"Thank You, Obama" Is Trending Once More

by Joseph D. Lyons

A big chunk of the country wishes they could have just jumped on stage at President Barack Obama's farewell address and given him a giant hug — just like Michelle did. But, of course, there's the Secret Service to contend with, and the fact that many of us watched at home on TV or YouTube. So plan B it is: Twitter. Once again tweets with the hashtag #ThankYouObama are trending as Obama's time in office reaches its last critical moments. With Donald Trump's inauguration Friday, there's almost no time left to send your gratitude while your favorite president is still in office.

The last time this hashtag trended was back in November, right after the election. People were in shock over Trump's win, and BET hosted Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration to remember and celebrate both Barack and Michelle. During the broadcast BET asked the audience at home to participate and prompted them with the hashtag.

Obama has already tweeted his thanks back at you. Last week after his farewell address, he sent this gem out from the @POTUS account: "Thank you for everything. My last ask is the same as my first. I'm asking you to believe—not in my ability to create change, but in yours," Obama wrote.

There really are no words other than "Thank you" that are appropriate to bid farewell to this man. Take a look at these #ThankYouObama tweets and consider sending your own.

1) Think Back Eight Years

It's hard to believe so much time has passed, and that it will end so soon.

2) It Took Two

Obama had the support, respect, and companionship of this woman too. And for her we're also grateful.

3) Thanks For The Words

He always knew what to say — no matter the situation.

4) And For His Way Of Being In The World Too

The poise he had was in fact incredible.

5) It's Kind Of Wondrous

This sort of thing happened in the Oval Office, and we got to see it.

6) You Might Not Have The Words

But give it a try anyway.

7) Your Thank You Can Be Simple

His humorous goodbye sure was.

8) Or You Can Make A List

Because he got shit done...

9) ...Like A Lot Of Shit

For eight years, it's been taken care of — we haven't had to worry.

10) It's Not Gonna Fit In A Tweet

Because Twitter keeps it brief.

11) That Doesn't Mean You Can't Try

Make a meme. Even this list doesn't cover everything he's done.

12) You Could Try A Video

13) But Don't Wait Too Long

There are only a few hours left to thank him while he's still in office.

14) Young People Might Find This Even Harder

If he won when you were 10, can you imagine what entering a Trump presidency must feel like?

15) Millennials Needed Him Too

Now if we can apply his lessons.

16) He's Been There For LGBT Equality...

We can only hope Trump doesn't roll back Obama's initiatives on trans rights.

17) ...And The Fight Against Gun Violence Needed A Leader Like Him

Meaningful change will probably be on pause for at least four years.

18) He Was Just So Good...

Even considering how hard the job was.

19) ...And As A Person Too, Not Just A Leader

Like, aren't you so jealous of Joe Biden?

20) Now We Have To Apologize Again

Any time you go on vacation outside of the country, get ready.

21) There Are So Many Moments To Remember

They're something to focus on as we move forward.

22) So Much Love

Besides hope, this is maybe the best word to sum up his presidency.

23) Thanks... For It All...

Yet there's so much more to do.

24) ...Especially Considering...

It does make the transition all that much harder.

25) ...We'll Have To Change A Few Things

Like where to tweet at Obama. Remember @BarackObama?

26) But One Important Thing Isn't Going Anywhere

And that's hope.

If you haven't taken the time to send your own thank you to President Obama and the first family, do it now. What better way is there to spend your morning before moving into Women's March mode?

Thank you, Obama!