24 Random But Amazing Products That Make Your Bedroom As Cozy As Possible

The 2017 interior design trend is all about 'hygge' (pronounced 'hooga'). It's a Danish word that roughly translates to cozy. And when I think of being cozy, I immediately think of being in bed, wrapped up in a comfy blanket. Feeling inspired, I hopped online to find some random but amazing products that make your bedroom as cozy as possible.

Think about the most relaxing, coziest place in your mind. I imagine a nice and warm room, with a rug that feels fuzzy under my toes, and a big down comforter. I see some dim twinkly lights around my headboard, some relaxing candles, a ton of throw pillows, and maybe even a giant body pillow. I'm wearing some cozy pajamas, and maybe some cashmere socks.

Doesn't that sound so good? Make your bedroom the coziest room in your house with a few cool products. Embrace 'hygge' and live like the Danish do — with the belief that coziness is the path to a happier life. All you have to do is add some cozy elements to your bedroom, which will have you waking up feeling refreshed (and maybe like you fell asleep in a dream), and ready to take on whatever the world may throw at you.

1. Always Have Someone (Or Something) To Spoon With

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, $48-$65, Amazon

I love to snuggle. It's one of my favorite things to do. The best way to watch a movie is while you're cuddling. And sometimes there isn't anyone to cuddle with. But, that doesn't matter anymore because this awesome body pillow will become the best snuggler you've ever encountered. And you don't have to fight over being the big spoon or little spoon, the pillow doesn't care.


2. Wake Up With The Sun

Philips Wake-Up Light, $134, Amazon

I think that the best part about being in a cozy room is that it usually leaves you feeling well rested. So why not take that a step further and wake up with the sun? Set this alarm to your desired wake up time and the light will simulate the sunrise, which will help you gradually wake up (instead of being scared by your alarm clock). You can also use it at nighttime for the opposite effect: the light will slowly dim as it gets later. Use calming sounds to wake you up and help you drift off to sleep with a push of a button.


3. Start Your Day Off On A Cozy Note With Breakfast In Bed

Greenco Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Table, $18, Amazon

I love the idea of breakfast in bed. I've never actually experienced it, but I think some of my favorite Instagram photos are of people having breakfast in bed at a hotel (you know the ones, with the messy comforter and millions of plates of food, perfectly set up). Now you can replicate that at home with a nice little bed tray (but you can also use it to prop up your laptop for some quality Netflix time).


4. Make Your Bed Even More Comfortable With A Mattress Pad

Memory Foam Mattress Pad, $55-$110, Amazon

If you thought that your bed was comfortable now, you should look into investing in a memory foam mattress pad. You literally won't want to leave your bed after sleeping on it for one night. Sometimes you can't afford a whole new mattress and a mattress topper is a great way to get around that for awhile. This one reacts to your body temperature to keep you cool or warm, and it reduces pressure on your back.


5. Feel Like You're Sleeping In Luxury With Silk Sheets

Honeymoon Ultra Silky Soft Satin Bed Sheet Set, $22, Amazon

Have you ever slept on silk sheets? It's amazing (once you get over the fear of possibly slipping out of bed) and feels so nice on your skin. It's the perfect addition to your new and improved cozy bed. These ones are hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, fade resistant, and very durable. They're really great for sensitive skin and you won't have frizzy hair any longer.


6. Wrap Yourself Up In The Perfect Throw

Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $37, Amazon

Faux fur throw blankets are the best. They are so comfortable and soft. I love wrapping myself up in them. This one comes in two different sizes and three different colors, so you can find the perfect one for your room. Just imagine yourself binge watching a tv-show while snuggling up with this amazing blanket. You won't want to move.


7. Warm Up Your Room With An Electric Fireplace

VonHaus 1500W Electric Stove Heater, $80, Amazon

I automatically associate the word cozy with being warm. And if your heating system just isn't cutting it, you should think about getting a space heater. Which makes me think, why should you get a regular one? Your room will look so much cooler with this portable electric fireplace that's actually a space heater. It's a pretty little addition to your room that you can keep in there even when you don't need it.


8. Throw Pillows Are More Than Just Decorative

Modern Simple Geomotric Throw Pillow Cover Set, $23, Amazon

Have you ever jumped onto a bed with a ton of throw pillows? It's a really magical thing to do. They kind of just surround you and make you feel as if you're being snuggled. But, some throw pillows can be a little bit boring looking. That's why you should pick up some cool cases to put on your basic pillows. Switching up the way they look can also add some personality to your bed.


9. No More Cold Floors In The Morning

Safavieh Faux Silky Sheepskin Area Rug, $30, Amazon

No one wants to wake up and put their feet on the cold floor. An area rug will make getting out of bed each morning a little bit easier. The first thing your toes will feel in the morning is this super soft, plush, faux sheepskin rug. It comes in ivory, grey, or pink (I personally love the ivory), so you have some options when it comes to decorating your cozy room.


10. Keep Water, Books & Other Essentials Nearby — But Only When You're Using Them

Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf, $29, Amazon

Whether you're sick in bed or simply sleeping in, nothing's cozier than the knowledge that you literally don't need to leave your bed. Quickest way to make that concept a reality? This bunk buddy bedside shelf! Plus, when you are ready to leave your cave, you can stow away the shelf for more room.


11. When Netflixing From Bed, Keep Your Laptop Cool

Laptop Cooler Adjustable Mount Stand, $23, Amazon

Curling up with a book is all well and good, but let's be honest about the amount of movie watching happening from bed, too. If you're one to snuggle up to Netflix, you know the pain of an overheated laptop. Avoid all that with this adjustable stand that not only keeps your screen at your preferred angle, but ensures the machinery isn't overheating in blankets.


12. A Down Comforter Makes All The Difference When It Comes To 'Hygge'

Comforter Duvet Insert, $39, Amazon

Really the foundation of a comfortable and cozy bed is a crisp down comforter. They make it seem as if you're sleeping on a cloud. Either use it alone for a very minimalistic look, or place it inside of your favorite duvet cover. Either way, you'll end up experiencing the most peaceful and blissful sleep ever because of the way the comforter wraps around your body. One user described it as, "Plush, fluffy, warm, and soft."


13. Set The Mood With Some Twinkle Lights

200 LED Indoor Fairy Lights, $24, Amazon

There is just something about a room that has fairy lights. I don't know what it is but it not only makes the room feel super cozy, it also kind of feels magical. The great thing about this set of fairy lights is that it comes with a remote and timer, so you can fall asleep to the perfect mood lighting, without worrying about them being on all night.


14. The Bedroom Accessory You Always Dreamed Of Having

Premium Large Net Bed Canopy, $23, Amazon

I always wanted a canopy for my bed. I used to beg my dad to let me put one up in my room at his house. I never got my canopy, but I still love how it makes your room feel cozier. It kind of makes you feel like you're sleeping in a nook (and what's cozier than that?). Imagine how awesome your bed would look with a canopy and some twinkle lights wrapped around the top.


15. Dress The Part

Click Self-Heating Heat Pack Foot Warmer Slippers, $19, Amazon

If you're trying to take your newfound appreciation for being cozy to another level, you need to get yourself some self-heating slippers. These guys warm your toes with just a click of a button, and reviewers are saying things like, "...nice heat and will relieve aches in your feet."


16. Channel Your Inner Holly Golightly Before Bed

Luxurious 100% Silk Breakfast At Tiffany's Sleep Mask, $30, Amazon

Any big fan of Audrey Hepburn will know about her sleep mask in Breakfast At Tiffany's. Buy your own and channel your inner Audrey each time you go to sleep. This super silky sleep mask will keep all the light out from your eyes so you can get a great sleep and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.


17. Make Sure It Smells Cozy Too

NEST Fragrances Luxury Mini Votive Candle Set, $42, Amazon

I don't know what it is about NEST candles, but for some reason I think they have the best scents. And they are really great when they're layered. This one comes with many fragrances that create a comfortable and relaxing environment like moroccan amber, bamboo, cedar leaf, and lavender. It also has more refreshing scents like grapefruit, tangerine, and ocean mist & sea salt.


18. Play Some Tunes From A Record Player

Electrohome Signature Vinyl Record Player, $200, Amazon

In college I lived with my best friend and her boyfriend at the time. They used to pop on a record at the end of a long day, pour some whiskey, and just lay around. It was the coziest activity in the entire world to me. I loved it when I came home and the vibe in our apartment was super chill and you could hear the crackling and pops of the vinyl on the record player.


19. A Bathrobe Isn't Just For When You Get Out Of The Shower

HOTOUCH Cotton Robe (Sizes S-XXL), $23-$26, Amazon

I am a big supporter of the bathrobe. I think I have three or four of them. They're my favorite part about checking into fancy hotels, and sometimes I even travel with a thin silk one. It's a common misconception that they're only for after the shower because I could lounge around in a comfortable bathrobe all day long. This one is soft and made of cotton, so you won't feel too hot wearing it for awhile.


20. The Cutest Pillowcase Ever

Oh, Susannah Good Night Sleep Pillowcase, $16, Amazon

How adorable is this pillowcase? If this doesn't make you want to snuggle up in your bed under the covers, I don't know what will. I'm seriously obsessed with the script, "goodnight, sleep tight." It will be one of those things that makes you feel like a kid again. The pillowcase is made out of soft microfiber fabric which is really breathable. One user said, "I'm very happy with the pillowcase! The material was super soft and it looks exactly like the picture."


21. A Pretty Duvet That Looks Lived In In The Best Way Possible

Three Piece Duvet Cover And Pillow Shams Bedding Set, $40-$45, Amazon

I look for three things when I'm choosing a duvet cover: it's pretty, it's soft, and it looks like it has been lived in a little bit. I don't want a bedding set that looks like it has been ironed before I put it on my bed. I want one that looks like I've had it for a few years and it falls effortlessly into place when I'm making my bed. This one is made with 100 percent cotton, it's super durable, and it is fade resistant. Stick your duvet in there and zip it up (the zipper is hidden) and get cozy.


22. Keep Your Toes Warm And Toasty

Jet-Bond Cashmere Knee Socks, $18, Amazon

If you aren't a fan of slippers, but you are a fan of having warm toes, you should pick up a pair of super soft cashmere socks. They're great for keeping your feet warm on a cold evening. I like to sleep in shorts and I usually throw on a pair of knee high socks while I'm lounging around my house. They make me feel cozy and comfortable without making me feel too hot.


23. A Light That Isn't Too Bright

LightMe LED Square Lamp, $40, Amazon

It may sound silly, but lighting is a huge contributing factor to how cozy your room is. You don't want it to be too bright, and you don't want it to be really dark either. What you want is a nice ambient light that glows. This one is great to put on your bedside table. It's a soft light that won't hurt your eyes but will provide enough so you can see.


24. Cushions For Finding The Comfiest Sleeping Position

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow, $100, Amazon

The mark of a cozy room is definitely a comfy bed, which one could argue comes down to pillow preferences. The more the merrier, and if you've got one that specifically hones in on a sleeping position that makes you feel most restful (such as an upright wedge for alleviating acid reflux), all the better!

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