25 Gifts For Your Fam That They'll Actually Love

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Even though every family is different, we can admit that there are some similarities across the board. We all have the uncle who makes corny dad jokes or the little nephew who's always asking to watch videos on your phone. There's the grandma always asking about your love life and the sibling who can't help but laugh at your expense when she does. These familial archetypes are especially noticeable during the holidays. And while it can be a bit much to be around all of the big personalities that make up your family, there is one way it can be helpful: when it comes to gifting.

You know your jet-setting aunt who always brings you back a souvenir? Get her something to make her travels a little easier. As for your cousin who's obsessed with the latest celeb makeup collab, there's probably a shadow palette on her wishlist. And whether it’s your mom, dad, sister, or brother, at least one member of your family is bound to be the first in line when a new tech launch drops. So, in partnership with Nordstrom Rack, we're helping you find the perfect gifts for each of them. Read on to see our picks for everyone from your beauty-obsessed cousin to your self-proclaimed foodie of an uncle.

The Tech Lovers

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When it comes to the tech lovers in your life, you can either splurge on major gadgets or you can get the perfect accessories to accompany their existing collection. Bluetooth speakers, a life-saving charging station, or even a cool throwback camera is enough to make them light up.

The Homebodies

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It's not hard to spot the homebody of the family, so gifts for them are never too difficult. Just think about their favorite activities — lounging on the couch, sipping their favorite tea, watching the latest mystery series — and gift accordingly!

The Foodies

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You may think you know a thing or two about food, but as far as your food-obsessed family member is concerned, there's more for you to learn. Gifting them bar essentials or fancy serveware for their next dinner party will always be a hit.

The Beauty Fanatics

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Makeup, makeup, makeup — a true beauty fanatic can never have enough. Whether you go for a liquid lipstick vault or new set of brushes (or maybe both), you'll be helping them grow their collection with products they'll actually use.

The Travelers

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Maybe they're in a tropical locale, maybe they're on a European excursion, but one thing's for sure: they're always on the go. When finding their gifts, look for travel staples (like a sturdy suitcase or travel bag) that can keep up, or items them let them have the comfort of home while they're on their next vacation.

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