25 Of The Weirdest Things Added To Amazon Wishlists That Are Actually Helpful AF

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In the few years I've been writing about online products, there's never been a shortage of weird things on people's Amazon wish lists. I've found toilet paper with politicians' faces on it and a cotton candy flavor called, "Unicorn Farts." In fact, the most genius and the most bizarre products Amazon has to offer are usually things that people are actually buying like crazy — or the stuff that people want to buy as soon as their paycheck comes in.

That's the whole point of a wish list; add now, buy later (or hope that someone sees it and buys it for you). But it also gives me, your friendly neighborhood writer, a ton of insight into the trending products that people have their eye on.

What often surprises me the most, however, is not how weird and eyebrow-raising these products are. It's how useful these Amazon products are once you can get over the strange factor. They're things that'll fascinate every practical person who's ever wanted to cook an egg in a tube, wash their body with a full sheet of biodegradable bamboo, and put their toppings inside the burger rather than on top. If you're one of said practical people, check out these weird Amazon wish list items that are actually helpful AF.

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