26 Weird Things From 'Vanderpump Rules,' From Lala's Baby Bottle To "A Ring on a String"


Even the most outrageous comedies, high-intensity dramas, and most gripping documentaries have nothing on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules. Over seven seasons, viewers have seen the servers, hosts, and bus boys-turned-DJs evolve. From young-and-hungry twenty-somethings to thirty and (somewhat) thriving, the cast of Vanderpump Rules have taken fans on a journey. But there have been plenty of strange situations along the way, like the weirdest things that happened on Vanderpump Rules. From major blowouts to minute details, Lisa Vanderpump hired some naturally eccentric people to run her businesses. In honor of Vanderpump's latest venture, TomTom, and all of the outlandishness sure to transpire there, here is a roundup of strangeness that's gone down so far.

At the end of the day, to know the Vanderpump Rules gang is to love them, so even when they're sipping from baby bottles or wiping their tears into dogs, they're completely riveting. In the words of the all-knowing Scheana, "It's all happening." And if the last seven years are any indication, anything can happen within the doors of SUR and the universe of Vanderpump Rules. Here are some of the craziest, most hilarious/dramatic/baffling things to ever happen on this iconic Bravo series.


What SUR Actually Stands For

Let's start with some of the basic weirdness surrounding the setting of Vanderpump Rules. SUR stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant. Does SUR seem particularly sexy or unique? This is further complicated by the fact that the establishment is called SUR Restaurant, which means it's called Sexy Unique Restaurant Restaurant. Strange, no?


Lala Drinking From a Baby Bottle

In Season 6, Lala revealed that her bedtime routine includes drinking from a baby bottle. She would go on to drink from the bottle numerous times on the show. Another weird thing: Scheana thinks her still sleeping with a stuffed frog every night is the norm.


An Entire Fight About Pasta

It was the bite of pasta heard 'round the world. Yes, an entire screaming match once took place over Lala eating James's girlfriend Raquel's pasta. Try facing a bowl of marinara the same way again.


The Size of Scheana & Shay's Wedding Photos

Scheana and Shay's marriage may have only lasted two years, but the photos from that day will forever loom large in our memory. The oversized portraits were definitely a ~presence~ in the former couple's apartment. And according to Scheana's Twitter, people actually own these now? Reveal yourselves!


Jax's Reiki Therapy

On Jax's long journey to happiness with fiance Brittany, one of the ways in which he tried to deal with his issues was by trying out reiki, which ultimately looks like a unique practice of lot of chanting and tapping. Extra points for Jax wanting his reiki master Kelsey to call him by his actual name, "Jason" but not his soon-to-be-bride.


Ken's Random Dog-Holding Appearances

Ah, Ken. Whenever Lisa Vanderpump's husband wanders into frame, a small, well-groomed dog with a very extra-sounding name is never far from his grasp.


The Uncomfortable SUR Photo Shoots

Considering the amount of dating and drama that already exists amongst the SURvers, an annual scantily-clad employee photo shoot probably isn't the best idea?


Jax Stealing a Pair of Sunglasses

Jax being arrested isn't the most surprising thing in the world. Him being arrested for stealing his girlfriend a pair of affordable sunglasses? A little more odd.


Scheana Saying A 'Pump Rules' Reunion Was Harder Than Her Divorce

Scheana's flair for the dramatic makes for incredible TV. But even we were shook when she ranked a tense Vanderpump Rules reunion moment above her divorce in terms of emotion.


Tom's Various Ensembles

Tom Sandoval regularly serves up experimental lewks on the show. But this disco-inspired homage to the '70s felt a little off.


Tom Sandoval Playing Trumpet on Lala's Song

There have been some legendary musical moments on this show from Scheana's catchy club singles to James's DJ evolution. But perhaps the most uncomfortable performance came courtesy of Sandoval's legendary trumpet.


The Movie 'Drive' Acting as Aphrodisiac for Jax and Kristen

One of the most explosive storylines in Vanderpump history was when Stassi's ex, Jax, slept with her best friend, Kristen. It was a major betrayal, but more than that, the details of their hookup are just odd. Watching the Ryan Gosling movie Drive just before takes the cake.


When Schwartz Gave Katie "A Ring on a String"

Before Schwartz and Katie got married in Season 5, there was a long road to engagement. Katie was urging Schwartz to make a commitment. What she wasn't asking for was a ring on a chain as a gift rather than an engagement. Awkward.


When Jax Got Stassi's Name Tattooed

In a failed attempt to win back Stassi's love, Jax gets her signature on his arm. If getting a significant other's name tattooed is bad luck, surely getting the name of an ex is destined to be covered.


Jax & Laura Leigh's Relationship


Jax has had some...interesting relationships over the course of the show. But one of the strangest was when Jax dated fellow SUR employee Laura Leigh. Everything felt off from the two's bathroom trysts to Jax ending things with Laura Leigh...moments after a meeting for addiction.


Jax and Co. Taking Off Their Shirts To Fight

In Season 1, Jax and Frank, boyfriends of Stassi past and present take to a parking lot for a fist fight. But somehow, the two feel they would be too encumbered by shirts to fight properly??


Sandoval Wiping His Tears Into An Actual Dog's Fur


We know who got the most eccentrically emotional at Schwartz and Katie's wedding.


Kristen's Improv Comedy

One of the joys of being a Vanderpump Rules fan is watching the SUR kids cycle through passions. One of the most interesting however, is Kristen's, shall we say, unorthodox sketch comedy.


Schwartz's Hungover Behavior

We stan a lovable Schwartz moment. However, his post-blackout moments are a bit strange. From his hangover onesies, to declaring he wants Chilli's while in a luxury restaurant, Schwartz never disappoints in this department.


Jax's Man Cave

Jax 2.0 is startling in and of itself. Engaged? 40? But perhaps the most baffling sign of his fresh start in life is his very middle-aged-dad-vibes man cave. Neon sign, drum kit, leather sofa. Points for the aesthetic.


Scheana's Mink Eyelashes

Oh, Scheana. We learn something new about false lashes every day.



Kristen's erratic behavior on the Solvang wine tasting trip hit an all-time (high?) low.


Stassi Asking For a Pinot Grigio

Though this line has become iconic in Pump Rules history, at the time that Stassi was uttering these legendary words, she had actually done quite a bit to Scheana, sabotaging her from the first episode. Nonetheless, girl needs her Pinot Grigio.


Tom Sandoval's Music Video

The music video for Tom Sandoval's song, "Touch In Public" looked weird while it was being filmed on the show. But nothing could've prepared us for the final product. Ariana and Lala make cameos, but nothing can save this...abstract video concept.


Schwartz and Katie's Expensive Save the Dates

The journey to Tom and Katie's wedding was fraught with ups and downs. But a particularly odd moment was when the couple put their save-the-dates on some pretty expensive tea towels. The best part? LVP's hilarious reaction to the outlandishly ornate choice.


Kristen's Random Green Dress Visit To Tom and Ariana's

When Kristen and Sandoval's relationship ended and his new romance with Ariana began, Kristen struggled with moving on. Case in point when Kristen went to her former apartment with Tom to collect some of her things. She showed up in the afternoon in a full-on, cleavage-baring green cocktail dress. It was bizarre to say the least.