26 Innovative Products On Amazon That Are Better Than Anything You’ve Ever Seen In SkyMall

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Before SkyMall filed for bankruptcy back in 2015, it was one of the most enjoyable parts of flying. Loaded with some of the most bizarre products around, it almost made being stuck on a red-eye okay. While SkyMall may be permanently grounded, Amazon is filled with far more weird but innovative products than you ever saw in SkyMall, only you don't have to be trapped on an airplane to enjoy it.

From scissors specifically designed for slicing up pizza to a mopping robot that will clean all the floors in your house for you if you want it to, the ingenious products in this slideshow prove that sometimes great things come in off-the-wall designs. Unlike many of SkyMall's kookiest products (remember the NFL Forest Face?), these items may look silly at first glance, but they can actually help to simplify your life in a number of exciting ways.

So maybe you'll have to supplement a long, boring flight in other ways now that you can't pull out a SkyMall catalog anymore, you can still get your fix of odd but interesting products that will make you giggle by heading over to Amazon. And unlike SkyMall products, these are things you'll actually be glad you bought long after you land.

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