Easy Crock-Pot Soup Recipes For Busy Work Weeks

by Kiersten Hickman

I think the Crock-Pot, aka the slow-cooker, is the most underestimated cooking appliance ever. I mean, it requires absolutely no effort and allows you to put a meal together as you go about your day! All you have to do is dump the ingredients in, turn it on the desired time for the recipe, and wait. It is especially a beautiful item for those needing dinner ideas for busy work weeks. There's nothing simpler than some easy Crock-Pot soup recipes!

On top of that, January is national soup month (I mean, duh,it’s cold out), so I wanted to celebrate the amazingness of my slow cooker and National Soup Month by putting together a list of Crock-Pot soups to make. These are perfect for the soup lovers who spend hundreds of dollars eating soup during the winter, and also an easy way to make a flawless dinner with almost no effort. Seriously, you just dump the ingredients in and go. How do people not love crockpot meals as much as I do?

So, without further ado, here are a few soup ideas to throw in your Crock-Pot this winter – from the iconic soups such as corn chowder and broccoli cheddar, to the uncommon ones, such as thai chicken and ham noodle. Go ahead and enjoy!

1. Thai Chicken

Certainly a healthier alternative to your usual Thai food takeout! This crockpot recipe by Foodie Crush cooks for four hours and served on top of rice.

2. Chicken Noodle

Who can resist such an iconic soup on a cold, wintery night? This recipe by Damn Delicious is so easy and tastes way better than your go-to canned soup.

3. French Onion Soup

This recipe by Half Baked Harvest has you putting together a cheesy French toast to top of your soup. Seriously, yummmmmm.

4. Enchilada Soup

Why use all that time and energy to make fillings and wrap up enchiladas when Your Cup of Cake has an easy crockpot recipe that takes little to no effort at all!

5. Quinoa Tortilla Soup

For a healthier alternative to the iconic tortilla soup, try this recipe by Make Thyme For Health!

6. Minestrone

Forget getting that salty minestrone soup at a restaurant when you can make an easy home cooked low-sodium alternative right at home! Recipe by How Sweet Eats.

7. Pho

Been going Pho crazy lately? This crockpot recipe by Steamy Kitchen will be a huge money saver for you then!

8. Lasagna Soup

Craving some home-cooked lasagna, but there’s now way your lasagna could ever be as good as moms? Well at least you can get the lasagna flavor without the mess with this recipe by Baked by Rachel.

9. Curry Sweet Potato Chicken Kale

This recipe by Ari’s Menu is probably going to be the easiest and healthiest meal this month! Talk about a win-win.

10. Zuppa Toscana

Craving that Oliver Garden soup, but would rather not venture to the restaurant after work? Make your very own Zuppa Toscana soup at home with this recipe by Mom on Timeout!

11. Split Pea with Mini Grilled Cheese

Your croutons just evolved into the most amazing crouton of all time… mini-grilled cheese. Thank you, The Kitchn, thank you.

12. Black Bean

There’s no way you can go a whole winter without enjoying this super-easy black bean soup by A Spicy Perspective.

13. Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice

This low-sodium Creamy Chicken recipe by Mel’s Kitchen will have you skipping Panera every day.

14. Taco Chicken Chili

Never have time to make tacos, or even chili? This recipe by The Comfort of Cooking will certainly satisfy the craving with no effort!

15. Baked Potato Soup

This loaded baked potato soup by Taste and Tell is easy and perfect for weekend game days!

16. Beef & Barley Stew

I feel like stew and winter just go hand-in-hand… so keep the happy couple together with this recipe by A Farm Girl’s Dabbles.

17. Tomato Basil Soup

Break out the grilled cheese, because this tomato basil soup by Big Girls, Small Kitchen is going to make your weeknight dinner lit!

18. Broccoli Bacon Cheddar

Not only is this recipe by What’s Cooking Love is easy to throw together, but it also includes the most delicious ingredient of all time: bacon.

19. White Chicken Chili

Not a fan of a tomato-based chili? Then this white chicken chili by The Kitchn is about to be your new fave!

20. Chicken Gnocchi

Looking for something extra filling? This recipe by Pass The Sushi includes gnocchi, which are little potato dumplings that are the perfect filler for an empty after-work stomach.

21. Italian Turkey and Bean

Trust me: This recipe by Against All Grain will make your mouth burst with flavor. Plus, it's gluten-free!

22. Kale And Turkey Meatballs

This soup by Foodie Crush has kale, carrots, and turkey — all great superfoods that will help boost your energy this winter!

23. Chicken And Dumplings

I’m pretty sure nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat a delicious chicken and dumplings soup on a cold night. This recipe by How Sweet Eats should do just the trick.

24. Ham Noodle Soup

This recipe by Jelly Toast uses egg noodles and ham, certainly a unique spin on your typical go-to noodle soup!

25. Corn Chowder

Another iconic soup by Taste and Tell that you can’t go without this winter — top it with bacon and cheese for a delicious combo!

26. Butternut Squash with Bacon

Just because it isn’t fall doesn’t mean that butternut squash has gone out of style — it’s still an in-season veggie! This recipe by Damn Delicious is the perfect way to cook up that extra squash in your fridge.

27. Bacon Cheeseburger

I’m always craving a cheeseburger… so this soup by Baked by Rachel is probably going to be my go-to dish this winter.