27 Gifts For Dads Who Already Have Everything

By Emily Estep
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Whenever a holiday comes around that calls for some gift-giving, it’s often a frantic reminder that dads can be the hardest to buy for — probably because they tend to already have everything that they want. When they want or need something, they buy it. Choosing the perfect gifts for dads can really be a nightmare.

Seriously, how do you buy a present for someone who already has everything? For someone who has the means to buy something as soon as he covets it? For someone who, admittedly, still pays your cell phone bills and covers lease payment every now and then?

I assure you — whether you're shopping for your father, a father-in-law, or another fatherly figure, there are plenty of clever presents that they'll actually end up using. We're talking tools that they didn't realize they needed, gadgets that can change their kitchen game, and things they didn't know even know existed — which means they didn't have actually have the chance to buy them yet.

From a small multi-tool that actually has 18 separate functions, shaving cream that's fueled with actual caffeine, and the greatest-of-all-time steak thermometer, there are gifts out there for every dad, even those pesky ones who don't ask for anything specific.

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