27 Hilarious "Bannon Films" Tweets That Are So Good, They Could Actually Be Real

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For the past few months, Steve Bannon has worn the badge of one of the most disliked people in Washington, a highly contested title in an administration like President Trump's. And though Bannon resigned from his role in the White House as chief strategist last week, it seems many people on Twitter still have a fond distaste for the former Trump operative and current peddler of right-wing media, as shown by the "Bannon Films" tweets on Monday evening.

Bannon rose to prominence through Breitbart News, the media group best known for its perpetuation of far-right views and literal fake news. Bannon's personal views are understood to be close to the that of the website he has returned to running. He has been accused of being antisemitic and holding white nationalist views.

As Bannon returns to life outside the Beltway, it would seem that his influence in American politics is not forgotten. The hashtag #BannonFilms popped up on Twitter today, as part of a game with the account Hashtag Roundup, and the Huffington Post’s comedy account. The jokes came rolling in, with many using altered movie titles to focus on Bannon’s alleged far-right and white supremacist views. Here are some of the best of the #BannonFilms tweets, which will almost have you wishing his White House tenure wasn't cut short ... almost.

1. Let The Games Begin

HuffPost Comedy plays a hashtag game every Tuesday, and this week's contest focused on the ousted White House adviser.

2. Nazi Dating Problems

Though I definitely wouldn't get broken up over being disliked by Nazis.

3. E.T. Phone The 1930s

If only Nazis were no longer a thing of this planet.

4. A White Nationalist Basketball League?

Maybe factual in Bannon's case?

5. The Shakespeare Reimagining Nobody Wanted

I bet Bannon has more than ten things on his list.

6. Less Weed, More Authoritarian Control

What a different movie this would've been.

7. Jason "KKK" Bourne

A white supremacist with the skills of a trained assassin? Terrifying.

8. Alt-The-Right

The term "alt-right" provides so many good pun options, and literally nothing else positive.

9. The Family Friendly KKK Film

White supremacists need kid's movies too.

10. The YUGEST City

Throwing a dig at Trump in the mix as well.

11. Bardem Out For Bigots

A country free of bigots is actually a goal worth working towards.

12. Cuckwork

Bannon's preferred insult for Jared Kushner.

13. Alt-Right Offspring

If they're alt-right, they're not alright.

14. Angry White Men

This Twitter user says Breitbart's website traffic has fallen.

15. Leaks, Leaks Everywhere

This one would be told from the perspective of Anthony Scaramucci.

16. Rom-Coms In The Trump Era

It's easier than it sounds, apparently.

17. Oh, Brother

Famous people, they dislike Bannon just like us!

18. The KKK Is A Horror On Its Own

Somehow this makes a horror movie even scarier.

19. The Alt-Right Thing

Spike Lee would be proud.

20. Without Really Knowing Anything

A bit of a mouthful, but it'll do.

21. Tongue Twister

Say that ten times fast.

22. Christmas At The Bannon House

Not what we meant by a white Christmas.

23. Bannonball

I think Burt Reynolds would turn this one down.

24. Bannon Minions

Despicable is the new deplorable.

25. The Story Of The Wall

Eddie Murphy would not be pleased.

26. A Slob

I think it's probably been more than 12 years.

27. Spaghetti Alt-Western

But who is who in the Trump administration?

Even though Bannon is out of the White House, Twitter will not soon forget his lasting legacy on political humor.