25 Genius Products That'll Help You Chill The F Out

I pride myself on being someone who keeps their zen levels pretty stable. But between you and me (and, y'know, anyone else reading this), I'm usually capable of keeping my cool because I work from home, and my home is filled with relaxing products that help you chill out. In fact, the best stress-relief products is one of my favorite topics to write about, because roughly 55 percent of my paycheck goes to stuff in that category anyway.

I'd be absolutely nowhere without essential oil concoctions, my bizarre light therapy bulbs, and the organizational products that keep my living space a soothing one. When I get a stressful email or the world just seems like it's against me, it's so helpful to have a relaxation routine that can bring you back down to a state of mindfulness and calm. A glass of wine every so often does wonders, too. Since we can’t prevent every instance of strain or worry, I’ve surrounded myself with useful items that help me out exactly when I need it most.

The best news? All these products are available on Amazon, so shipping is hassle-free and reliable, and then your cat can play with the box. Cats in boxes is another great stress-reducer; just ask the internet.


This Calming Pillow Spray With A Confident Name

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29, Amazon

Well, with a name like that, it's no surprise reviewers love this stuff. This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray uses lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile to help you unwind and sleep soundly through the night. It's meant to work best for those who have a few unexpected days of restless sleep, and reviewers say it makes their rooms smell incredible. It's also safe for people with sensitive skin.


This Massage Mat Is Five And A Half Feet Long To Relax You From Head To Toe

Full Body Massager, $56, Amazon

Measuring five and a half feet long and equipped with 10 invigorating massage motors, reviewers can't wait to get home to their full body massagers. Stretch it across your bed or couch and let the four independently controlled zones, three intensity levels, and soothing heat relax your entire body from head to toe. It's even got a remote control and folds up for easy storage. You can even use it on a recliner if you prefer a massage where you're sitting up.


An Adult Bubble Bath With Great, Nourishing Ingredients

Deep Steep Rosemary Mint Bubble Bath, $13, Amazon

I used to love bubble baths as a kid, but haven't had one in years. Luckily, this Deep Steep rosemary mint bubble bath is the adult version of Mr. Bubble — and doesn't have any alcohol, dyes, parabens, or SLS. Instead, it's made with nourishing vegan ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, and people say the smell is "delicious, minty, and yummy. Leaves me feeling relaxed and smelling good." It's also got hints of grapefruit and eucalyptus in there, and the bubbles are super foamy and rich.


This Spiky Foot Mat That Uses Acupressure To Relieve Aches And Pains

Simple Spectra Acupressure Mat Foot Therapy, $50, Amazon

With almost 2,000 micro acupoints, this acupuncture mat claims to promotes blood circulation, and reduces aches and pains. The non-toxic base is 13 inches wide with 10 therapeutic magnets built into the mat. The mat is a great find for anyone wanting to treat plantar fasciitis as it naturally conforms to arches, heels and toes. One reviewer wrote, “This is one of the most effective acupressure tools I have used. It is simple to use and easy to build it into your therapy routine.”


This Brilliant Bath Caddy That Takes Care Of All Your Needs

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray, $28, Amazon

Love baths? Make a night out of it with this bathtub caddy tray. It's made out of durable, eco-friendly bamboo that has extending sides that fit almost every tub with no assembly required. It also has a rustproof metal holder that easily props up your tablet or book, a wine glass holder, and a little nook for your phone. It also perfectly fits some candles or bath salts, and it's completely waterproof and won't warp over time.


This Ocean Wave Projector To Turn Your Room Into An Under-The-Sea Oasis

LED Ocean Wave Projector, $20, Amazon

Even though people buy this ocean wave projector light for their kids, some openly admit to using it as an adult: "When I first saw this, I thought it would make a great shower gift. I decided to keep this one for me." Colorful LED lights project a relaxing wave-like pattern on your walls and ceilings, and in addition to multiple settings, it also plays your music and has a convenient remote control. It also has a timer and four different ambient sounds it can play.


A Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion That Treats Lower Back Pain

Ziraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion, $15, Amazon

This lumbar pillow supports the lower back to soothe pain and improve your posture. It’s made from molded memory foam that lets you sit comfortably for hours at a time by supporting the natural contour of your spin. It also comes with a sturdy travel bag and green mesh handle to take your pillow on the road, or at least to the car.


This Cute Little Mushroom Lamp That Purifies Your Air With Negative Ions

WangO Mushroom Desk Air Purifier, $45, Amazon

To me, nothing's more relaxing than clean air, uplifting light, and minimalist surroundings. The WangO Mushroom is an adorable little lamp that sits on your desk, providing eye-friendly light and purifying your air with negative ions. It also works to remove fine particles from bacteria, pollutants, dust, and smoke from the air. It runs on batteries or uses a USB port, and it's even got a touch-sensor switch for multiple light settings.


This Massage Brush That Feels Like Heaven On Your Scalp

Zyllion Scalp Massage Brush, $5, Amazon

If the shower is your sanctuary when you're stressed out, it's about to get even better. This scalp massage brush has two types of soft, stimulating bristles that cleanse your hair and improve circulation — which can help stimulate hair growth and get rid of dandruff. It has an easy-to-grip handle, can be used anywhere on the body, and reviewers say "feels like heaven."


This Aromatherapy Inhaler That Gives You A Burst Of Calming Essential Oils

Monq Zen Aromatherapy Inhaler, $20, Amazon

The Monq Zen aromatherapy inhaler is loaded with all the right essential oils to help you chill out. Frankincense balances the mind, sweet orange uplifts the spirit, and ylang ylang fights stress for a calming effect every time you breathe it in. It's completely all natural, and the diffuser turns coconut-based glycerin in safe-to-inhale water vapor. One reviewer writes: "I have been very stressed out lately and I've dealt with social anxiety most of my life and this has really helped me out! I'm very happy that I purchased it."


This Incredible Glass Holder Lets You Drink Wine While You Shower

Bath Essences Wine Glass Holder, $11, Amazon

Treat yourself to some wine in the tub with this hilarious yet genius Bath Essences glass holder. It sticks to your tile or glass wall using strong suction cups that prevent your drink from spilling without messing up the surface you stick it to. It's even dishwasher safe, so you can wash it and use it over and over again.


This Therapeutic Adult Coloring Book That Features Your Favorite Curse Words

Release Your Anger: Midnight Edition, $5, Amazon

We all know coloring can help relax and de-stress you from your day, but this NSFW adult coloring book has all those benefits and more — it helps you release your rage in the form of intricate drawings and bold swear words. "Every day when I come home, I find which ever word I used most that day, and I color it," says one reviewer. "This book is great. The paper is excellent quality, and the black background helps to hide my mistakes when I color too aggressively and go out of the lines."


This Heated Plush Throw Pillow That Doubles As A Couch Cuddle Buddy

SoftHeat Electric Heated Triple Rib Throw, $88, Amazon

Make your next nap even cozier with SoftHeat’s electric heated throw. It’s patented low voltage technology is non-hazardous and shuts off after 10 hours to keep you safe all night long. The automatic temperature preheats ultra-thin wires inside the throw to prewarm your sheets before bedtime. As if that wasn't enough, over 500 reviewers mentioned how soft this throw was to snuggle up to at night.


This Ionic Facial Steamer That Cleanses Pores Like Nothing Else

OKACHI GLIYA NanoSteamer, $60, Amazon

With its advanced PTC ceramic heating element, this OKACHI GLIYA NanoSteamer turns clean water into micro-fine ionic particles in 30 seconds flat. The relaxing steam is great for ridding skin of blackheads, sinus issues, and unclogging pores, and it's even got a mini mirror so you can see how it's working. The ceramic heating element produces clean steam without a plastic smell, and the UV steam purifies what goes on your face. "This is so amazing for opening your pores and getting an at home facial!" raves one of many reviews. "It moisturizes and helps with product absorption. Works amazingly." It also has automatic shutoff.


This Adult Silly Putty That's Oh So Satisfying To Fidget With

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $15, Amazon

I think better when my hands are busy, and if the fidget spinner craze is any indication, so does the rest of the world. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is a super satisfying goo that stretches, molds, and squishes any which way to keep your mind centered and your hands occupied. It comes in a ton of awesome types (like liquid glass, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, and color-changing), and people say "this stuff is just delightful."


This Temperature Therapy Mask That People Are In Love With

TheraPearl Face Mask, $15, Amazon

Nope, not a Halloween mask. The TheraPearl face mask might look a little terrifying, but it's actually a reviewers' favorite for headaches, sinus issues, skin care, puffy eyes, or those home spa vibes. It's filled with gel pearls that can be microwaved or frozen to hold temperature for 20 minutes. The hot gel beads are great to soothe dry eyes and muscle spasms, and the cold gel beads are perfect for migraines. It's also free of latex, BPA, and phthalate for people with sensitive skin. They can easily be placed on other areas of the body for targeted pain relief.


This Warm Orange Bulb That Helps Your Body Produce Relaxation Hormones

Lighting Science Good Night Bulb, $16, Amazon

If you feel stressed and jittery after a long day, your choice of lighting could help you unwind. This Lighting Science Good Night bulb filters out all the blue wavelengths (which tells our body we should be alert) and instead uses a soft warm light that increases melatonin production. You're therefore able to settle down, relax, and fall asleep a lot more easily at night. If used around 90 minutes before you fall asleep, you'll see a difference — and the light uses very little energy and should last for years without needing a replacement.


An Eye Mask With Built-in Sleep Trackers To Help You Achieve Your Best Sleep

Sleepace Eye Mask with Built-in Earphone, $15, Amazon

This eye mask monitors your sleep to wake you up in the lightest part of your sleep cycle. The smart app tracks your sleep cycle and records the data in a smartphone app so you can review your sleep patterns and improve sleep quality. The eye mask is made of an ultra thin silk with built-in removable headphones that can play your favorite music. And when you’ve finally fallen asleep, the music will turn off automatically.


This Odd-Looking Pillow Has A Lot Of Relaxing Uses

Wrap-a-Nap, $25, Amazon

Wear the Wrap-a-Nap around your neck for head support and warmth, or wear it over your head as an eye mask and ear muffs. It's made of thick plush to insulate sound or prevent any light from seeping in, and it's filled with a down substitute for both softness and durability. It's got a Velcro fastener so it can fit any head size, it's machine washable, and it's great for travel or sleeping on long commutes.


This Sea Monster Is Actually A Genius Way To Drink Loose Leaf Tea Without Burning Your Hand

Baby Nessie Tea Infuser, $13, Amazon

Everyone's favorite sea monster is now a tea infuser. Baby Nessie sits in your cup to release your favorite loose leaf flavors without getting any leaves in the water — and the long neck means it can easily be removed and stirred without getting hot water all over your hands. She's dishwasher and food-safe, too. One scoop in the diffuser makes tea for around four cups, meaning you can keep refilling the hot water without doing any more work.


This Deep Tissue Massage Roller Release Neck And Back Pain

PICOCO Deep Tissue Massage Roller, $10, Amazon

Whether you spent too much time in the gym or too many hours staring at a computer screen, this deep tissue massage roller is the best way to destress. It features five massage balls on an 18-inch roller string that you that helps massage problem areas. Use it on your neck, back, legs, feet, or shoulders to increase circulation and relieve muscle tightness.


This Weekly Planning Pad Is A Great Addition To Any Work Desk

Bloom Weekly Planning Pad, $12, Amazon

I don't know about you, but I feel infinitely more chill when all my to-dos are out of my head and on paper. This Bloom weekly planning pad helps you jot down your daily schedule, weekly priorities, healthy habits, and acts of kindness. It even keeps track of your water consumption for you. If you're feeling really stressed, it also helps you break down your schedule in a manageable way and put the important things ahead of the smaller ones.


This Relaxing AF Face Mask With Insanely High Ratings

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask, $23, Amazon

This Pure Biology clay face mask combines a pure Bentonite Clay base with proven cleansing extracts to remove blackheads, shrink pores, and leave skin glowing. It hydrates and nourishes any skin type, and reviewers say theirs has "actually never looked better." The secret is in the pea peptides that smooth and even skin texture, even getting rid of some hyperpigmentation from UV rays.


This All-Natural Soothing Balm That Uses Essential Oils To Melt Away Stress

Himalaya Organic U-Knead-It Soothing Balm, $8, Amazon

Reviewers love this soothing balm as an all-natural way to treat aches and muscle pains. It’s made from a blend of essential oils including eucalyptus, rosemary, coconut, and lemon for a calming mix that soothes sore muscles and helps chase away stress. The holistic balm is made with only organic ingredients and uses no animal testing, artificial fragrances, or artificial coloring.


This Handmade Soap Bar That Uses Himalayan Salt To Cleanse Your Skin

Falls River Soap Company Himalayan Pink Salt Bar Soap Bar, $9, Amazon

Forget salt lamps and maximize the benefits of pink Himalayan salt by using it directly on your skin with Falls River Soap Company’s soap bar. This handmade bar pairs the salt with rose clay to naturally cleanse and exfoliate the skin to pull out toxins and impurities. It uses all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. It’s no wonder one reviewer called it “the best soap of my life.”

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