27 Genius Things On Amazon For People Who Are Practical AF

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For me, the biggest sign of adulthood was a sudden obsession with practical products on Amazon. Instead of asking for gel pens and neon inflatable furniture for my birthday, I started asking for humidifiers, brilliant cooking tools, and innovative belts. If it serves multiple purposes, solves an everyday problem, or recharges using a USB port, I'm all over it. If it shows up on my doorstep within two days of ordering it, I'm even happier.

Experiences, like doing my own laundry, shopping for my own food, cleaning an apartment, packing up a space, and re-packing up a space have all taught me one valuable lesson: less is more when you're trying to adult. The fewer useless glass figurines you have to dust on a Saturday morning, the happier you'll be with your life. When you've got one charger for all your devices, your vacation goes a lot more smoothly. If you can miraculously reseal an open chips bag, your grocery money goes a hell of a lot further.

Basically, a practical purchase means less time doing chores, fewer items collecting dust, and more money in your wallet. If you value practicality like I do, then these genius things on Amazon can make a huge difference in your day to day routine.

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