25 Weird But Genius Bathroom Products You Won’t Believe People Are Buying On Amazon

If you ever found yourself wishing that there was a Pimp My Ride spinoff specifically for bathrooms, consider this its internet equivalent. You're definitely not the only one who's in the market for the best bathroom products you need right now. As a matter of fact, Amazon has a special bestsellers category solely for bathroom stuff.

While some of the products are admittedly a little weird (toilet paper with a person's face on it, anyone?), loads of the items are practical and genius bathroom gadgets that are well worth your time and investment. And think about it. It's estimated that most people spend at least 770 days of their life in the bathroom. That's a full two years and 40 days, and that includes everything from showering and shaving to cleaning and doing your business.

Not only do these weird but genius products help you spend less time in there — like fewer hours spent plunging and snaking the drain — but they also make the time you spend in the bathroom way more enjoyable and practical. Whatever your bathroom-related objective, loads of people are flipping over these 25 brilliant items, and that's a pretty good indication that you'll flip over them too.

1. This Mushroom-Shaped Plug That Catches All Your Hair

TubShroom Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

The TubShroom Drain Protector lodges in your shower drain to catch every single hair, so it'll never get clogged. Its universal cylindrical design fits in any standard drain, and it's super easy to clean, too. Just lift it out, wipe it off, and put it back. Basically, you'll never need to snake again.


2. This Two-In-One Showerhead Speaker That'll Amp Up Your Shower Singing Habits

KohlerMoxie Showerhead And Wireless Speaker, $89, Amazon

This innovative showerhead will provide you with a deep clean and your favorite tunes – at thesame time. The water-resistant speaker, which comes in five colors, pops out for easy recharging (a USB cable is included in every order) or if you want to take it with you on-the-go. It’s also compatible with Bluetooth, and reviewers say it’s loud enough to hear over the heavy stream of water.


3. Keep Your Drink Secure And Accessible In The Shower

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder, $14, Amazon

The SipCaddy caters to people who love wine with a bath or beer with a shower. It holds everything from glasses to Solo Cups with its innovative strong suction-design, and it comes in multiple colors to match any bathroom. "Saw this on [Instagram] and ordered one half as joke, but now that I've put it to use I'm glad I got it. So much better to have something in the shower to actually hold your beer," says one reviewer. "I could really use another one for the shampoo bottle." If you're looking for a gift to give someone who's difficult to buy for, this is definitely a great option.


4. This Portable Spray That, Ahem, Covers Your Tracks

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $13, Amazon

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray is taking the bathroom world by storm, and has been a bestseller for quite a while now. It's made with natural essential oils that you spray into the bowl before you do your business. The oils trap the smells under the surface so they get flushed down alongside said business, and the bathroom smells as clean as it did before you were there.


5. These Strange Warming Salt Bricks For Relaxation And Detox

Authentic Himalayan Salt Detox Bricks (2 Pack), $19, Amazon

Warm these authentic Himalayan salt bricks in the oven or microwave, place them under your feet, and detox like you’re in a natural hot spring. They come in a pack of two, so there’s one for either foot, and Amazon reviewers claim that the warmth travels up into your body to relax you and ease your pain. Best of all, they’re entirely natural, because they’re crafted from specially-selected salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains.


6. This Bazooka-Like Plunger That Uses Water Instead Of Air

Johnny Jolter Plunger, $31, Amazon

Because if your plunger doesn't look like a bazooka, you're living in the past. The Johnny Jolter Plunger uses water instead of air to dislodge clogs in your bowl, and it's got a strong and durable construction that gets the job done without mess or hassle. Tons of reviewers say they've replaced both their old plungers and their plumbers with this.


7. This Bizarre Hand Cleanser That’s Infused With Real Dirt

Grip Clean Dirt Based Hand Cleaner, $16, Amazon

This Shark Tank product is called the Grip Clean hand cleaner, and it uses actual dirt to absorb chemicals, grease, oil, and toxins. It also contains vegetable-based cleansers like coconut and olive oil, and the review section on Amazon is filled with mechanics and technicians who swear by this stuff.


8. Stop Cleaning Hair Trimmings Out Of The Sink

Elite Supplies Black Beard Apron, $8, Amazon

Basically a tent that catches all the beard hair, the Elite Supplies Black Beard Apron attaches effortlessly to your mirror and fits over your head to make your daily routine way cleaner and more efficient. It can also be used for trimming bangs or split ends, and since it just uses suction cups, it's easy to remove and store.


9. This Heat-Safe "Condom" For Your Hot Tools

Polder Hot Sleeve, $10, Amazon

The heat-safe equivalent of a condom for your straightening or curling iron, the Polder Hot Sleeve uses silicone rubber construction to protect your counters and ventilation holes for quicker cooling. It also hooks right over your towel bar and has a plug catch to keep the wire out of the way — plus, it's especially great for travel. It fits up to 2-inch curling irons and 1.5-inch straighteners.


10. Bring This Pillow Into The Bathtub With You

Nonslip Bathtub Pillow, $12, Amazon

If bringing a pillow into the bath sounds crazy, you've clearly never tried this luxury bath pillow. It's made from comfortable mesh layers that allow for quick drying, so it's antimicrobial and antibacterial, and it has six extra-large suction cups for easy positioning in the bathtub.


11. These Sanitary Shower Slippers That Massage Your Feet For You

Spa Massage Foam Slippers, $13, Amazon

These supportive spa massage foam slippers have innovative bumps on them that soothe the bottoms of your feet. That being said, because they dry quickly and have a non-slip design, they’re great for staying sanitary in the shower. They come in multiple different colors and sizes, and Amazon reviewers are writing things like, “After working out, it feels like a nice, relaxing foot massage!”


12. This Adjustable Foot Stand That Also Holds Your Razor

Shower Sidekick, $30, Amazon

The Shower Sidekick is an innovative and reliable shaving pedestal that holds both your razor and your foot. It's made of non-rust aluminum metal and high-grade plastic, it's entirely adjustable for any height, and it props up in the corner of your shower without slipping. In the words of one reviewer, "Every sorority house needs ten of these."


13. An Attachable Bidet To Make Your Toilet More Refreshing

Bio Bidet Fresh Water Bidet Attachment, $34, Amazon

With its universal design that fits most bowls, the Bio Bidet Fresh Water Bidet Attachment is a quick and easy way to add a classy butt-cleaning device to your bathroom. It's self-cleaning, requires no electricity, and you can even change the water pressure for a personalized spray after you go.


14. This Epic Color-Changing Shower Head

DreamSpa Color Changing Shower Head, $35, Amazon

The DreamSpa Color Changing Shower Head turns your bathroom into a rave and your shower into a massage. Not only do the bright LED lights shift alongside your water temperature, but it also has five different settings and great water pressure with super easy installation.


15. This Adorably Badass Sloth Shower Curtain

Sharp Shirter Slothzilla Shower Curtains, $35, Amazon

The Sharp Shirter Slothzilla Shower Curtain is currently a best-seller, and that's because, in addition to being insanely badass, it's strong, durable, and vibrant. "Best purchase I've made this year. Shower time is never dull in the mornings," says one reviewer. "We dance, wash and sing together. I've named him Monica. He's a hot mess."


16. A Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Storage Shelf

Stainless Steel Bathroom Paper Tissue Holder With Storage Shelf Rack, $35, Amazon

We’ve all gone to use the toilet with our phones in hand, only to realize there’s nowhere to put it (except the germ-ridden floor) once it’s time to wipe or change our tampon. This crafty toilet paper holder offers an easy solution in the form of a built-in shelf. You can also use it to leave out the sanitary objects you’re always forgetting, or to place a book or candle on. Simple, but genius.


17. Finally Replace Your Mildewy Lump Of A Bathmat

Bambüsi Natural Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat, $44, Amazon

A bath mat made from wood? You bet. The Bambüsi Natural Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat isn't just extremely absorbent. It's also way more sanitary because it's raised off the floor, so water can evaporate quickly and easily. It features rubber feet to stop it from sliding, and people love it because it looks gorgeous and high-end instead of like the squishy, smelly lump you still have left over from college.


18. Sterilize Your Toilet In Between Uses With This Zero-Effort Tool

UV Toilet Sterilizer, $70, Amazon

In six minutes, you can rid your toilet of 99 percent of germs. This brilliant UV toilet sterilizer uses an ultraviolet ray lamp to kill mold, bacteria, microorganisms, and odors in your toilet. It installs with adhesive tape — no tool box required! It also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to a month. “After getting this and mounting it per the instructions using it at least once a day,” says one reviewer with a toilet mold issue, “the problem has simply disappeared.”


19. This Toilet Brush With Tons Of Awesome Features

Eco Toilet Brush, $12, Amazon

The Eco Toilet Brush has an innovative ergonomic design that makes cleaning your toilet easier, faster, and healthier. It’s got a curved head, brush extension, and a sanitary caddy. The brush is made from durable ABS plastic bristles that last a really long time. “The little sticking-up doober that cleans under the rim is the best design for this feature that I've found,” wrote one Amazon reviewer who calls this “the best toilet brush ever.”


20. This Chemical-Free Solution To Remove Rust, Rings, And Stains

Groom Industries Icky Stick Toilet Ring Remover, $7, Amazon

Made with pumice stone, the Groom Industries Icky Stick removes unsightly rings from your toilet bowl without scratches, chemicals, or hassle. You can even use it for stains in the pool or hot tub, and people say that they’ve tried everything on calcium rings and rust lines, and nothing’s worked until this.


21. This Genius Towel Rack For Small Spaces

Umbra Flip 5-Hook Wall-Mount Rack, $30, Amazon

Especially great for small bathrooms where space is an issue, the Umbra Flip Wall Mount Rack has five hooks that flip downwards when they're in use and upwards when they're not. It's extremely durable, sleek, and comes in seven different colors to match any bathroom design.


22. Prevent Mold And Unwanted Smells With These Burlap Sacks

Activated Charcoal Air Freshener and Purifier Bags, $25, Amazon

Yes, these Activated Charcoal Air Purifier Bags are basically burlap sacks filled with burnt wood. That being said, they're extremely convenient for your bathroom because they absorb odors, moisture, and allergens straight from the air. This set comes with five bags of three different sizes, meaning that they're great for inside your shower, behind the toilet bowl, or stuffed in drawers or cabinets.


23. A Foot Scrubber And Massager That Adheres To The Bottom Of Your Shower

TheFootMate System Foot Brush Scrubber, $40, Amazon

Get baby-soft feet with this foot scrubber and massager, which cleans, exfoliates, promotes circulation, and offers benefits similar to that of reflexology. Its smart design requires no bending over, as it’s meant to be placed on the floor of your bathtub or shower, and it has suction cups so it won’t slip while you’re using it. Other benefits? It removes calluses and eliminates foot odor. Plus, every order comes with a bottle of FootMate rejuvenating gel.


24. Convert Your Faucet Into A Water Fountain

Dreamfarm Silver Tapi Rubber Tap Fountain, $12, Amazon

Whether you swish with water after you brush or you're always getting up for a late-night drink, the Dreamfarm Silver Tapi Rubber Tap Fountain is a life (and mess) saver. Simply squeeze it and slide it on to convert just about any faucet into a functional water fountain.


25. Filter Your Water With Vitamin C Balls For Softer Hair And Skin

Ronaqua Filtered Hand Held Shower Head, $20, Amazon

The Ronaqua hand held shower head uses vitamin C balls to soften your tap water, neutralize chlorine, and create a negative ionization process. It helps to keep hair and skin soft and moisturized, and it has eight water settings with high pressure to relax and renew your skin and hair. Reviewers also wrote it’s a breeze to install, and “eliminates all hard water issues.”

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