26 TV Shows That Ended In 2016 & Will Be Missed For Seasons To Come

Last year had some major series finales, from Mad Men to Parks and Recreation as well as Glee and Parenthood. This year did not have as many big goodbyes, but there were plenty of television shows that ended in 2016 that will be missed in the months to come. It's not easy to satisfy fans in a series finale, and a lot of shows this year were canceled without warning.

Some new shows didn't make it, like Muppets, Uncle Buck, and Roadies. Other shows have already been canceled, but were spared by the cruel hand of 2016. Switched at Birth will air its final episodes in early January. Girls is gearing up for its final season as well.

There are even a few shows that ended this year, like The League and Mike and Molly, that fans thought were over in 2015 but got one final reprieve. Heck, America's Next Top Model didn't stay canceled for long either. With network hopping and streaming services, it's hard to tell when any show is truly over. However, here is one final farewell to the shows we lost in 2016. May they live on in Netflix marathons, reruns, and possible spinoffs forever and always.

1. 'American Idol'


The show that brought us Kelly Clarkson and countless other stars ended in April.

2. 'Marco Polo'


In a rare move from the streaming series, Netflix cancelled the historical drama.

3. 'Agent Carter'


At least, Agent Carter is canceled for now. Fingers crossed that an event series or a TV movie ends up on ABC or Netflix some time in the future.

4. 'Castle'


After eight seasons, the procedural and roller coaster of 'shipping emotions came to a close.

5. 'House of Lies'


This star-studded comedy ran for five seasons, and ended in June.

6. 'The Mysteries of Laura'

Barbara Nitke/NBC

The NBC comedy was renewed for a second season, but canceled soon after.

7. 'The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore'


The late night show, which replaced The Colbert Report and tried a new panel format, was unfortunately canceled by Comedy Central.

8. 'Devious Maids'


The Lifetime drama, which starred Ana Ortiz and Dania Ramirez, aired its final episode in August.

9. 'Galavant'


While many of its stars have been scooped up by other projects, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will satisfy my song and dance needs, I'll miss this silly meta musical quite a bit.

10. 'Awkward'

courtesy of MTV

The MTV series, which ended in May, has been on since 2011.

11. 'Beauty and the Beast'

Who doesn't love fairy tales with a mix of science fiction and police procedural drama? This series, which combined all of the above, ended in June.

12. 'The Melissa Harris-Perry Show'


The MSNBC weekend morning show came to an abrupt end in February.

13. 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'


Well, sort of. The flagship series ended in 2015, and the franchise ended when CSI: Cyber was canceled this year. With Law & Order, and E.R. already over, it seems fitting that CSI would go next.

14. 'The League'


Sorry sports fans, The League is over after seven whole seasons.

15. 'Penny Dreadful'


While the end may have come as a surprise to fans, it was the plan all along.

16. 'Looking'


While Season 2 of the HBO series ended in 2015, the movie was the final farewell.

17. 'Mike and Molly'


The sitcom came to an official end in May.

18. 'Downton Abbey'


The "final season" of Downton was heavily publicized, but got us ready to say goodbye.

19. 'Mythbusters'


I ain't afraid of no myths.

20. 'Person of Interest'


CBS's mystery ended after five seasons and left a lot of questions.

21. 'Rizzoli & Isles'


There aren't a lot of female partnerships on television. This show was truly something special.

22. 'The Good Wife'


Sure, the spinoff is coming in 2017, but the Julianna Margulies of it all is over.

23. 'Bitten'


In April, the Canadian werewolf drama took its last bite.

24. 'Togetherness'


Two seasons were not enough for the underrated HBO family drama.

25. 'Masters of Sex'


In another surprise move, Masters of Sex was canceled after its last season.

26. 'Faking It'


Finally, MTV's other long-running drama took its final bow in May. Hopefully, 2017 won't be quite as cruel with the final seasons and cancellations — or at least, if they are, that the next year's batch of series finales are touching and full of closure.