25 Weird But Genius Bras On Amazon That Solve Challenging Fashion Issues

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A lot goes into my decision making when it comes to bras. A good bra is comfortable, fits well, and helps me avoid any issues that may arise. So, I decided to browse for some weird but genius bras on Amazon that solve challenging fashion issues.

When I say fashion issues, I mean things like chafing, boob sweat (it happens), bra straps continuously slipping off, and spillage. And then you have the obvious things that you need special bras for: when you want the feeling of being braless without actually forgoing said-bra, and when your top is strapless, backless, or features a plunging neckline.

Luckily, Amazon carries a ton of bras that will help solve these challenging fashion issues that come up in people's day-to-day lives. So the next time you're worrying about boob sweat, reach for your moisture-wicking bra, or if you're concerned that your straps will not stay up during the day, find a bra with a U-back or racerback fit. And if you're not feeling a bra today, but you're like me and still want the security of one, rock a thin bralette that gives you enough coverage to feel comfortable and supported to get you through the day.

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