27 Comic Book Movies Planned For The Next 5 Years

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I don't know what I'm going to eat for dinner tonight, but thanks to the incredible box office business regularly done by comic book movies, I do know what movies I'll be seeing in 2020. Since Iron Man and the Avengers woke the industry up to the money-making power of modern superhero action flicks, movies like these have become tentpole releases, planned years in advance. The intertwining stories and characters support a never-ending sequel and spin-off cycle. Audiences want to see their favorite characters carry their own movies, but they also want to see them interact with other crusaders and villains. This slate of 27 upcoming live action comic book movies has a little bit of both, plus a little mystery.

Marvel and DC both have release dates plotted for the next several years, if not info on what those movies they're releasing are actually about. Some comic book features have been confirmed to be in some stage of production but have yet to be slotted into the schedule. Anything can happen of course; projects fall apart all the time. But if studio activity goes as planned, all 27 of these movies should make it to theaters within the next five years.

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