A Handle That's As Thin As A Cutting Board For Easy Storage

Tanita HD-357 Scale, $60, Amazon

There are times when you may need or want to weight yourself. This scale will provide an accurate reading, according to Consumer Reports, which gives it a 90 point rating. But, despite how vivid and attractive this scale actually is, you can't be blamed for then wanting to toss it somewhere out of the way — and that's when this scale's thin, lightweight design, and handle really help. It stores perfectly under beds, dressers, and small spaces.


22. A Food Processing System That Will Turn You Into A Master Chef

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 Food Chopper, $50, Amazon

As the number one top-rated food chopper on Consumer Reports, the Ninja Master food processor can do it all. With a simple, one-speed motor, it sits on top of your bowl and can chop, blend, puree, and grate everything from vegetables and cheese to smoothies and yogurt. It has a pushbutton control, is relatively quiet compared to similar models, and, with so many functions, offers great value for its price.


23. The Number One Rated Coffee Blend

Heart Coffee Roasters Stereo Seasonal Blend, $40, Amazon

If you're serious about coffee but are still buying beans from your local grocery store, you may want to rethink your morning brew, because your coffee-drinking experience is about to get easier and better. You may not have heard of this brand yet, but Heart Coffee Roasters (which hails from Portland, Oregon) is the top-rated coffee blend brand on Consumer Reports, with an overall score of 80. It's described as a "bright, clean cup with an intense flavor and fairly strong aroma" and it contains a blend of citrus, fruit, and chocolate notes (citrus? Odd, but heck yes). Even better: you can click a button and make it yours without ever leaving your couch.

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