26 Innovative Products On Amazon That Are Better Than Anything You’ve Ever Seen In SkyMall

Before SkyMall filed for bankruptcy back in 2015, it was one of the most enjoyable parts of flying. Loaded with some of the most bizarre products around, it almost made being stuck on a red-eye okay. While SkyMall may be permanently grounded, Amazon is filled with far more weird but innovative products than you ever saw in SkyMall, only you don't have to be trapped on an airplane to enjoy it.

From scissors specifically designed for slicing up pizza to a mopping robot that will clean all the floors in your house for you if you want it to, the ingenious products in this slideshow prove that sometimes great things come in off-the-wall designs. Unlike many of SkyMall's kookiest products (remember the NFL Forest Face?), these items may look silly at first glance, but they can actually help to simplify your life in a number of exciting ways.

So maybe you'll have to supplement a long, boring flight in other ways now that you can't pull out a SkyMall catalog anymore, you can still get your fix of odd but interesting products that will make you giggle by heading over to Amazon. And unlike SkyMall products, these are things you'll actually be glad you bought long after you land.

by Shayna Murphy

1. This Drain Protector That Will Catch Hair, Gunk, And Other Tub Nasties

TubShroom the Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

Tired of clogged drains? This easy-to-install, circular bathtub drain strainer is designed to fit most standard drains, catches hair with every use, and traps human or animal hair before it can go down the drain and lead to bigger problems. All you have to do is pop it out and remove the hair, then push it back in for more use. One reviewer writes: "This product is amazing. I have long curly hair that is constantly going down the drain no matter how hard I try to catch it. This makes it ridiculously easy to keep the drain clear and clean in the least gross way possible."


2. This Acupressure Mat That Has More Than 6,000 Stimulation Points

Spoonk Cotton Pagoda Blue Acupressure Massage Mat, $45, Amazon

Acupressure mats like this one from Spoonk may look like you're laying on a bed of nails, but it may relieve minor aches and pains, boost energy, assist in relaxation, and ease muscle tension. This mat offers 6,200 stimulation points (the plastic needles on the mat) and is made from cotton and eco-based foam, plus it comes with a convenient carrying bag.


3. This Clever Machine Turns Hot Coffee Icy In One Minute

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

Whether it's iced coffee, tea, or chilled whiskey, this innovative little gadget makes beverages ice cold without watering them down, which is important (at least for the whiskey). Just store it in the freezer and add the hot liquid when you're ready for a cold drink. lAt 12.5 oz, this iced coffee maker is also easy to take with you and it's dishwasher safe, so it's easy to clean.


4. This Pair Of Pizza Scissors That Are Low-Key Ingenious

ULee 11-Inch Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors, $9, Amazon

Using scissors to cut up pizza seems like one of those accidentally ingenious ideas that should have been explored a long time ago. Featuring stainless steel blades, a spatula for a mess-free way to move pizza slice, and easy-to-grip handles, this BPA-free kitchen tool is a game-changer. "Better than a pizza wheel cutter," one reviewer commented. "I like it better than the ordinary pizza wheel cutter, as it is easier to cut pizza with this scissor."


5. This Unique Self-Massager That's Great For Neck And Back Pain Relief

Dr. Berg's Nutritionals Massage Tool, $51, Amazon

"OMG, this massage tool is AMAZING!!!! It ABSOLUTELY hits the constantly tight spot on my shoulder blades," raved one reviewer of this handheld self-massager, which features a tripod design for hitting multiple muscle groups and hard-to-reach areas on the back, neck, and shoulders. Developed by a chiropractor, it can also be used on the feet, and claims to help those who use it sleep a lot better.


6. This Smart Pen-And-Paper Notebook That's Endlessly Reusable

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook, $29, Amazon

Love writing with a pen and in a notebook, but also wish there was a way all your notes could instantly sync with Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, or Box when you're done? This smart notebook is connected to the cloud, allows you to export notes with ease, but also comes with a pen and acid-free fine-grained paper, so you can still have that old-school writing experience. And to reuse each page, all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp towel.


7. These Ultra-Cozy Headphones That You Can Sleep In

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones, $20, Amazon

Drift off to your favorite tunes with these ultra-thin headphones, which come in a lightweight sleep headband and are compatible with most devices. Because the headband has a cool mesh lining, it can help keep you from sweating at night, and the speakers can be removed so you can wash the headband. Reviewers love that they can sleep on one side comfortably while wearing these, and the extra-long cord doesn't make them feel constricted.


8. This Shampoo Brush That Will Take Your Shower Game Up A Notch

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush, Lucite Green, $20, Amazon

This shampoo brush is a great investment if you're looking to clean and exfoliate your scalp, and can be especially helpful for managing dandruff and the pesky flakes that come with it. Featuring flexible rubber tips and vibrations that help increase circulation and relaxation, this shampoo brush is like getting a spa treatment in your own home. It's also waterproof.


9. This Alarm Clock On Wheels That's Great If You're Constantly Sleeping Through Alarms

Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, Black, $30, Amazon

If you're constantly sleeping through your alarm, this unconventional alarm clock on wheels will definitely be a lifesaver. It sounds like R2D2, can be set to run away once the alarm sounds so you can't instantly put it on snooze, but does have a customizable snooze time of up to 9 minutes. However, because it can also jump up to three feet high, there's a good chance this intense alarm will occasionally scare the crap out of you — but you can disable the wheels when you want to.


10. These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Are Four Times Stronger Than Leather

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves (S-XL), $11, Amazon

These cut-resistant gloves are a great investment if you're planning to cut, slice, carve, or do any other kind of work with blades, and come in a range of sizes so they'll fit snugly on your hand and won't be a distraction during jobs that require intense precision. Machine washable and safe to wear for food prep, these durable gloves are four times tougher than leather and have long-lasting appeal.


11. This Affordable Facial Cleansing Brush That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

SUNMAY Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush, $33, Amazon

"The SUNMAY Silicone Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush has been a lifesaver," one reviewer writes of this face cleanser and massager brush, which can fit in the palm of your hand and is much more affordable than similar cleansing tools. "It deeps cleans, massages, exfoliates, and even helps to moisturize my skin. It has smoothed my skin out and it has a new glow it didn't have before. The sonic motion gets deep into pores to removes dirt, oil, and debris. It helps to stimulate blood flow for a better complexion, too." It's made of FDA-grade silicone, and the thousands of micro-fingers gently pulsate to get rid of anything on your skin.


12. These Heat-Free Curlers That Will Curl Your Hair Without Damaging It

Allstar Innovations Sleep Styler, $26, Amazon

Featuring six foam rollers, these absorbent, heat-free rollers made with a memory-foam core work wonders on all different hair types, but can work especially well on long hair. All you have to do is wash your hair, set in these rollers, and go to bed, and when you wake up? Presto, instant curls. One reviewer commented: "I have long, fine, straight hair. I don't have time to deal with curling my hair but love my hair curled. These babies take 10 minutes to put in & then I will either sleep in them or quickly dry my hair with them in for a couple minutes & then let it air dry the rest of the way. The result is beautiful curls!" Reviewers also love how comfortable they are to sleep in.


13. This Multi-Color Showerhead That's Like Having A Party In Your Tub

AnGeer LED Multicolor Bathroom Showerhead, $13, Amazon

This easy-to-install, chrome showerhead can change into up to seven different LED colors, transforming water into dazzling new shades while you shower. One reviewer wrote: "This is the best shower you will ever experience. I like to turn off the bathroom light when I shower so the entire bathroom glows with the changing colors. I highly recommend this product!!" The showerhead itself will produce a heavy rainfall effect, which is very relaxing.


14. This Inventive Bowl That Will Keep Your Cereal Always Crisp

Obol The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl, $15, Amazon

Soggy cereal is the worst, but this innovative cereal bowl is designed with separate wet and dry compartments to keep cereal from turning into mush. All you have to do is add the milk to one side and the cereal to the other so you can combine them one bite at a time, and keep your cereal crunchy as can be. It holds a cup of food or liquid in each compartment, it's made of BPA-free plastic, and it's safe for the dishwasher and microwave.


15. This Three-In-One Mood Setter That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Quooz Rockano Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, $43, Amazon

This three-in-one humidifier, oil diffuser, and air purifier looks like a volcano ready to burst, but it's a stylish way to remove harmful impurities from the air in your living space. It can also help enhance relaxation and reduce stress. It's got two mist settings for up to ten hours of use, and the LED light can be adjusted as well. There's also an automatic shut-off when the device runs out of water, and is quiet enough to have on while you're sleeping.


16. This Dual-Sided Pillow That Will Help You Get A Restful Night's Sleep

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow, $28, Amazon

This reversible cool gel and memory foam pillow is great if you struggle with overheating on some nights, but want to feel the comfort of memory foam during chillier nights. Hypoallergenic and featuring a removable knit cover, this machine-washable, dual-sided pillow helps disperse heat, provide better airflow, and works well for side, back, and stomach sleepers.


17. This Brilliant Clothes Folder That Makes Folding A Breeze

Ohuhu Clothes Folder with Towel Clips, $13, Amazon

"Easy to use, works great," writes one reviewer of this clothes folder, which folds clothes in bulk in three simple steps and can be used to save time and better organize closets and drawers. It folds everything in your closet, from pajamas to sweaters, and becomes flat and compact for easy storage.


18. This Inflatable Travel Pillow That You Can Take With You Anywhere

HoodiePillow Travel Pillow, $25, Amazon

Whether you're reading, watching TV, or studying, this inflatable travel pillow — which features a hood and two drawstrings to adjust to head size — is an ultra-cozy companion, and can help you relax and get more comfortable. Because this pillow deflates, it's also easy to store and tuck away when not in use.


19. This Totally Genius Tool That Sushi Lovers Will Go Nuts For

Sushi Bazooka Roller Kit Sushi Making Kit, $13, Amazon

Can't get enough sushi, but have trouble making it at home? This sushi-making kit will basically do all the work for you. Just load up your ingredients in it, follow the instructions, and in 10 minutes you'll have perfectly round and delicious sushi to devour, or share with friends. Reviewers love that it's safe for the dishwasher and easy to use.


20. This Incredibly Cheap Toothbrush Sanitizer That Gets Rid Of Almost All Bacteria

Intizar UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, $6, Amazon

Here's the thing: toothbrushes get pretty gnarly. But this portable toothbrush sanitizer uses UV light to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. But what gives this sanitizer such an edge is how affordable (but still effective) it is compared to other high-end models, and its size. It's portable, fits easily in bags or backpacks, and can even sanitize makeup brushes, tweezers, clippers, and so much more.


21. This High-Impact Athletic Band For When You Want More Support

Buband Sports Bra Support (XS-XL), $40, Amazon

For high-impact sports like running, it helps to have as much support as possible, and this unique athletic band can deliver that regardless of what your size may be. Worn across the fullest part of your boobs, the Buband is great for reducing bounce during high-intensity workouts. Made from fabric that's soft and quick to dry, these won't cause discomfort or chafing as you sweat, and can fit cup sizes AA-L.


22. This Stool That Makes Going To The Bathroom Easier Than Ever

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool, $25, Amazon

Everybody poops, but sometimes, it can be a little harder for some than it is for others. Luckily this ergonomic bathroom toilet stool, which is designed to help when you're trying to squat (which can be conducive to pooping because it's gentler on the colon), will work perfectly with almost any standard-size toilet. "I don't know what to do with all the extra time I save now that I poop faster," wrote one reviewer. "I think I may take up cross-stitching."


23. This Mopping Robot That Will Clean Your Floors For You

Euleven Mopping Robot, $33, Amazon

If you hate mopping, say hello to your new best friend. This mopping robot is great for cleaning up dirt, pet hair, random gunk, and so much more, and features a rechargeable battery that usually lasts for up to eight hours. Because this mop works in 25-minute cycles of four during use, it's sure to leave your floors sparkling, and because it has soft microfiber sides, it's great for use on marble and hardwood floors.


24. This Blade Sharpener That Protects Skin From Harmful Nicks And Cuts

RazorCare Blade Buddy, $20, Amazon

Ingrown hairs, cuts, and nicks from dull razor blades can be really annoying, but with this silicone blade sharpener, you can restore each blade's sharpness, which makes shaving more comfortable and can protect your skin from redness or irritation caused by dull blades. It can be used on any razor, (including disposable) which will save you lots of money on razors in the long run.


25. This Super Popular Moldable Glue That Fixes Everything

Sugru Moldable Glue, $22, Amazon

With over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, this moldable glue has a lot of fans, even though it looks (and feels) just like Play-Doh. Once it's set, it turns into silicone rubber and can be used to stick to virtually anything, like fraying charger chords and broken ceramic. "This is nifty stuff and definitely does what it promises," writes one reviewer. Also waterproof and UV-resistant, this glue can bond to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and even most plastics, and can be used to mount things.


26. This Workout Tool That Helps Strengthen Shoulders

Bodyblade Classic Kit, $79, Amazon

A number of Amazon reviewers love the Bodyblade because it especially helps with core training and shoulder strengthening. Lightweight but designed to challenge every major muscle group, this workout tool is also easy to transport and use regardless of skill level. "This is great for stabilizing the shoulder. I used this in physical therapy after a shoulder dislocation. This was one of the most effective exercises," wrote one reviewer. You only have to use it 15 minutes a day to see results, and is especially good for beginners.

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