25 Random But Brilliant Products Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon

Amazon's Movers and Shakers page might as well be called "The Internet's Trendy AF List." That's because it shows you exactly what products are trending on Amazon, and which things people are buying right this very hour. Now, I don't usually consider myself a follower, but for some reason, I'm obsessed with the sales and purchases going down on Amazon. Maybe it's because I know my generation, and if millennials are spending their hard-earned money on something other than college loans or fidget spinners, it's gotta be good.

Movers and Shakers works by calculating Amazon's biggest gainers in sales rank over the last 24 hours. It's updated hourly and split into specific categories — like beauty, electronics, and home and kitchen — so it's relatively easy to find something intriguing in your area of interest.

That being said, for every really interesting item, there's ten incredibly boring ones. After all, Amazon sells a lot of diapers, batteries, and water filters. It can be a relatively tedious task to sort through every last category, so I did the hard work for you. In this roundup, you'll find the most practical, innovative, and genius Amazon items that are skyrocketing in popularity right this very minute.

This Handy Grip/Stand That Attaches To Any Phone

PopSockets, $10, Amazon

When you're not using them, PopSockets lay flat against your phone. But when you need an instant stand or something to grab onto while taking selfies, it pops right out. 21 awesome designs let you personalize your secure grip, and reviewers say, "More handy than you might think!...One of the semi-hidden features is that the socket pulls out 'twice': one tug pulls it out halfway, and a second tug expands it all the way."

This Eco-Friendly Grocery Bag That Keeps Your Groceries Cold

Earthwise Insulated Grocery Bag, $12 (Set of 2), Amazon

Summer's coming, so the grocery store better be the last thing on your list of errands — unless you've got this Earthwise insulated grocery bag. These bags are trending like crazy because they're durable, lightweight, have a top lid zipper, and the insulated lining keeps your ice cream frozen and your beer cold for hours. You could even take it to the beach!

The Genius Machine That Turns Frozen Fruit Into Ice Cream

Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender, $48, Amazon

Make delicious, unprocessed desserts with the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet blender. It's especially great for those who are gluten–free, Paleo, or lactose intolerant, because it whips fruit into a frozen yogurt consistency without any added sugar, dairy, or thickeners. Reviewers also say it's easy to clean and great when you're trying to eat a little healthier.

This Lens And Light Combo That Clips Onto Your Phone

GoerTek Clip-On Lighted Lens, $17, Amazon

This three-in-one gadget is the GoerTek lighted lens, and it clips right onto your cell phone so you can take professional looking pictures with the equipment you already have. The wide angle lens allows you to capture more people and scenery, while the macro lens gives you crystal clear details close up. The light has three different levels, is rechargeable, and it's wonderful for nighttime shots or flattering selfies.

The Chemical-Free Bracelet That Repels Mosquitos

STURME Mosquito Repellent Bracelets, $14 (15 Pack), Amazon

These STURME mosquito repellent bracelets are made with natural essential oils that bugs can't stand. They're also waterproof, comfortable to wear, and each one lasts up to 300 hours for a bite-free summer. " I really didn't believe a little bracelet would keep away mosquitoes especially in Florida. Wearing these I didn't get bit once," says one reviewer. "I will never go on a nature trail or camping trip with out these again."

This Strapless And Backless Bra To Expand Your Wardrobe Tenfold

Adhesive Drawstring Bra (Sizes A-D), $3, Amazon

Once you use one, you'll wonder how you ever made your wardrobe work without an adhesive drawstring bra. It's got a sticky interior lining that offers protection, support, and lift without any straps or bands. The drawstring allows you to personalize the amount of cleavage you have, and it stays in place all night without pain or residue when you take it off. You can even use it up to 50 times without losing any stickiness.

Pack Your Suitcase Like A Game Of Tetris With These Packing Cubes

PRO Packing Cubes, $20 (Set of 4), Amazon

Packing cubes are all the rage right now, and these ones from PRO packing cubes are super popular. They allow you to pack your suitcase the smart way because all your items fit effortlessly, they keep things organized, and the cubes can be taken out of your bag without upsetting everything else. They're lightweight and extra durable (with reinforced seams and no-snag zippers) and they come in a set of four different sizes with mesh sides and handles.

This Travel Size Version Of Everyone's Favorite Bathroom Freshener

Travel Size Poo-Pourri, $6, Amazon

A tiny version of everyone's favorite bathroom freshener, travel size Poo-Pourri is trending like crazy right now. It's got the same mix of safe essential oils that trap smells under the water when you go. But since it's in a convenient tiny spray bottle that fits right in your purse, you're free from embarrassment anywhere, whether it's a friend's house or a public restroom.

A Charcoal Air Freshener For Anywhere You Need It

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, $10, Amazon

This air purifying bag really works because it's filled with extra absorbent bamboo charcoal. It soaks up all the unwanted smells and moisture in your car, kitchen, bathroom, or living room — leaving it fresh and allergen-free. This non-toxic, chemical-free deodorizer will last up to two years when you recharge it every few months in the sun.

This Peel-Off Charcoal Mask Lets You See All Those Removed Blackheads

Blackhead Remover Mask, $8, Amazon

Often the number one best seller in its category, this activated charcoal blackhead remover mask goes on smooth, dries pretty quickly, and peels off to get rid of clogged pores, impurities, and dead skin. It's got an insanely good rating from reviewers, and that's because they can actually see all the gunk it pulls out.

These Awesome Glow In The Dark Stones For Your Backyard

Opps Glow In The Dark Garden Pebbles, $9, Amazon

Turn your garden into a fairy tale forest with these glow in the dark garden pebbles. Each set comes with 100 non-toxic glowing resin stones that absorb sunlight during the day, and light your walkway, garden, or fire pit at night. Reviewers love them for potted plants as well.

Floss Without Pain Or Inconvenience With This Water Flosser

H2ofloss Water Flosser, $40, Amazon

The H2ofloss water flosser makes everyone's least favorite dental activity way more comfortable, using only the power of water. It's got 12 multifunctional tips, different pressure settings, 1200 pulses a minute, and a large tank to remove plaque and bits of food without pain. It's also surprisingly quiet and reviewers say they "can't stop using it!"

Nourish Your Hair With This All Natural Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut Oil Hair Mask Conditioner, $10, Amazon

Deeply moisturize hair, nourish your scalp, and reverse damage caused by heat or hair dyeing. This coconut oil hair mask conditioner has people raving about how soft and manageable their hair now is. It uses gentle, high-quality ingredients that tame frizz and even prevent dandruff, all without feeling greasy or weighed down.

Turn Any Car Stereo Into One That Works Via Bluetooth

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver, $12, Amazon

The TaoTronics Bluetooth receiver has over four thousand reviews, because it allows you to transform older car models so they’re Bluetooth enabled. It’s compatible with most smartphones and allows you to take calls or listen to music through your existing stereo system. “Simple to use and sounds really good through my car speakers,” says one reviewer.

This Sun Protection Umbrella That’s Insanely Convenient And Versatile

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella, $18, Amazon

It has a five-way 360-degree swivel, eye and skin protection, and a convenient clamp that attaches to tables, strollers, and sports chairs. That’s why the Sport-Brella Versa-Brella is a must-have for sports enthusiasts, people with kids, or beach go-ers. Basically, wherever you go, you’re protected from the sun from any angle.

This Natural Teeth Whitener With Amazing Before/After Pictures

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal, $24, Amazon

I've seen a million YouTube videos about this Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal, and the results are incredible. So are the pictures that reviewers post on the Amazon page. It's made with bentonite and activated charcoal, which work together to absorb stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth. It also removes plaque and won't irritate sensitive mouths.

These Stackable Storage Jars That Travel Like A Bottle

BlenderBottle Storage Jars, $11, Amazon

Keep everything organized with these multi-purpose BlenderBottle storage jars. They use BPA-free plastic and a twist and lock system to hold up to four snacks or sport mixes simultaneously. They’re also freezer- and dishwasher-safe, come in a bunch of different colors, and reviewers say, “This thing is perfect. Have used it every day since I made the purchase.”

This Natural Toner That Hydrates And Shrinks Pores

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner, $8, Amazon

"I have been using Thayer's alcohol-free witch hazel for years and it is a life saver," says one reviewer. It's got genuine rose petal water to soothe and hydrate, and witch hazel to cleanse and shrink pores. "Whether its acne, cystic acne, dry skin, eczema, or simply something safe, healthy and natural to moisturize your skin--this is your product."

This Jar Opener That Works With A Push Of A Button

Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener, $34, Amazon

This automatic jar opener works with a push of a button, and it'll work with any jar you have trouble opening around the house. It's compact for easy storage, and only needs a few batteries to start working. One reviewer writes: "I am so happy I ordered this jar opener; it opens everything! It runs on batteries and has a ton of power! I am very impressed with it!"

A Natural Serum For Thicker Brows Or Eyelashes

Castor Oil Cold Pressed Organic for Eyelashes, $15, Amazon

Because it's made with all natural ingredients that condition, strengthen, and promote growth, people are loving this castor oil, packed with beneficial fatty acids and vitamins made to grow eyelashes and eyebrows. It doesn't have any nasty additives, and it comes with a double-sided brush and spoolie. One reviewer says: "With this product, I began to see results within the first week! It's been 4 weeks now and my lashes are not only longer but also thicker. My brows are much fuller as well. It works!"

The Wine Saving Pump That Keeps Drinks Extra Fresh For Up To Two Weeks

Proimb Wine Saver Pump, $12, Amazon

Keep an open bottle of wine fresh and tasty for up to two weeks with the Proimb Wine Saver. It comes with one pump and four vacuum stoppers (all reusable) so you can suck all the air out of the bottle and keep it out. It's a must-have for anyone who takes their time finishing up a bottle, and reviewers say, " It really does preserve the wine and is simple to use."

16 Different Korean Sheet Masks For All Your Skin Issues

Dermal Korea Collagen Sheet Masks, $8, Amazon

Sheet masks are always trending in the Korean beauty world, but these Dermal Korea Collagen Sheet Masks made the first page of Amazon's movers and shakers beauty list. Each one has collagen and vitamin E, and this set comes with 16 different sheet masks for all different types of skin issues, from dryness to blackheads.

This Hilarious Game That Challenges You To Speak With A Mouthguard In

Watch Ya' Mouth Family Edition, $15, Amazon

This insanely funny game is called Watch Ya' Mouth, and all you have to do is put in a mouthguard and try to speak out the phrases on the card while your team guesses what you’re saying. It got its start on Kickstarter, comes with family-appropriate phrases as well as FDA certified pieces, and people say they “ordered some extra mouth pieces because we will be playing this game with friends.”

This Car Mount That’s Simple And Reliable

Logitech Drive One-Touch Smartphone Car Mount, $47, Amazon

The Logitech Drive is a car mount for the windshield or dashboard that connects to virtually any smartphone or phone case. It uses magnetic coupling for a sturdy, one-touch grip without fumbling with latches and clips, and reviewers love it because it’s simple and reliable: “This little gadget is neat and smart, and it looks like it’s gonna last at least ten years!”

The Stool That Thousand Of Reviewers Swear By

Squatty Potty, $25, Amazon

Apparently the human body relies on a bend in the colon to keep everything stored, and when we squat, it's way easier to evacuate. The Squatty Potty is a durable stool that fits around your toilet to raise your legs into a squatting position while you poop, and it's currently trending like crazy: "I wrote and deleted probably 100 versions of this review," says one reviewer, "but it can easily summed up here: I like this because it helps you poop better, and it works. You legit poop better."

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