26 Genius Kickstarter Products You Can Buy On Amazon

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Everyone has that one idea that they desperately wish someone would turn into a reality. (Mine is a food replicator so I can clone my morning latte twelve times over.) Then there are the people who take charge and make it happen. Behold: successful Kickstarter products you can now buy on Amazon — because if the internet is willing to throw money at you, you know it's a great idea.

For those of us who live Patrick Starr-style (read: under a rock), Kickstarter is an online community that helps people get their creative ideas off the ground when they can't fund it themselves. It was founded in 2009 and allows an inventor or company to create a crowdfunding campaign, so people who believe in their product can pledge money and financially back it until it's a reality. Some of the most successful campaigns have raised literally millions of dollars, and most of them expanded far past Kickstarter to sell their products on more popular platforms — like Amazon.

Personally, I'm in love with these products because they're practical, innovative, and solve problems that most of us run into on a daily basis. Yeah, no one's invented a food replicator yet, but some of these are a close second.

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