25 Donald Trump Truck Memes Show How Excited He Was To Honk That Horn

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Thursday, Republican leadership in the House of Representatives canceled a planned vote on Trumpcare, as they determined that the legislation didn't have enough votes to pass. As this was happening, President Trump was posing for a photo-op in a big truck, and appearing to have a grand ol' time doing so. The subsequent pictures were fantastic, and unsurprisingly, the internet had a field day with them. These 25 Trump truck memes show how excited the president was to honk that horn.

The backstory here is that Trump was meeting with the members of the American Trucking Associations at the White House for a "listening session" on health care reform. Part of that listening session, it seems, involved the president climbing into a truck on the White House lawn and pretending to be a trucker, because that's exactly what he did. Honking the horn and play-driving that big rig, Trump looked positively delighted — like a boy who'd woken up on Christmas, saw that Big Wheel trike he'd always wanted sitting underneath the tree, and hopped in without a moment's hesitation to finally live out his dream.

Meanwhile, the internet quickly concluded that the images of Trump behind the wheel were ripe for memeage, and meme them they did. Here are some of the best.

His Very Own Truck!


Coming Spring 2017

The only way this idea could fail is if Trump finds out what "impotence" means.

The Sequel

This is when the franchise jumps the shark.

Big AC/DC Fan

"Thund-ah struck!"

A Critical Error


Let It Go, Man

There's no way Trump comes out on top here.

That Time Of The Day

"How do you turn the volume up on this thing?"

Still Not Popular

Brutal. But also, you know, true.

Meanwhile, In Post-Apocalyptic Australia

Trump has long been compared to Immortan Joe, the villain of the latest Mad Max film, and his truck antics only fueled that comparison.

Recreating A Favorite

This is a reference to Air Force One, the classic 1997 film starring Harrison Ford as beleaguered U.S. President James Marshall. Trump is a known fan of it.

Back In Australia

I'm sorry, but these Mad Max comparisons are really good, and I can't promise this will be the last one on the list.

In Trump's Head

This wouldn't be a bad reelection ad.

Back To Basics

Simple, yet effective.

Someone Had To

Just because it's a cheap joke doesn't mean it's a bad one.

Stop Normalizing!

All right, that's the last poop joke, promise.

A Serious Question

To be fair, plenty of drivers don't put their hands at 10 and 2 when behind the wheel. Still, you can't help but wonder...

Up For Grabs!

I'd listen to that album.

It's-A Me, Wario!

Trump is exactly the kind of person who plays as Wario in Mario Kart.

Sad Face

You can practically hear him screaming.

A Prophecy

It's a possibility we can't ignore.

His Very First Truck

The editing on this one is subtle. Make sure you watch until the end.

If Only

The day isn't over yet!

How Does This Work

Don't worry, you're doing it right.

The New Yorker Saw This Coming

That's from exactly two months ago.

Let's Exercise Some Restraint Here

Errr, no promises.

As bad of a day as this was for Paul Ryan, who saw his dreams of repealing Obamacare come one step closer to abject failure, it was a great day for the president, who got to play around behind the wheel of a truck.